About Us

How can I help you?

CSI Wall Panels was founded in response to a cluttered and aimless atmosphere in the world of walls and ceilings. We wanted to organize the process into something timeless and familiar, and landed on a very simple concept: “How can I help you?”

We realized the nuances and merits of each product are not immediately obvious to the multi-disciplined customers we speak with on a regular basis, and for that reason we grew a company that focused less on developing the thickest catalog, and more on simply talking to people. We want to hear about your ideas and desires, so that we come to understand the things you value in your designs and spaces, and work together with those ideals in mind.

But behind this website is a group of people like any other, commuting from all over our beautiful home state of Minnesota. Our offices buzz with laughs over coffee in the morning, and whip up into a whirlwind of industry in the afternoon, punctuated by the occasional pizza party. We are deeply proud of each team member and all the unique skills and insights they bring to the table, and we’re powerfully excited to create together every day.

Architectural drawings reviewed
Experience worthy of your confidence
Product Designs Explored
To bring you the best of the best
We design + build for your unique project

Real people, real support.

It’s okay to believe in something that seems too good to be true, because you can literally pick up the phone and start talking with our experienced architects right now. Well, maybe shoot us an email outside of business hours. We’re excited to hear from you, and we’re anxiously awaiting your awesome ideas.


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