Upscale Hotel Room

PRX - 125

Commercial Application

As more designers are opting to go for stylish ceiling options for offices, either acoustical performance is compromised or visual aesthetics is traded for better functionality. This gives either invasive or average space where there is inconvenience and declined productivity. To ensure that there is high noise absorption or diffusion and at the same time high beautiful architectural interest in your commercial space, we have come up with a delightful collection of acoustic solutions for offices. Specially designed to work in high traffic office areas and provide subtle, clean visual aesthetics, we have acoustic products for offices which work brilliantly in the setting.

Choosing the right acoustic solutions can make all the difference in setting up a perfect, productive office environment, and this is exactly what our office acoustic products will bring to the setting. Acoustic solutions which have the ability to withstand high impact and define the space, we have acoustic panels which will bring superior acoustic performance in the setting and at the same time convey your design style.


Wall Application
Collection: Five Senses
Material: MDF / FR
Design: Five Senses Thermo-Foiled
Finish: Cedar Wood
Application: Interior Fire Rated
Weight: Medium


From acoustic foam panels to hanging acoustic panels, decorative acoustic panels to high impact acoustic panels, audio tiles to ceiling tiles, we have a range of acoustic products for office which will bring privacy in the setting and will never go out of style. Whether you have small office space or a large one, casual office environment or a formal one, we have acoustic solutions with incredible performance for every space. And if you have special requirements, then do get in touch with us. Our team will understand your needs and help you with custom acoustic solutions according to your needs.

Featuring elegant details, great abuse resistance, higher sound absorption and effective reverberation and echo reduction, we have acoustic solutions which will be a chic presence in the setting and give you high acoustic performance till times to come.  

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