Wood Plank Wall Tiles

12 Designs

Each wood plank features detailed graining, visible knots, add enough definition to any space and are extremely affordable options.



  • Bespoke wood wall plank system with an engineered attachment framework.
  • Precision fit wood panels, moldings, reveals & trim.
  • Modular design with an extensive array of carving expressions.
  • Ideal for focal point, background wall cover or visual transition spaces.
  • Markets include hospitality, healthcare, corporate, commercial, education.
  • Suitable for new construction or renovations





Wood Plank Wall Tiles


Five Senses Collection


12 Designs




4' x 8' x 3/4" TH








Modular panel system with precision fit panels and engineered attachment framework.


3-Part Specification, CAD Drawings, Installation, SDS, LEED, Test Data


Martha's Vineyard | Coastal Drift, Hemingway | Out of Africa, Aviator | Howard Hughes, Gatsby | Art Deco NYC, Casablanca | Bogarts, Retro | Vintage, Nautilus | Rust, Urban | Metro | Loft, High Tech, Mediterranean, Bauhaus | Craftsman, Farmhouse | Barnwood


Education, Medical, Commercial, Retail, Community



You might love a minimal home space or a busy one. You might be the one to love wall bright colors or soothing ones. Or you might be the one who loves textures, finishing or patterns around you. No matter how you feel about colors, textures, styles or trends, there are numerous ways to craft a space according to your own personal tastes. One of them is our range of wood wall planks. At CSI, we have manufactured a collection of wood wall planks looking at styles and preferences of a multitude of homeowners and business-owners and have come up with which resembles the look of reclaimed wood and will blend in perfectly in any space and solve your design dilemmas. No matter whether you’re creating a space from scratch or want to upgrade an existing one to evoke a mood, these decorative wall panels are ideal and offer a smart design approach by protecting and beautifying your walls at the same time.

Wood planks have to be one of the most cozy, warmth and romance evoking building materials available. They can emphasize horizontal and vertical lines and there is something irresistible about them which brings the most intimate and homey out of any space. And this is exactly what our collection of wood wall planks brings to any room. Featuring a welcoming bit of rusticity and simplicity, our wood wall planks add a simple style and beautiful texture which will keep your home or commercial décor interesting. These planks with gorgeous variations of different wood types can be used in a sleek, modern way and will bring a rustic, pristine appeal to the setting.

One of the ultimate design elements, our wood wall planks add depth and definition to the space and have the ability to blend in perfectly in a classic, cottage, modern and contemporary décor with ease. The browns, reddish-browns and multiple other shades of these planks feel like a soothing breath of air and add a rustic-feel to the entire setting. Perfectly suited to living rooms, dining areas, office and hotel reception, nightclubs, lobbies, entryway and other areas, they add interest to an otherwise monotonous space.

Whether you like to go simple or bold or simply love planked walls we have wall DIY solutions to suit any interior style and personal preference. These boards are relatively inexpensive and can do a lot in your space to boost its overall atmosphere. If you feel that your home or office space needs something, but you cannot afford a major overhaul or bring in decorative accessories, try installing planks on your walls instead. You will be thrilled at the transformation and impact it will bring in your setting. Play with our vibrant styles and patterns for a dramatic space and use our subdued, soothing ones for a space full of relaxation and sanity. Our cheerful and calming grains and textures can brighten any space of many styles. Lively, raw and eye-catching, the right material and style of our cutting-edge wall panels can work wonders in any residential and commercial setting.

Available in a variety of realistic colors, grains and textures, our variety of wood wall planks give the desired design-aesthetic which works in every space. Extremely sturdy and detailed, these wall panels combine excellent performance and functionality with elegance and are easy to clean and maintain. You can install them at home with ease and its scratch resistant and weather resistant features mean that they can protect your walls till times to come. They are designed using modern technology for longevity and recreate the natural look and feel of wood perfectly. Each wood plank features detailed graining, visible knots, add enough definition to any space and are extremely affordable options.

Accenting your residential or commercial areas with wood wall planks can be bold and intimidating design choice. It’s no longer considered just for cabins and is being stylishly implemented in living rooms and mainstream decoration increasingly. If done right, these wall planks are adorably rustic and brings a visual interest from farmhouse cottage to modern industrial in any space. If you are looking to bring the old-school chic character in your home or office space, then our decorative plank panels are ideal.





Technical Overview

We have developed a comprehensive list of technical details for our product collections including; 3-part written specifications, CAD drawings, installation instructions, safety data sheets, LEED contribution and additional material test data. Relying on these technical documents, you can design and specify with complete confidence knowing that what you have designed will have the supporting documentation essential for execution.



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