Veneer Panels

16 Designs

A perfect ingredient to create a lavishly decorated and sophisticated space without spending too much, these wall panels come in exotic, flamboyant and simplistic themes to blend in every lifestyle.



  • Bespoke decorative veneer wall panel system with an engineered attachment framework.
  • Precision fit veneer panels, moldings, reveals & trim.
  • Modular design with an extensive array of carving expressions.
  • Ideal for focal point, background wall cover or visual transition spaces.
  • Markets include hospitality, healthcare, corporate, commercial, education.
  • Suitable for new construction or renovations





Veneer Panels


Five Senses Collection


16 Designs




4' x 8' x 3/4" TH








Modular panel system with precision fit panels and engineered attachment framework.


3-Part Specification, CAD Drawings, Installation, SDS, LEED, Test Data


Martha's Vineyard | Coastal Drift, Hemingway | Out of Africa, Aviator | Howard Hughes, Gatsby | Art Deco NYC, Casablanca | Bogarts, Retro | Vintage, Nautilus | Rust, Urban | Metro | Loft, High Tech, Mediterranean, Bauhaus | Craftsman, Farmhouse | Barnwood


Education, Medical, Commercial, Retail, Community



Whether you are looking for a complete remodel of your space or simply looking to make quick, decisive changes over the weekend, it’s important that your design space reflect what you love. If you love colors, bring in vibrant colorful accents which will show that. If you love art and music, bring in accessories which will pay tribute to your artistic expressions. Showcasing your interests through your interior space is one of the best ways to approach decorating. And if you’re a lover of simplicity who prefers clean, modern look, then here is something which will inspire your décor, a collection of decorative veneer panels with the cozy, welcoming feel of traditional design and clean, simple lines of contemporary style. Our plywood panels offer a great deal of versatility and will continue to charm you till times to come. A great way to evoke a sense of ease and intimate living space, these wall panels make for perfect accessories to introduce in your home or commercial spaces.

Decorative veneer panels make an instant impression in any home – and it’s always an elegant one. They are so interesting and influential that you will instantly find them influencing the ambiance and mood of the room. If you have a home or office space which lacks in beauty despite perfect furniture, lighting and every other element done rightly, then you need to bring your walls into action with our panels. Sometimes you can do everything properly, except for a few minor details and that is where our decorative veneer panels come into picture. They will not only make your home or office space feel welcoming, but they will make your entire setting aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

Our decorative veneer panels have a natural look and are extremely durable and consist of a veneer coating, followed by MDF/plywood or other material over a final decorative layer. They have a sheen and gloss which will set the style of a setting. Available in a variety of styles, colors and patterns, they will breathe new life into your room and convey the desired mood and tone. From smooth to sleek, modern to traditional, we various incarnations and veneer layers which can easily transform any home or commercial setting from bland to beautiful regardless of the design style.

Our decorative boards are available on a standard, lightweight MDF, as well as plywood. If you have custom requirements on more exotic of specific decorative veneers, then please contact us. Available in a wide range of core boards for high end projects requiring high quality panels, we can exclusively develop it for your specialized applications. Easy to install, clean and maintain, we give equal importance to functionality and durability and aesthetic appearance. An economical way to bring stable and protective materials for the wall, these decorative wall panels provide endless opportunities for architectural applications.

Featuring pleasing architectural details and accents which allow homeowners and business-owners to personalize with contemporary, traditional, mid-century modern and eclectic touches as they deem fit, these veneer decorative panels will help you create a very personal setting. At CSI, our team has ideated and manufactured a range of products in various styles and patterns which you can mix and match for your own distinct home or office style. No matter which one you choose, our panels are super durable and affordable and have evolved as a popular design element to provide a classy finishing touch to the rooms. Ideal for creating a smooth and easy-to-clean-impress-maintain surface, they offer consistency and create a statement in your home or office décor. A great way to add a dose of visual depth and texture to the walls, these decorative wall panels will help you craft rooms with a lot of elegance and finesse.

If you are afraid of the dated, old style paneling then fear no more, CSI Wall Panels have a collection of wide variety of modern, bold decorative veneer panels which will perfectly suit your home or office space. A perfect ingredient to create a lavishly decorated and sophisticated space without spending too much, these wall panels come in exotic, flamboyant and simplistic themes to blend in every lifestyle. With so many options available, you will surely find one which suits your personality and one which you’ll love.





Technical Overview

We have developed a comprehensive list of technical details for our product collections including; 3-part written specifications, CAD drawings, installation instructions, safety data sheets, LEED contribution and additional material test data. Relying on these technical documents, you can design and specify with complete confidence knowing that what you have designed will have the supporting documentation essential for execution.



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