Shell Mosaic Wall Tiles

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A timeless piece of art, our shell mosaic wall tiles are modern and adorable and will be an integral part of your special home or commercial space design.






Imagine a design space, whether it’s your room or workspace, kitchen or office dedicated to luxurious and high-end style catered to appeal to you and your senses. A space where the surroundings are carefully designed to enhance feelings and mood you want to evoke. Stuff of dreams, isn’t it? Not really. If you’re looking to bring in design elements to create a home or office space which will help turn it into exactly how you want them to, then our range of shell mosaic wall tiles is perfect for you. Whether your priority is to turn your walls into a visual masterpiece or you want a cozy space which is durable and delightfully touchable at the same time, these decorative wall panels are exactly what you need. If you love the look and feel of pearl shells and want to introduce the texture and elegance it exudes, then our collection of mosaic tiles is ideal. Perfectly suited to inspire monotonous spaces, these wall tiles will create an appealing ambiance in the setting.

Mosaic tiles have a long history of being used as decoratives and are considered to be one of the oldest art forms. Dating back to 5,000 years ago, they have been around for a long time and have added shine and glamor in home décor since times immemorial. With an aesthetic longevity and preference of such duration, it’s pretty impressive that they are still around and still considered as one of the best accents to illuminate interior designs. At CSI wall panels, our team of designers has recreated the same aura and charm of mosaic shell tiles and have come up with an even more accessible and economical collection of decorative wall panels featuring a series of mother of pearl.

Our shell mosaic wall tiles are manufactured using innovative decorative material including natural seashells and make for a stunningly elegant wall coverings. Available in a wide variety of hues, patterns and styles, mother of pearl tiles are crafted using nacre on different varieties of shells they aren’t just fun, but amazingly sophisticated and pretty. The lustrous glow of mother of pearl on the walls create a gorgeous and chic look and imparts a perfect touch of glam to the setting.

These decorative mosaic wall panels are not just inherently sturdy, but they are extremely versatile and can be crafted into almost any color, pattern or sizes. Perfectly suited as backdrop, feature walls or in bathrooms, entryways, as a kitchen backsplash, living rooms, company logo backgrounds, cafe or bar fronts, if you are looking to bring a bit of sparkle to your special walls, then these decorative wall panels are for you. Easy to install, clean and maintain, our wall panels can be installed alongside stone or ceramic field tiles to create a coordinated look or they can hold out on their own as well. Inexpensive, durable and dynamic, they create a really mouthwatering landscape design.

Whether you’re looking to create a restful mood or an energetic one, highly formal or fun, casual one or clean white, we offer these panels in a variety of styles and colors which will help you create rooms just the way you need. Finding decorative accessories which will define your area and make it feel special is hard to find. What colors will blend in with my theme? Are my bathroom tiles really attractive and protective? How should I set this up to express the attention of everyone? And will this give pleasure to my space? Our will bring out the best of your space and will address all your concerns with ease. Featuring intricate details and premium quality, this panel selection is the gateway to stylish and elegant result. No matter which one you choose, we can assure you that these decorative white tiles will beautify and protect your walls and will give you an immaculate environment.

A timeless piece of art, our shell mosaic wall tiles are modern and adorable and will be an integral part of your special home or commercial space design. They are extremely unique in appearance and have a pleasing and shiny visuals. Every girl deserves a set of pearl and these mother of pearl tiles on your walls will become a personal expression of your style.





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