Architectural Resin Panels

12 Designs

From grasses to natural leaves, bamboo to plants, our natural collection is refreshing whereas our color and metallic finish options are dreamy and full of charm.



  • Bespoke architectural resin wall panel system with an engineered attachment framework.
  • Precision fit resin panels, moldings, reveals & trim.
  • Modular design with an extensive array of carving expressions.
  • Ideal for focal point, background wall cover or visual transition spaces.
  • Markets include hospitality, healthcare, corporate, commercial, education.
  • Suitable for new construction or renovations





Architectural Resin Panels


Five Senses Collection


12 Designs


Architectural Resin


4' x 8' x 3/4" TH








Modular panel system with precision fit panels and engineered attachment framework.


3-Part Specification, CAD Drawings, Installation, SDS, LEED, Test Data


Martha's Vineyard | Coastal Drift, Hemingway | Out of Africa, Aviator | Howard Hughes, Gatsby | Art Deco NYC, Casablanca | Bogarts, Retro | Vintage, Nautilus | Rust, Urban | Metro | Loft, High Tech, Mediterranean, Bauhaus | Craftsman, Farmhouse | Barnwood


Education, Medical, Commercial, Retail, Community



So, you’ve decided how your dream home will look like with all the colors and texture you will include in the space. You’ve also figured out the budget to re-do your office or commercial area and are pinning to get started to achieve that fun and stylish look. Now, it’s time to turn your attention to the walls and aim at maximizing the space and celebrate it with materials and textures. Stylish, durable and lively, wall panels help to create a classic backdrop with a mix of traditional and contemporary pieces which will make your space an inviting one. At CSI, our team has created a collection of architectural resin panel in varied colors and patterns to let you express yourself and set a desired mood. No matter where you install them, much of the world has fallen in love with the charm and aesthetics appeal of translucent resin panels and how they make everyday décor, more functional and more fun.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to add beauty and interest to any architectural design wall is to add panels. Innovative, charming and full of flair, there are hundreds of panels gleaming with energy and drama which can transform any space instantly. But none of the panels can match the fashionable, durable and seemingly endless varieties of architectural resin panels. There’s something glamorous and magnetic about these wall panels which bring the refined and fresh feel of the natural outdoors into your rooms in ways that feel warm and cozy. Embellished with decorative materials and irresistible features, our collection of architectural resin panels feels refined, classic and supremely adorable which will create a dramatic effect in any dour space.

Available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, our architectural resin wall panels are manufactured using different types of resins including polyester (UPR), acrylic (PMMA) and copolymer (PETG). Each one has its own mystique, features and advantages and no matter which one you opt for, you’ll have an impeccable design space on your hands. Perfectly suited for home décor, luxury restaurants and hotel decoration, shopping malls, airports, and for office space, they have a depth of finish which you won't find in other wall panels. If you look around your home or office space and find the décor boring and uninspiring, then these decorative wall panels are perfect enhancements. Combining wonderful clarity with high-quality production and depth of colors, patterns and styles, our panels are known to create a setting with loads of personality and character.

Our architectural resin wall panels has a high impact resistance and viscosity due to its raw materials and is also resistant to chemicals and fire. It is easy to clean and maintain and is a highly affordable and stylish solution to screen wall partitions. Lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable, these panels are available in different gloss, shiny finishes and smooth surfaces which will provide you a sleek and clean space.

Using our decorative panels on the walls or doors allow you to make your rooms more powerful and eye-catching. Whether you install them on one feature wall or throughout the room, it will stand-out from others and become the focal point. A great way to create a dramatic effect in the space, these wall tiles will help you set a vibe without breaking the bank. Perfectly suited to create a free-flowing modern space, our translucent resin panels will brighten up every inch of your wall and bring wonderful impact to the setting. Wall panels are known to create an unexpected surprise and adds character and personality to it. And they are not just about fun. A covering of these panel systems on your walls will protect them from everyday activities and hassle. While they act as a durable hardware and provide strength to the walls, they won’t detract from a modern, clean look.

From grasses to natural leaves, bamboo to plants, our natural collection is refreshing whereas our color and metallic finish options are dreamy and full of charm. They combine a perfect mix of natural materials and high visual aesthetics and as such they are viewed as a luxury decoration which can make any room special. If you need a wall or a space which calls for a special attention, then these refined and fabulous resin wall panels will help your spark the imagination.





Technical Overview

We have developed a comprehensive list of technical details for our product collections including; 3-part written specifications, CAD drawings, installation instructions, safety data sheets, LEED contribution and additional material test data. Relying on these technical documents, you can design and specify with complete confidence knowing that what you have designed will have the supporting documentation essential for execution.



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