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All our wall panels for outdoor space are created for added durability, colorfastness, structural and dimensional stability to give you all the fun and sophistication of interior panels.






After the seemingly endless work routine and running errands, it’s a blissful feel to relax and recharge your batteries, isn’t it? It’s a delight to settle in your outdoor seating area, amidst all the privacy and tranquility to replenish your energy. Or consider your commercial space. Most of the customers look at your outdoor space and make a decision whether to indulge in business with you or not. Whether it’s a hotel or restaurant or retail space, an alluring and inviting outdoor space can drive customers in. So, if you’re looking for a refreshing and privacy-filled outdoor home space or a lively and interesting outdoor commercial space, our team at CSI has created a collection of outdoor wall panels which will create a space you require. Whether you want a dramatic or tranquil walls, vibrant or soothing ones, install our panels on the walls and you’re set for a refined setting.

Whether you’re looking to bring some privacy in your home backyard or outdoor seating area or want to bring some charm along with functionality to your pool space, retail store wall or sign boards, we have outdoor wall panels which can turn ordinary into spectacular. Make a bold statement in your home or commercial space outdoors with the help of our wall panels which will add a fun and vibrant touch to a dour looking outdoor area. Combining warmth, elegance and right materials, these decorative wall panels are crafted to stand harsh outdoor conditions and add value and style to your property.

No matter if you want to bring the rustic charm of our wooden panels in your outdoor panels or the glitz and glamor of our LED panels, the natural expression of our stone panels or the spectacular strength, clean and reflective nature of our steel panels, they will create an unexpected style and intimate space in the setting. Compare our different, exclusive wall panels on the basis of their price, look and feel, your lifestyle, the space you have, your needs and other factors and we’re sure you will find a style and material which is perfect for your setting. All our wall panels for outdoor space are created for added durability, colorfastness, structural and dimensional stability to give you all the fun and sophistication of interior panels.

Whether it’s your outdoor seating area or the boundaries of your industrial space, home-garden area or outdoor space of the commercial setting, every space needs it moments. And our composite panels will create the right moments for your setting. A wonderful way to let go of monotonous walls, fences or barricades, these wall panels will make a statement and will engage the senses. If you look around and realize that the same old setting in your landscape is tiring and bland, then it’s time to inject some playfulness and fun in your space by bringing in these decorative wall products. Their inspiring colors, patterns and styles will make sure to embellish your outdoor space. And if you want, you can apply your creative touches to our panels to make sure to change the look when you want to refresh the landscape.

Inspirational and attractive, our wall panels for outdoor use are highly flexible, meaning you can use them in small sections as well as in great expanses to suit your needs. They are marked by luxurious grandeur and style and are known to bring a classic look to the setting. Made from premium quality materials, they are highly durable even in the worst climatic conditions and is low maintenance. Easy to install, clean and maintain, they are extremely functional and cost effective ensuring a smooth and seamless finish. An attractive form of art, the bold and luxe feel of our panels will grace your outdoor dining or entertainment area, courtyard, patio, retail space, exhibition area or trade shows and add interest and vibrancy.

Our collection of outdoor wall panels are widely used to create a privacy screen and a major focal point in home garden, pool area, theme park or landscape, or commercial space. They have a wonderful character and a sense of dynamism about them which when combined with attractive lighting or other decorative elements brings a fun and stylish visual impact on the walls.





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