Green Idea Collection

We live in a sustainable age, that is a fact. The green conscience is expressed through all world product development stages. In our Architectural Designed niche, we do our part. We developed our Green idea collection. How an artificial product could be sustainable?. We invest our lives creating attractive spaces for different applications. Corporate, Health, Hospitality, Education, Religious spaces. Spaces where people spend hours of his daily routine. We created a component that make a space attractive and productive as a consequence .We combine artificial foliage and a architectural contemporary wall panel. The result is green idea panel. We use Daylight , natural ventilation, sight views and green circulation spaces to create immersive environments . We create very natural looking green panels with different types of ferns, ivies, grasses and buxus walls. For more formal styles we create swathes of foliages sweeping through, even with some color. We also create some single species which are very effective. As each Green Wall’s shape and style is designed to suit its specific space, you can be certain that it will enhance and green up your space . Isn't’ this a green idea ?



Our artificial green walls use the most realistic range of UV stable (Permaleaf) foliages.  Our green walls  are treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor to ensure colors stay bright under harsh lighting conditions. The ultraviolet resistant formula will keep the foliage color-fast in more extreme, hot & sunny climates. It performs well under artificial UV light where it can be found in offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers & other interior locations.

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, artificial garden walls offer an inexpensive, low maintenance solution to introduce the best of nature into various environments without the hassles of caring for real plants. Our architectural green idea design goes beyond the traditional green wall board. We incorporate a design expression to fit as a contemporary green element as a visual driving force of your key public spaces.

We will custom your wall. The variety of materials that we handle can give us a better understanding of your space. The Design language gives us an opportunity to engage our product into the specific space. Daylight and artificial lighting are the two major components to consider in a green idea space development.


Green idea Wall Panel 4’ x4’ size Modular Square Panel.  Base Layer Plus 6”-24” Bushes Top Layer

Varieties: Boxwood, Ivy, Azalea, Juniper, Pearl Grass Base Layer Plus Ferns, Evergreen, Tropical Top Layer 

Foliage: Plastic Leaves

ThermaLeaf® Indoor Artificial Foliage (Inherently Fire Retardant) PermaLeaf® Outdoor Artificial Foliage (Inherently Fade Resistant) . We combine it with any of our different materials such as MDF, Fire treated MDF, for interior applications, or any of the pre-cast materials for exterior applications.

ThermaLeaf® artificial foliage has been tested and complies with California Title 19, NFPA 701, CAN/ ULC S109, U.S. Government SIN 4722-06 Flammability Code, Class 1 BS 476: Part 7, Class 0 BS 476: Part 7 and Part 6, NF X 70-100 Toxicity, PSB PLS Class 2, and qualifies as a NFPA Class A or USBC Class 1 fire retardant material as tested by ASTM E84-95.

PermaLeaf® is a specially formulated weatherable plastic designed and engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions caused by wind, water and sun. PermaLeaf® combines UV blocking tech- nology with strong colorfast pigments to create an inherently fade resistant foliage for outdoor use. PermaLeaf® has been tested for colorfastness according to ASTM G155-05, and after one year of UV exposure equivalent to Miami, Florida or Phoenix Arizona, PermaLeaf® had NO COLOR LOSS visible by sight. 

Class A Fire Rated MDF

A flame-retardant MDF solution for wall panel option, Flakeboard Premier® FR MDF is best in class.

Class A/Class 1 rated fire-retardant MDF panels are ideal for interior, non-structural use in public areas such as schools, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. Premier® FR MDF’s design flexibility and workability make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Flakeboard Premier® FR MDF delivers:

  • Smooth surface properties for painting or laminating Dense, flat surfaces for easy machining
  • Uniform fibre distribution and texture
  • Premier® FR MDF Specification (Bennettsville, SC; Eugene, OR)
  • Sharp edges and strong internal bond
  • Good acoustical dampening properties
  • The right thickness for thick board applications 

Medite® FR

Sustainable Class 1 flame retardant medium density fiberboard (MDF) panel manufactured from pre-consumer recycled wood, meeting the most stringent formaldehyde emission standards in the world. SierraPine’s patented manufacturing process utilizes a formaldehyde-free adhesive system to produce Medite® FR. During processing an additive is blended with the fibers to provide flame-retardant properties throughout the board. Unlike surface flame retardant coatings, the flame retardant properties of Medite® FR aren’t compromised when the panel is machined or sanded. Medite® FR is the ideal product for interior applications that require a certified Class 1 product and where certain indoor air quality requirements are specified. 

Exterior Moisture Resistant Extira

Environmentally friendly panel product. Extira panels are specifically designed and manufactured for exterior use, unlike MDF. Extira panels also offer high performance in high moisture, interior environments. Extira has an unprecedented 10-year warranty that far exceeds competitive panel products. 


As a custom product, our design efforts range from  attractive wall finishes, to an interior canopies and  sun control  screens . Either interior or exterior application, with this collection we decided to move beyond the boundaries of the traditional green walls . We bring a different language. Flow, Energy, Integration, Meaning, Character, Spirit. Intangible components for the natural eye, but a driving force for a designed comfortable environment. Green idea promotes social interaction, Green idea manipulates  public and private spaces into production. Green idea rescues the lost and indifferent spaces and transform them into living spaces, where business and human interact .We combine artificial foliage and a architectural contemporary wall panel. The result is green idea panel. We use  Daylight , natural ventilation, sight views and green circulation spaces to create immersive environments.


As a a combined product of a conventional Wall Panel and Green idea panel, installation will be similar than the conventional wall panel of any of our great collection, the difference is that the panel includes in its design the planter pocket where artificial foliage will be placed.

Direct Screw Attachment

Panels may be attached by screwing directly into the substrate. Panels should be specified thick enough to accommodate the screws being used. It is recommended that construction mastic should also be used with this technique.

If panels are being attached by screwing through the face of the panel into the wall substrate, the panel must be pre-drilled and countersunk to accommodate the screws. The hole should then be filled with a non-shrinking type of filler. This technique is not recommended for panels finished in PVC laminate.

3-Part Specification

We have developed a product guide specification that has been written according to MasterSpec® published by ARCOM for American Institute of Architects (AIA) which incorporates Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part Format. Please print modified form and submit with other documents during the quoting stage of your order





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