Chisel Gypsum Collection

A collection created  as a  need of a more dramatic wall surface.  A  deeper sculpting depth, opens endless possibilities on your designed space.  You can add components up to  a 6” relief in order to add dramatism to your end product. . Gypsum INDOOR Collection. Great pre-cast 3 Dimensional panel.



Chisel Gypsum Collection is a Pre-cast continuous system application. A high relief option.  Joints are seamed and filled as any standard drywall application for a seamless continuous design. The combination of the depth design and down lighting effects will create patterns full of rhythm and expression. Our Tetris assembly installation system, provides a seamless crisp delivery product. We will tailor your vision. More than 12 Basic Architectural patterns. GFRG can be cast to virtually any custom design. 


Chisel Gypsum Collection is made of Casted Gypsum panels , GFRG ( Glass fiber Reinforced Gypsum) is primarily composed of two raw materials: high density gypsum and glass fiber reinforcement. GFRG can be cast to virtually any shape. Intended for indoor purposes . Not recommended  for humid spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Size panel is 48“ X 48”. Depth ranges from 1” up to 6” development. GFRG is for use where it is not subject to dampness. (Do not use where it is openly exposed to rain or for fountains, pools or wet locations. GFRG can be used wherever a light, strong and fire retardant material is required Commercial , Resort, Retail and Restaurant Industry.  

GFRG is a Flame Resistant panel. It is a mineral and will not burn. In addition, the nature of gypsum acts like a thermal regulator when exposed to flame. GFRG not only will not burn, but it also protects the materials behind it from the heat of the flame for up to two hours. Easy Installation. GFRG is relatively light in weight compared to traditional stone or plaster ornaments. Its installation is quick and relatively easy. 


The  canvas where  this product is designed, is not the screen and software of a digital and geometric platform.. The original master comes from the hand of a sculptor. Sculptors bring their works to life by using carving and modeling. Subtractive carving removes pieces of material at a time, until the desired image is revealed. We call this ‘freeing the image’ because our artists  see the artwork in the material before carving it. To create the Master  that is going to be molded, we use gypsum  for subtractive carving. 

Chisel Panel Sculpted Options

  • Chisel Classic.- A traditional  architectural wall elements, such as, Wall  Moldings,Wall Ceilings, Bas Relief, Custom shapes
  • Chisel Contemporary.- A variety of modern shapes and sculpting attractive forms . Ideal for a neutral and interesting compositions with a great relief patterns. Corporate and hospitality oriented, 
  • Chisel Bold.- A great line of High-end visual lines. Defining great focal points of interest. Out of the traditional composition . great source for customized pieces. 
  • Chisel Earth.- A collection inspired by nature. Either a ripple in the water,  or texture taken  from bark, stone or even geometries taken from a bird wing served as a base of design of this beautiful collection


For this specific collection,  the substrate needs to be carefully selected. Before installation you need to verify that there is not  moisture or dampness. Humidity will affect the panel core material. Avoid the use of this panel in bathrooms or kitchens. Verify that there is no presence of any hydraulic system running through it. For interior purpose uses only.

Chisel Collection Panels are installed on site seaming all the joints, vertical and horizontal,  making it a continuous sculpted surface.. The GRG panels (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) are cut and handled as an existing sheetrock board. Standard carpenter's  tools are used to adapt and cut  the panels to fit into a specific wall design.  Based on the selected design, points of attachment will be  pre-drilled in order to facilitate installation. Later this perforation will be patched with flexible and paintable  filler,  and sanded like any other gypsum substrate. The panels can be attached to various types of substrates,.The responsible architect of record or a licensed General Contractor should have the best installation fit based on the substrate, wall panel material and the specific conditions on site. Our guide is not the ultimate decision.

During construction our gypsum panels must be installed on existing sheetrock walls . Our panels will not act as code compliance fire wall . Our gypsum panel provide an excellent fire barrier as it’s inherent mineral composition, , but in no way  will  substitute acode rated wall   Surface  of the panel will be primed and sealed in order to , later apply final coat of paint.  We recommend matte interior latex paint . The importance of the panel , is not based on the final color paint, but on its carving. The indirect lighting will do the rest.

Construction Mastic Adhesive 

May be used to mount panels provided that panels are specified with a raw back as opposed to the standard melamine backer and conditions provide a clean, structurally sound surface. Follow the construction mastic manufacturer’s application instructions. The entire panel must be held in place until mastic is completely cured so as to avoid a permanent incorrect installation.

Direct Screw Attachment

Panels may be attached by screwing directly into the substrate. Panels should be specified thick enough to accommodate the screws being used. It is recommended that construction mastic should also be used with this technique.

If panels are being attached by screwing through the face of the panel into the wall substrate, the panel must be pre-drilled and countersunk to accommodate the screws. The perforation  should then, be filled with a non-shrinking type of filler. 

3-Part Specification

We have developed a product guide specification that has been written according to MasterSpec® published by ARCOM for American Institute of Architects (AIA) which incorporates Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part Format. Please print modified form and submit with other documents during the quoting stage of your order.




Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum Fabrications

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