Adventure Panel Collection

Have you imagined a way to add character and identity to your space with a low-cost effective strategy? After 25 years of experience as a design build company into the commercial and entertainment Industry, we proudly offer Adventure Panel Collection, designed as an answer for Spaces with a “story to tell”



MDF Indoor or Exterior application. Wainscot, molding and themed wall applications under the blanket of architectural finishes. Diorama opportunity (two and 3 different planes). 

Artistic handcrafted faux painted treatment. Ideal for Retail, Restaurants, Schools, Childcare, Healthcare and Spaces thematic oriented

More than 10 different Adventures. As we control the design and manufacturing process, we can customize your panel, imprinting your own brand signature into the final product.



A basic material MDF (medium density fiberboard) From 3/4” to 1.5” thickness. It is used for indoor and outdoor intended applications. The panel is processed through computer based CC router system to achieve extraordinary motifs  and wall designs, ideal to create a thematic experience.

Sustainable MDF Medite® II 

Sustainable medium density fiberboard (MDF) panel utilizing a formaldehyde-free adhesive system and pre-consumer recycled wood fiber. Medite® II is engineered for non-structural applications and can be used in place of sanded plywood and solid wood for applications where higher physical properties than standard MDF are needed. This panel provides the flexibility of a superior composite panel with the emissions of lumber and other grain wood products. Medite® II has been specified in hundreds of commercial, institutional and conservator projects since the 1980’s.

Sustainable MDF Arreis®

Sustainable medium density fiberboard (MDF) panel manufactured from pre-consumer recycled wood residuals, meets the most stringent formaldehyde emission standards in the world. SierraPine’s patent pending manufacturing process utilizes a formaldehyde-free adhesive system to produce Arreis®, the ideal sustainable design fiberboard (SDF) for commercial interior applications.

Class A Fire Rated MDF  

A flame-retardant MDF solution for wall panel option, Flakeboard Premier® FR MDF is best in class.

Class A/Class 1 rated fire-retardant MDF panels are ideal for interior, non-structural use in public areas such as schools, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. Premier® FR MDF’s design flexibility and workability make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Flakeboard Premier® FR MDF delivers:

  • Smooth surface properties for painting or laminating Dense, flat surfaces for easy machining
  • Uniform fibre distribution and texture
  • Premier® FR MDF Specification (Bennettsville, SC; Eugene, OR)
  • Sharp edges and strong internal bond
  • Good acoustical dampening properties
  • The right thickness for thick board applications 

Medite® FR 

Sustainable Class 1 flame retardant medium density fiberboard (MDF) panel manufactured from pre-consumer recycled wood, meeting the most stringent formaldehyde emission standards in the world. SierraPine’s patented manufacturing process utilizes a formaldehyde-free adhesive system to produce Medite® FR. During processing an additive is blended with the fibers to provide flame-retardant properties throughout the board. Unlike surface flame retardant coatings, the flame retardant properties of Medite® FR aren’t compromised when the panel is machined or sanded. Medite® FR is the ideal product for interior applications that require a certified Class 1 product and where certain indoor air quality requirements are specified. 

Exterior Moisture Resistant Extira

Environmentally friendly panel product. Extira panels are specifically designed and manufactured for exterior use, unlike MDF. Extira panels also offer high performance in high moisture, interior environments. Extira has an unprecedented 10-year warranty that far exceeds competitive panel products. 


For this specific collection we added an extra design value . A very effective way to transform your space into a thematic environment. As a carved  wall product , the depth and volume plays a great role in the way we experience the space. As a difference from a mural, wallpaper or any other two dimensional imprinted alternative, Adventure panel is a built-in  three dimensional wall effect. Additional lighting effort will enhance the final appearance. Retail and Commercial markets oriented.. We have 10 initial designs for the industry standards, but we can create your own. Let us help you to carry your vision of your space

Adventure Panel Thematic Options

  • Adventure Jungle .- Six different greenery patterns . Wainscot or Molding application. Whether monochromatic, faux painted , vintage treated  or material replica application, will fit your specific design . ( See our finishes chart )  Baseboard, trim , door and window casing components, conform our adds-on selection for a rich diversity of combinations. Ideal for Retail, Restaurant or entertainment venues
  • Adventure Kids.-  A  very dynamic  kids-playing scene carved in Wainscot and horizontal molding application.  Single, or double plane diorama option. Designed for continuing placement, for extended circulation areas . Ideal for Classroom, Retail stores , Restaurants,  Medical Pediatric Facilities, and  Kids  facilities waiting areas in General. A great opportunity for branding exposure.
  • Adventure Nemo Metal Plank.-  A beautiful old rusted metal plank looking panel. Great relief  carving riveted metal detail . Retro looking design. Ideal for Aquariums, Waterparks, Museums, Arcades, and  Family Oriented Amusements facilities. Additional accesories opportunities. Lighting fixtures, portholes, door covers and wall mounted louvers. Let us develop your vision.
  • Adventure Mayan Templestone.- A stone looking carved panel. Wainscot , wall, molding, cornice, stella, column wrapping covers , etc. Prehispanic carved motifs for amusements and thematic environments. Imagine the opportunity  to  transform your  space into a 16th century mesoamerican environment !. Multiple horizontal panel combinations .
  • Adventure Savannah.- A real animal scaled profile panel for educational and thematic opportunities. Wainscot, baseboard and trim african pattern combinations. A postcard from Africa to your space. Consult our finishes chart to achieve the best outcome of this great panel
  • Adventure Underwater.- The patterns produced by nature, specially underwater coral formation, was the source of inspiration to our artist to create this great collection. The flow and color design bring  the perfect themed background for this water related storyboard.
  • Adventure Scales.- Prehistoric skins perfectly carved and painted to relate as an architectural panel. Does not need to be literal to represent the desired effect. Let the story of your brand pops out with this great thematic background.
  • Adventure Bible Story .-  The collection speaks by itself. Ideal for children’s education.


All finishes for this collection are artistically handcrafted . As a heavily themed product, the final touch is applied by our artisans. Ranging from hand painted, sand blasting, or digital imprint  Our variety of artistic finishes suit the demands of highly themed oriented  environment.

The design intention throughout design and manufacturing of this collection, is based on replicate and create a credibly authentic built  space. 

Adventure Panel Collection Effects Finishes

  • Vintage treatment on different materials
  • Moss and rusted  treated metals 
  • Aged  Wood
  • Stone ruin effect 
  • Rockwork


Based on the existing conditions of your space the installation methods vary according to the different materials that CSI Wall Panels works with.

Ranging from:

  • Support hardware
  • Construction adhesives
  • Z clips hardware
  • Direct screw attachment

At CSI Wall Panels we are aware of the different substrate options into the construction environment, for that reason we provide an installation guide.

Through the production process, we will control the continuous flow from panel to panel in all directions creating an integral appearance. Depending on the design and specific selection, this flow can be achieved in a number of different ways.

Listed below are several installation methods for our Adventure Panel Collection panels.

The responsible architect of record or a licensed General Contractor should have the best installation fit based on the substrate, wall panel material and the specific conditions on site. Our guide is not the ultimate decision on how install it. A licensed professional contractor should be consulted with, to determine the best installation method.

MDF Installation Options 4’ x 8’ Applicable for our Adventure Panel Collection

Construction Mastic Adhesive 

May be used to mount panels provided that panels are specified with a raw back as opposed to the standard melamine backer and conditions provide a clean, structurally sound surface. Follow the construction mastic manufacturer’s application instructions. The entire panel must be held in place until mastic is completely cured so as to avoid a permanent incorrect installation.

Direct Screw Attachment

Panels may be attached by screwing directly into the substrate. Panels should be specified thick enough to accommodate the screws being used. It is recommended that construction mastic should also be used with this technique.

If panels are being attached by screwing through the face of the panel into the wall substrate, the panel must be pre-drilled and countersunk to accommodate the screws. The hole should then be filled with a non-shrinking type of filler. 

3-Part Specification

We have developed a product guide specification that has been written according to MasterSpec® published by ARCOM for American Institute of Architects (AIA) which incorporates Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part Format. Please print modified form and submit with other documents during the quoting stage of your order



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