Brick Wall Panels

16 Designs

Our brick panels can style up any wall and will blend perfectly in your design scheme. Whether it’s a modern or traditional space, contemporary or eclectic one, they can suit in any setting and creates a dreamy, surreal setting.



  • Bespoke brick wall panel system with an engineered attachment framework.
  • Precision fit brick panels, moldings, reveals & trim.
  • Modular design with an extensive array of carving expressions.
  • Ideal for focal point, background wall cover or visual transition spaces.
  • Markets include hospitality, healthcare, corporate, commercial, education.
  • Suitable for new construction or renovations





Brick Wall Panels


Five Senses Collection


16 Designs




4' x 8' x 3/4" TH








Modular panel system with precision fit panels and engineered attachment framework.


3-Part Specification, CAD Drawings, Installation, SDS, LEED, Test Data


Martha's Vineyard | Coastal Drift, Hemingway | Out of Africa, Aviator | Howard Hughes, Gatsby | Art Deco NYC, Casablanca | Bogarts, Retro | Vintage, Nautilus | Rust, Urban | Metro | Loft, High Tech, Mediterranean, Bauhaus | Craftsman, Farmhouse | Barnwood


Education, Medical, Commercial, Retail, Community



Same things can be done in a million ways depending on the creativity of a person. Re-imagining, re-thinking, re-doing and inventing new ways of doing traditional things can mean the difference between ordinary and revolutionary. Similar rules apply when you work on your design space. Whether you’re looking to create your residential or commercial space, innovative actions often reveal interesting solutions. And if you’re looking for design elements which ditch the standard practice and are reflective of innovative and bold action, then here is a collection of brick wall panels which is perfect for you and your space. A great way of transforming your space from average to exceptional, these faux brick panels will bring exciting details to your walls. At CSI, we believe that fresh insights, innovative solutions and superior craftsmanship are key to creating an extraordinary design space which is exactly what your rooms deserve. And this range of faux wall panels is a perfect reflection of our beliefs.

If you love the old-world look and decorative features which evoke a rustic charm and nostalgia, then you have to be a lover of bricks. There’s something very pleasing and comfortable about bricks which creates a delightful and highly stylish space. A timeless treasure, they have high durability, warm colors, small and modular look, and an extremely basic feel to it. Yet they are used extensively from ancient Egypt to modern United States due to their countless features and a common touch. We have applied all this design knowhow and manufactured a collection of unique and elegant brick wall panels which are perfectly suited to any setting.

Our shell mosaic wall tiles are manufactured using innovative decorative material including natural seashells and make for a stunningly elegant wall coverings. Available in a wide variety of hues, patterns and styles, mother of pearl tiles are crafted using nacre on different varieties of shells they aren’t just fun, but amazingly sophisticated and pretty. The lustrous glow of mother of pearl on the walls create a gorgeous and chic look and imparts a perfect touch of glam to the setting.

Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, living room, fireplace or patio, office space or retail space, hotel or restaurant, our brick wall panels can work with almost any home or commercial area style. Available in a range of styles, colors, sizes and textures, our bricks are known to give a modern edge or a traditional touch to the setting depending upon which and how you display them and are stunningly adaptable. You can create one wall or create a complete room with our decorative panels, their elegance and richness will shine through and you won’t need to do anything else to show it off.

Bricks have been the backbone of any commercial outlay since centuries due to their toughness and versatility. The modular nature of our brick wall panels can create a variety of patterns and styles making them a favorable choice for covering and protecting walls. These panels provide functionality, structure and gorgeous skin in equal measure and its toughness and affordability make them an attractive option. Easy to install, clean and maintain, our wall art mimics the real thing perfectly and ensures a smooth finish. Manufactured using highly durable material, they will give you a vintage effect and a sense of comfort few other materials or tiles can replicate.

Whenever you’re decorating your home space, going the extra mile reaps benefits and helps you create rooms which will be a special one. An architectural update which will make a statement in your setting, these faux wall panels are one of the easiest, durable and inexpensive ways to add the wow factor to the space. If ever there was a design element which provided a beautiful blend of architectural art and versatility, then this is it. Our faux paneling products can be an inviting addition in your space and will bring an attractive touch to the setting. Whether you’re looking to create a modernist home or a formal workspace, traditional rooms or clean, contemporary space, we offer faux stone panels and brick products which blend in beautifully and presents you an opportunity to create an ideal atmosphere. Our brick wall panels boast of ideal design features which will bolster your spaces enliven it.

Our brick panels can style up any wall and will blend perfectly in your design scheme. Whether it’s a modern or traditional space, contemporary or eclectic one, they can suit in any setting and creates a dreamy, surreal setting. A great way to add a bit of earthy character and dimension to your home or office space, these wall panels add color and a rough appeal to the setting. They work both ways - lending a wonderfully historic look to any room or complementing the modernity of a space. Oh the good ol’ brick!





Technical Overview

We have developed a comprehensive list of technical details for our product collections including; 3-part written specifications, CAD drawings, installation instructions, safety data sheets, LEED contribution and additional material test data. Relying on these technical documents, you can design and specify with complete confidence knowing that what you have designed will have the supporting documentation essential for execution.



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