3d wall panelsEvery person wants their home to look unique and beautiful. People dream of having interiors that are exceptionally beautiful but still easy on the pocket. The latest trend amongst interior decorators is installing 3D wall panels in the homes of their clients. The 3D wall panels are available in variety of different materials, styles as well as sizes. Companies like CSI Wall Panels have wide range of beautiful and interesting 3D wall panels to offer their patrons. They even offer custom made 3D wall panels to suit the preferences and tastes of their customers. Today we will guide you on how and why to choose the right 3D wall panel for your home.

Setting An Appropriate Theme With The Help Of 3D Wall Panels

3D wall decorations enable people to quickly and easily change the facial expressions of the wall in a particular room. For instance if you're trying to decorate or redecorate the room for your children, with the help of the 3D wall panels there are tons of things you can do to set an appropriate theme to the room. If you're redecorating the room for your son, you may want to consider painting the walls bright blues, dark greens and even a deep red. Alongside of the paint colour that you select, you can further enhance the beauty of the room with the help of the 3D wall panels. In the case of your daughter’s room, you may want to consider pastel or lighter paint shades like pink, yellow or lilac. Again the 3D wall panels will be an added accessory to the subtly coloured painted walls.

Size Plays An Important Role

Now another thing that you must keep in mind before selecting 3D wall panels for your home is the size of the room. Large rooms like your living room need to be decorated with larger 3D wall panels, while small sized rooms can be decorated with tinier 3D wall panels. Typically in a large room what one can do is fill it up with breathtaking tapestries, full length mirrors and a single but large wall that carries a big 3D wall panel. In a smaller sized room, it is advisable that a smaller sized single 3D wall panel be inserted above the couch or behind the bed stand and so on. Keeping the overall tone of the room in mind is also suggested before selecting a 3D wall panel.

Different Types Of 3D Wall Panels

Companies like CSI Wall Panels have a variety of 3D panels to offer. Some of the materials that the 3D wall panels are available in include wooden 3D wall panels, plant fibre 3D wall panels, metal 3D wall panels, acrylic 3D decorative wall panels and tons of other options. Some of the 3D wall panels can even be easily painted on thus enhancing their beauty and enabling them to match with the overall décor of the room that they are installed in.

Why You Should Consider Installation Of 3D Panels In Your Home

Enhance The Beauty Of The Room – The most obvious and practical reason behind why people install 3D wall panels in their homes is to enhance the aesthetics of the space. The 3D panels have an extremely arty look to them and can bring about life and vibrancy to a room that they are installed in.

Easy To Maintain – Another excellent feature of the 3D wall panels is the fact that they are very easy to maintain. One might even say that they are pretty much maintenance free. A single hand duster can be used to keep the 3D walls absolutely clean and good as new. One need not hire professional cleaning companies or domestic staff to keep the 3D wall panels clean.

Cost Effective – The 3D wall panels are extremely cost effective and inexpensive. These affordable panels do not need to be painted or repainted like cement walls every now and then, thereby reducing the amount of money one spends to keep them looking new. Additionally, a lot of 3D panels are made from plant fibres and other easily accessible materials, reducing the cost of procurement and thereby reducing the overall cost of the panel itself.

Hides Flaws In The Walls Of Your Home – Almost every home will have a wall or two which sports certain flaws. These flaws include cracks in the wall, chipped paint, dents and so on. Instead of spending large sums of money every now and then to fix these flaws, one can simply cover the flaws with the help of these wonderfully designed 3D wall panels. Once installed against the flawed walls, the panel will give your home a brand new look and feel.

Different Materials And How To Select The Right One For Your Home

As you're probably well aware by now that the 3D wall panels are available in an array of different types of materials. The question that now arises is how to select the correct 3D panel for your home. It's very simple. Selecting a material is purely dependent on the kind of look that you wish to give your home. For instance, if you're looking to give your home a rustic, log cabin-like feel, you may want to consider investing in a wooden or plywood 3D wall panel. On the other hand, if you're looking to give your home an ultra-modern and futuristic vibe, the acrylic or metallic 3D panels are better suited for you. So, all you really need to do before selecting a 3D panel of an appropriate material for your home is first figure out what kind of vibe you would like your house to emit.

All in all, 3D textured wall panels are the perfect, most inexpensive and convenient investments for your home. They can make your once dull and drab walls look like those straight out of an architectural magazine. So if you're looking to redecorate your home, consider installation of the 3D wall panels for phenomenal aesthetic results.