For people with an artistic bent of mind like you, it becomes essential to manifest their creativity through everything they possess and your home remains in the top of that possession list. After all the way you create, decorate and embellish your home is a seamless reflection of your personality. And therefore, adorning the house with top-notch materials seems very crucial. Nowadays, 3D wall panels have become one of the best ways to showcase a homemaker’s creativity to all the guests and visitors. And this style of wall decoration brings out the artist in you and lets you implement your artistry on the walls.

Creative ideas that may aid you in the venture

The modern architectural wall panels can serve as a flawless canvas that can be brought to life with stylish embellishments and accessories. This kind of panel comprises of various products like shelves, decorative styles, wall hangings and a lot more. With such an extensive range of options, you can effortlessly embellish your walls with a touch of extravagance. You can decorate with your creativity or follow the current course that uses a mélange of all these items. Selecting these classy CSI Wall Panels for the room makeover process would be a very good idea.

Accessories to embellish your designer walls

Designing rooms following some specific themes are very much in vogue these days. And what can be better than portraying an idea on the wall? You can also add a feel of splendor to your entire room by adding shelves on the 3d wall panel that can be combined with other artistic pieces to create a personalized wall space. Only putting up pictures of your family on matching frames and attaching them on the walls would make your walls all the more glamorous.

Making your walls simply awesome

The role of 3D wall panels in altering the old view of the walls and invigorating a modern and fresh feel can never be denied. They are available in standard as well as unorthodox shades for creating the out-of-the-box interior design. The decorative wall panels emit out their exquisitely stylish aura to create a bright décor with inventive utilization. They can efficiently improve the appearance of the walls and are pleasing to the eyes. They are not just beautiful but also functional regarding shielding against moisture and fire which make them ideal for in high traffic and clammy zones.

Maintaining the walls have never been so easy

The wall paneling is also very easily cleanable and requires much less support. A clean and moist piece of cloth is more than enough to keep them look shiny all the time. And as they are flame safe you can also adorn your kitchen with these 3D wall panels. The hard wearing panels help in controlling clamor levels which had never been so easy before. Though they are available in a wide range of colors yet you can paint them after the installation is done so that the shade works in sync with the other items in the room. As they are 100 percent bio-degradable, you can use them in some other work even many many years. 

Your artistry is all that you need

The top reason behind the popularity of 3D wall panels is their ability to offer a rich manifestation in a very affordable price range. Several outstanding examples are easily accessible in the range of CSI Wall Panels, and you will just have to pick one matching your interior décor. You do not have to be a professional in this field; all you will have to do is surf through the extensive range of texture wall panels and select one or a few and add white shades of lighting above them to make your walls brighter than ever.

Concentrating on the variety of wall panels

The variety of 3d wall panels is mainly differentiated by the designs and materials with which they are made. The most favored ones include:

  • Glass made 3D walls- As the name implies, these decorative wall panels are designed from the glass with patterns and abstractions that aid in creating a three-dimensional effect. The panels are usually 4 to 6 inches in width, and the most preferred variety is tempered glass. This is because tempered glass is exceptionally strong- up to 6 times than traditional glass panels. In case the panel breaks, which itself is very unlikely, the little damage doesn’t form sharp fragments. So regardless of whether you have kids or pets in your home, you can easily put them anywhere within your home.
  • PVC made wall panels- This trendy 3D wall panel is commonly constructed from cast plastic that is popularly termed as PVC. Paint, varnish or even veneer is utilized for forming a coat over the finished PVC panels. You can adorn your walls either by applying glue on the concrete wals or fastening them right to their frames. Low weight, hard wearing qualities and affordability are the primary USPs of the PVC wall panels. So now you can decorate your walls with the panels that would endure all sorts of stress without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • 3D panels made of gypsum- The best trait about the gypsum made 3d wall panels is that they can be molded into all kinds of textures and shapes. The notion of eventual staining is also taken into account at the time these panels are manufactured, and so all the necessary measures are taken. Therefore, when installed accurately, gypsum wall panels can turn your walls into a never-seen-before piece of visual treat. Quite the opposite to MDF or plastic paneling, gypsum is much stronger and heavier than most other materials used for wall paneling, and this contributes to their durability.