What Makes Your Good Office Decor Look GreatAn office is the practical workroom that is allotted for the administration works by any organizations. For a productive and inspirational atmosphere, a creative environment is a must for the worker. A productive environment always gifts additional dimensions to work. Moreover, when it is the matter to adding beauty to any workplace, it may not be only about the office cleanliness, but it is more than that which will produce a productive and appealing workplace to boost enthusiasm among the workforce. Much has been researched about the topic and the lessons been carried out to find out the influence of the office work in the employee's performance. Moreover, they are more or less same to reveal the point that visually pleasing interior environment can influence the attitude of the office employees towards their responsibility. 

Below are some useful tips that can help you decorate your office wonderfully.

Select Vibrant Color Combinations

To furnish, a room what attracts the most is its color combination that has to do a great job to enhance the design of your office. This is the colors that have a great impact on the psyche of the workers as they are bound to spend much time in this enclosed office room. So, you have to give a little attention to make it sure that the creative juices of the employees to run in their minds timely to produce more by them. The color selection of your office room is really important considering the fact. To give your office a professional look, try to choose neutral colors like light yellow, white or crème. However, your choice would be different if you are in the glamour industry. Bright colors like orange, blue, red and green would be some of the best options for you. Bright colors are very inspirational to give creative ideas to the workforce.

Proper Lighting is Essential

If your employees are bound to sit before the computer most of the working hours, then it is the high time to ensure proper lighting for the indoor setting. The importance goes high if you have the office lacking a natural light source. It is advisable for you to find out proper lighting fittings that have to be installed in the office interior to brighten up the light level. The poor lighting gives strain to the eyes of the employees resulting in a headache for them. This is not expected to maintain the productivity. So give your office a bright look that is refreshing and energetic.

Enhance the Look and Feel of Office Interiors Using Wall Panels

Did you know that you can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your office’s interiors to the next level by opting for the latest wall panels? These panels can be installed on your office walls without the need for any repair works or construction work. Choose from a wide variety of designs, right from 3D designs to wood textured panels. You can even go for custom wall panel designs to give a truly unique look and feel to your office interiors. Install them in the passages, in your meeting rooms, and your seminar halls – that is enough to give your office a modernistic look, and a good vibe. These wall panels are affordable, stylish, and practical – all at the same time. 

Planning of Functionality 

Functionality is not a factor of indulgence if you have a plan to decorate your office space to looks attractive. For this, you have to have a plan keeping in mind the architectural features of the interior. Designing an atmosphere that is very much friendly and comforting should be aimed while designing any office room so that your workers can get the space for strolling without any uneasiness. For this, you have to be more selective to select the furniture style that would be fitting as well as very stylish to understand your need. Selective furniture has the power to give a makeover to your office. It can make it visually attractive. So, furnishing selection should be done cautiously .if you have the knack for wooden furniture, light brown furniture would be very suitable for getting a formal interior. For a luxurious look, dark brown furniture is perfect.

Open Spaces are Latest Workplace Trend

Today the concept of work culture secures open workspaces for the workforce rather delimiting them to a boundary. This much-desired space is the place where they are free to use their creativity. So these open places are appreciated very much by the employees that contribute a lot helps to improve collaboration with other employees. Moreover, when they work with each other the result is bound to be superb with better efficiency and ideas. Besides an open space always give the employees the homely atmosphere where they can work comfortably with more motivation and enthusiasm you are a lover of art and creativity, then try to give your office a unique look with a hand-made craft that is very functional as well as very decorative. However, don't forget to change the getup time to time as every new look will inspire the employees to do their job perceptional. The convenient change of office indoor by time will establish a unique environment. 

Amusement Accessories

If a color brings you joy does not let them go so easily. If your office has an open space, then try to install various amusement accessories that are necessary to give the employees a relaxation. A setting of indoor games will help them a lot to regain their energy when they feel exhausted by working pressure. Books can convey the messages to cheer them up properly. So, try to install a small library for them. Music can help a lot to boost their energy. So install some music players to make them happy.

Revealed! The Secrets of Functional Office Decor and DesignA practical workplace is, of course, crucial but when it comes to creating an inspirational and productive environment establishing a creative space in combination with making it functional is also important. Moreover, when it comes to adding grace to any office, it is not just about the cleanliness of the office that most of the commercial owners stress on, but it is also important to establish a productive, tidy and appealing workplace that can enhance the enthusiasm and zeal among your workforce. The various studies across the world have been carried out to find out the impact of office atmosphere on the performance of the employees. Moreover, all of them have revealed that visually appealing and interesting interior environment of the office can influence the attitude of the employees towards their duty. If you realize that your office structure is not much effective in maintaining the motivation in your employees, take inspiration from below listed ideas for creating a chic and functional office environment.

Lighting Is Important

If your business involves making your employees sit in front of the computer for the majority of the working hours, it is important to make sure that you have a proper lighting store for the indoor environment. Especially if your office does not have any natural light source, it is always advisable to find out the right kind of lighting fixtures to be installed so that the office interior can be brightened up to an appropriate level. Poor lighting can strain the eyes of your employees just making them feel a headache more often which is not good regarding the productivity and performance of your business. Also, a bright interior seems refreshing and energetic than a dull and dark space. The positioning of lighting fixtures is also important to consider.

Wall Panels Are Invaluable To Make Your Office Décor Classy

Thanks to a variety of wall panels available, you can give instant makeovers to your office. Not only all these wall panels amazing for the aesthetic appeal of your office’s interiors, but they’re also the perfect solution to hide ugly looking spots on walls, apart from covering architectural defects in the walls. Whether it is a dirty and grim looking crack in the wall or chipping paint from the wall surface, you do not need to worry about repetitive repairs, as all you need is an installation of the latest decorative veneer panels to overcome these problems. 3D designs, custom designs, wooden textured designs – you ask for it, and you have got it. 

Choose a Good Color Scheme

The color scheme has a lot to do with enhancing the décor and design of your office. The colors often have an impact on the minds of the workforce as they will be spending the majority of their time enclosed with the office with a view of your office walls. So, to enable the creative juices of your employees to flow in their minds, it is important to choose an appropriate color scheme that can make them feel enthusiastic and creative. For more professional look, choose neutral colors such as light yellow, crème and white as well. However, if you are in the creative industry, it is a good idea to make use of bright colors such as red, orange, green and similar. Bright colors can give creative ideas to your workforce thus making their work much more efficient.

Keep Functionality in Mind

Functionality is what that need not to be compromised in any way while you are planning to design an office space which looks attractive. For this, you need to plan thoroughly by understanding every single aspect of architectural features of your interior. Designing an ergonomic setting should be the main aim while designing so that your workforce may have proper space to move around without any discomfort. For this, make sure to choose the furniture style and size as per the availability of space for every single person. 

Choosing Matching and Functional Furniture

The significance of furniture is not limited just up to being an item that offers seating arrangement; rather it has a great contribution in enhancing the overall looks of your office. It can make your office space look visually appealing and resounding. So, selection of the furniture should be done carefully. If you are interested in wooden furniture, add light brown wooden furniture for having a more formal interior created. For a luxurious and casual appeal, dark brown furniture is ideal. 

Storage Space is Essential

Storage space helps to eliminate the clutter from the working desks, thus helping office to look clean and tidy. When talking about its benefits to any individual, it also helps to keep the place organized thus helping to increase efficiency to a great extent. 

Open Spaces are more Functional and Lucrative

Today’s work culture promotes open and flexible workspaces rather than limiting employees to an enclosed surrounding. Open spaces are much appreciated by the employees and employers as well because it helps to boost collaboration among the employees and work collectively with better ideas and efficiency. Besides open spaces also make employees feel a homelike environment where they can comfortably work with more enthusiasm and motivation. If the open office space is designed to be flexible, then it further adds value as well as functionality to the workplace. Because you can conveniently change the appeal of your office indoor time to time to establish a unique environment and thus keep giving it a new look. This keeps the air of freshness blowing in your workplace thus keeping your employees stay interested and engaged.

Latest and Trendsetting Wall Panel Options worth Exploring For OfficesWall panels are a hot new trend in the world of interior design and architecture. Not only are wall panels affordable and easy to install but they also require minimal maintenance and care. The best part about wall panels is that they are available in several different styles, colors and options for you choose from. Every room of your home, commercial space or office can have a different kind of wall panel. Wall panels can truly add vibrancy and color to the surroundings. Today we will discuss the latest and trendsetting options in wall panels for your office:

3D Wall Panels for Your Office Space 

If you are looking out for artsy and creatively designed wall panels that will make heads turn, you want to install the 3D wall panels in your office. The 3D wall panels are designed in a way that makes them look unique and beautifully patterned. Installing these panels on your office walls is as good as installing art on your office walls. Installing the 3D wall panels on your office reception wall is your best bet. Visitors and guests who sit in the waiting area of your office reception will be utterly awed by these fabulous wall panel. 

Wood Plank Wall Tiles 

Let’s be honest, wood has its own rustic yet charming style that always remains evergreen. Installing wood plank wall tiles in your office space is another brilliant way to enhance the surroundings. The wood wall panels make a powerful statement and leave onlookers amazed. The classiness of the wood wall panels makes these products ideal for the CEOs cabin walls, conference rooms walls and so on. These wall cabins are available with an extensive array of carving expressions. You can get dark colored wood panels, tan colored wood panels, grayish colored wood panels and lots more. 

Wainscoting Wall Panels for Your Commercial Space 

Wainscoting panel systems can be used in all kinds of office spaces. You need not worry about whether or not you will be able to match the rest of your office interiors with these wall panels. These wall panels pretty much go with all kinds of interiors. The wainscoting wall panels are simple yet elegant. They are available in uncomplicated design patterns and can be installed in office spaces, hospitals, schools and universities and several other commercial and corporate places. 

Translucent Stone Panels 

The translucent stone wall panels are truly something else. The dramatic colors of these breathtaking panels and unique patterns make them stand out. You can use the translucent wall panels for your office reception area, conference room, pantry and many other places. These panels are available in unusual colors and designs. You can get the panels in light shades of blue, golden yellows, pinks, and many other options. These wall panels are truly statement pieces. They can turn heads and leave visitors and customers absolutely amazed. The translucent stone panels have been designed to withstand all kinds of chemicals without spooking or getting damaged. If you want to make a tranquil and calming walk in your office space, you should definitely opt for these wall panels to help fulfill your goals. 

Stone Wall Panels for Your Office 

Stone wall panels look classy no matter where they are installed. These amazing wall panels can give the surroundings a raw yet elegant vibe. A lot of corporate offices have started opting for stone wall panels for their interior and exterior spaces. The stone wall panels are available in neutral shades and subtle colors. You can get these wall panels in shades of gray, beige and white. Resembling actual stone, the wall panels will enhance the beauty and elegance of your office space. 

Shell Mosaic Wall Tiles for Commercial Spaces

The shell mosaic wall tiles are just what you need to liven up a dull and boring office space. These tiles have a beautiful mother of pearl sheen about them. Available in neutral yet captivating shades, these wall panels can add character and style to any corporate or commercial space. The shell mosaic wall panels can be installed on cabin walls, conference room walls and walls of your office reception. They give the surroundings a very upscale and classy feel. 

Flat 3D PVC Panels 

For those of you looking for something sturdy yet visually attractive, the flat 3D PVC walls are highly recommended. These panels have pretty and artistic 3D designs on them that are extremely captivating and unique. The best part about these wall panels is that they are extremely sturdy and durable and can withstand all kinds of harsh conditions. Typically you can use the 3D wall panels in your office bathroom, pantry, kitchen, and restroom areas. Even when exposed to excessive humidity and moisture, these wall panels will not spoil or deteriorate in condition. The PVC wall panels are available in vibrant and gorgeous colors. From shades of royal purple, olive green, strawberry reds and many more, there is something here for every taste and preference. 

Coconut Wall Panels For Your Office 

The coconut wall panels are completely natural and earthy looking. Available in several different shades of light to dark brown, the coconut wall panels have beautiful designs and patterns on them too. If you are looking to give your office space a natural and outdoorsy vibe, these panels are highly recommended to you. People who love all things nature and nature will fall in love with the beautiful and charming coconut wall panels. 

Concluding Remarks

Installing wall panels is the easiest way to enhance the vibe and up the overall character of your office space. Not only are these wall panels affordable and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also very easy to install. You won’t need to find professional installers to get your job done. The wall panels are available in several different varieties and you will certainly find something that suits your style and preference. Convert your office into the office of your dreams with the help of these fabulous wall panels.

wainscoting panelsNo matter if it is a home or office space, if you are bored with dull walls and want to elevate the space, you can resort to wall paneling. Among all the paneling options, the textured wall panels can deliver you an awesome indoor with their mesmerizing charm and beauty.

Textured wall panels have many varieties

CSI Wall Panels collection includes many variants of textured wall panels. Here are the major ones:

  • Wainscoting Panels: When installing in any commercial or residential interior, they add fresh charm in creating focal points. No matter if it is a boardroom, or a living room, or walkways, these elegant paneling options build up an amazing ambiance. Available in 12 designs and myriad of colors, textures, and styles, these can introduce a dramatic effect in homes and offices to the delight of the guests and customers.
  • Translucent Stone Panels: This captivating paneling option can deliver you an awesome home or office interiors with its majestic beauty and charm. Available in 12 designs, these bespoke wall panels make the interior boosting with elegance and sophistication. Made by combining natural stone veneers with glass substrates, these deliver a stunning visual appeal. Having great resistance to chemicals, these fit well into varieties of indoors making the place illusory and majestic.
  • Shell Mosaic Wall Tiles: Available in 16 designs with varieties of colors and patterns, these decorative wall panels can transform any residential or commercial interiors into a visual masterpiece. Made from decorative materials including natural products, these deliver a stunning wall paneling solution. Regardless of the interior types, these can bring in an immaculate environment.
  • Plastic Wall Panels: When looking for an effective and affordable wall paneling option, these can deliver you the best. Coming in 16 eclectic designs, these can transform your residential and commercial interiors into a vibrant setting. Whether it is an office, or a restaurant, or bar fronts, or study rooms, on an exhibition hall; these inexpensive options can be used for adding a dramatic flair to the place.
  • LED wall Panels:  You can have this bright spectrum paneling options in 12 designs. These let you play with the lighting to create an ambiance that matches your decorating theme. These can be used in spas, nightclubs, restaurants, etc for making the interior glam and sparkle.
  • Veneer Panels: These clean and simple wall panels can immediately transform a dull residential or commercial interior into a cozy and welcoming space. Available in 16 eye-catching designs and featuring architectural details with their natural looks, these wall panels can add a classic touch to the interiors. 
  • Cultured Stone Panels: If you are excited to impart a natural look to your home or office indoors without a fuss of colors, this is the right option for you. Coming in 12 designs and different styles and patterns, these anti-scratch wall panels can communicate the personal style.
  • Coconut Shell Panels: These wall panels add a nice tropical flair to space. No matter, if you are revamping your home or office space, these exotic wall panels brings in a relaxed atmosphere. Available in 16 designs, these chic wall panels can make the interiors smile with a splash of colors.
  • Architectural Resin Panels: Available in 12 designs, these can add color and texture to the home and office interiors. These are made from varieties of materials with polyester, acrylic and copolymer resins and have high impact resistance. No matter if you want to revamp your home, or luxury hotels & restaurants, airport lobbies and shopping malls these deliver a mystic look for charming everyone.
  • 3D Plant Fiber Wall Panels: Whether you are decorating homes or office spaces, these textured wall panels can produce an amazing environment. Made from fiber pulp these can add style and depth to any interior space. Available in 13 attractive designs, these fit well into all types of indoor spaces.

Varieties of core materials used

The collection includes wall panels made from Acrylic, MDF, Gypsum, Plastic, Metals, Bricks, Stones, Leather, Bamboo, Glass, and Wood depending on the design requirements.

These are easily installable

Textured wall panels are available as geometrically shaped tiles. These do not require any special tools for installation. If you have patience, you can go for DIY installation; or can get local technicians for installation.

Hide wall flaws

It is quite likely that the walls of your home and office will develop cracks with aging. These may also have holes and other blemishes as well. Using textured wall panels is a smart choice to hide such wall flaws while up-scaling the interior.

These act as unique acoustic barrier

The textured wall panels have reasonable noise damping capacity. But, you may like to make it completely soundproof for interiors like boardrooms and conference halls. Panels made from acoustic insulation materials can ensure that.

Protects the walls

Other than improving the aesthetics of the commercial or residential indoors, the textured wall panels also offer substantial protection to walls from daily wear and tear.

Cleaning and maintenance are also easy

The textured wall panels need no special care and maintenance and, as such, there is no need to engage professional cleaners for cleaning the same. Dusting with a soft cloth first and then cleaning with a soft wet cloth is enough to keep them glowing.

Provides thermal insulation

Paneling means adding a layer on the walls. This acts as a barrier against inflow and outflow heat, and thus, you get a comfortable atmosphere in your homes and offices. Moreover, being fire resistant, they allow enough reaction time.

There are other uses

Besides paneling walls, the textured wall panels can also be used for upgrading the ceiling.

Why Go  For Modern paneling themes?

Paneling is not for covering the walls. It lets you tell who you are, and what your lifestyle or business theme is. You need not make the paneling gorgeous every time. Your wall paneling options should always complement the business theme. Other than covering walls you may use wall panels to create focal points in the interiors.

A Range of 3D Wall PanelsThe 3D wall panels offer great scope for revamping the dull and drab walls. Whether it is your home or office, such places are always visited by guests and customers. Decorated walls change the look and feel of the indoors and convey your lifestyle and business theme. When your guests see a well-decorated living room, they feel impressed, and for commercial settings, this encourages a continuous flow of customers for improving your bottom lines.

You can use these types

  • Acrylic 3D Wall Panels: These are absolutely light in weight and have very good shine and luster. If you are looking to introduce a clean and contemporary look in your residential and commercial indoors, these 3D wall panels can deliver you the best.  Acrylic wall panels are tough, versatile and can make any interior chic and classy.
  • Faux bricks 3D Wall Panels: These bespoke wall panels are great for creating backgrounds and focal points in the interiors and exteriors as well. They impart a rustic look regardless of place of installation and ensure enough protection besides lifting the look and feel to the next level.
  • MDF 3D Wall Panels: Reconstituted from the medium density fiberboards, these dense, smooth wall panels are great for homes and many commercial complexes including hotels and restaurants. This low-cost paneling option is very light, has a smooth texture and can be painted for improving the looks.
  • Metal 3D Wall panels: Available in exquisite designs and styles, these modular wall panels can impart a simple, but elegant look to residential and commercial interiors. Being strong and attractive, these introduce an elegant vibe in the interior. As these are made from aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc, they keep the walls well-protected for a long time.
  • Plastic 3D Wall panels: These sleek and shiny 3D wall panels can upscale all types of interiors with their bespoke design. Coming in a variety of colors and designs, these lightweight panels can improve the aesthetics while offering great protection.
  • Stone 3D Wall Panels: Mimicking the real stones, these wall panels deliver a sturdy wall that can tolerate harsh weather conditions. These high-end wall panels can be used for both residential and commercial indoors. With their rustic look and unique texture, they add a natural feel.
  • Wood 3D Wall panels: This traditional paneling option is great for adding depth and character to residential and commercial interiors of all types. Coming in varieties of styles and finishes, these can make a dull wall highly inspirational and can also be used for improving decoration of the ceiling or for decorating other ugly surfaces.
  • Gypsum 3D Wall panels: This is a highly functional and popular wall paneling option. These can be used for paneling all residential and commercial interiors except the high impact areas. With their unique design and texture, they enliven the space making a strong visual statement.
  • Leather 3D wall panels: With their wide range of varieties and eye-catching finish these chick wall panels are sure to make any residential or commercial interior look elegant. These make the walls bright and refreshing and give very good noise damping performance.

Many collections to choose from

Besides choosing based on the material, you can also choose from the following collection of 3D wall panels, based on your requirement.

  • Cumulus collection: includes 125 designs
  • Flaps Collection: includes 125 designs
  • Five Senses Collection: includes 33 designs
  • Virtual Plane Screen Collection: includes 16 designs
  • Tactio Collection: includes 11 designs
  • High impression Collection: includes 24 designs
  • Planner Collection: includes 127 designs
  • Green Idea Collection: includes 16 designs
  • Glacier Collection: includes 7 designs
  • Forte Lightweight Concrete Collection: includes 16 designs
  • Chisel Gypsum Collection: includes 9 designs
  • Adventure Panel Collection: includes 10 designs

Other options

As different rooms have different paneling requirements, CSI 3D wall panels also include Outdoor Wall Panels, Living Room Wall Panels, Kitchen Wall Panels and Bathroom Wall Panels. Other than this, choice of panels can also be made based on different types like Wainscoting, Translucent Stone, Shell Mosaic, LED, Coconut, Bamboo, etc.
Places, where you can use these

Being versatile, 3D wall panels can be used almost everywhere including

  • Homes & Offices
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Clubs & Resorts
  • Bars & Casinos
  • Shopping Malls & Multiplexes

There are many functional benefits

While the 3D wall panels are primarily meant for decorating walls, these also have many functional benefits. It is not always possible to construct a new wall in old urban settings for many causes. However, such walls have many flaws like cracks, holes, etc. Aside from providing unique decoration, these also mask such flaws.

These offer thermal insulation
3D wall panels are also very good for providing thermal insulation.  By controlling the inward and outward flow of heat, these help to make the room more comfortable.

These are fire resistant

Most of the modern 3D wall pales are made fireproof. Thus you get enough time to react in case of any unfortunate fire break out.

Prevent moisture ingress

When you cover the walls with 3D wall panels these help to protect the walls from moisture ingress and dampness.

Provide acoustic insulation

3D wall panels have an inherent ability to damp noises. These can also be made totally soundproof by using specially made panels from acoustic insulation materials.

Added benefits

Besides decorating the commercial and residential interiors, 3D wall panels have many other advantages.

  • Other than decorating walls, 3D wall panels are also very good for decorating ceilings and other ugly places.
  • Using 3D wall panels, you can create nice focal points around your fireplace and furniture.
  • Because of the geometric shape, these are easy to install, and cleaning is also easy.
  • These are durable and require onetime investment

How to Take Your Interior Decor to the Next Level with Wall PanelsNo matter if it is a commercial or residential indoor, everyone wants to make it unique and impressive. Our interiors not only depict our taste, but it also tells others about us. When it is a home interior, it reflects our way of living, and the office interiors communicate the quality and class of the business which is vital for enhancing the brand image. Decorating walls is not an easy job. It requires a lot of creativity and imagination. In earlier days, this was done by painting and including other decorative elements. With Introduction of the wall panels, new interior decoration vistas are opened for building up a mesmerizing indoor. 

What are wall panels?

Paneling walls have been a new addition to the modern interior decoration regimen, and there are varieties of reasons for using these decorative elements for revamping interiors of all types. The wall panels are flat boards with definite geometric shapes. These are manufactured for varieties of rigid and semi-rigid materials. Other than improving the indoors, these also serve many functional purposes. 

World of wall panels

There are varieties of 3D wall panels that can be used for paneling the walls of your home and office. These are named based on the core material used in their production. You can use anything that complements your decoration theme.

  • Bamboo wall panel: This is a cost-effective green paneling option. These are light in weight and can deliver a nature-inspired environment in the indoor.
  • Brick wall panel: these are quite strong and suitable for wet areas in the indoor and also for highlighting fireplaces and making focal points.
  • Chipboard panel: Made from wooden chips, this is a cheap wall panel and is available as normal, medium and high-density panels.
  • Fabric panel: This is very soft and delicate. They are also extremely costly. These are mostly used in the interiors of luxury hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.
  • Glass Panel: This is costly, but very strong and sturdy paneling option. They come in various colors and designs. As these panels are manufactured from toughened glass, these are great for homes with kids, showers and other wet areas; mostly used in offices for defining spaces.
  • Gypsum wall panel: This is manufactured from high-quality Gypsum and can be made into any shape. These are also very popular for paneling home and offices, except the places with possible of moisture ingression. These can also be painted, or vinyl coated and creates a magical ambiance with illumination.
  • Leather panel: A very costly option. However, it can turn any interior into regal elegance. Made from leather, this is soft and delicate to maintain; suitable for boardrooms, conference halls, and luxury hotel interiors.
  • MDF panel: These are made using medium density fiber boards. You can paint this for enhancing the look. This cheap option is suitable for both residential and commercial indoors.
  • Metal Panel: Made from Aluminum, copper, steel, etc, this is a costly option and mostly used in commercial indoors and brings in a mesmerizing ambiance, when the metallic luster is combined with right illumination.
  • PVC wall panel: These light, cost-effective panels are made from PVC are ideal for damp walls and wet areas. These can be easily fixed. You can paint and varnish for improving the charm.
  • Stonewall panel: This is fully waterproof and can be used in wet areas and also for creating nice focal points in the interiors.
  • Wood Panel: This traditional decorative element delivers stylish and sophisticated interior environment and also prove good acoustic insulation.

Choosing the character

Regardless of home or business interiors, wall panels must complement the space. There are many styles and designs available in wall panel collection. Depending on your needs you can pick the panels based on material, room, theme, types, and collection. Once this is done, you can add a wow factor to the interiors.

Can be used for a special look

Aside from using the standard panels from their collection you can also take help of CSI architects and designers. They can suitably design a wall panel by AutoCAD for meeting your special requirement. This lets you have a standalone interior.

Wall panels are strong and durable

The 3D wall panels have a long life. Once installed, they stay on the walls for many years giving protection to the walls while making it glorious. 

You should measure the place first

Before you start procuring your wall panels for reinventing the interior decoration, you should have exact measurements of the place for avoiding unnecessary wastage. 

Create reasonably soundproof interior

The architectural resin wall panels are reasonably soundproof. Special panels made from sound insulating materials can be used for making a room totally soundproof.

Other Uses

Other than paneling walls, these can be used for improving the ceilings of homes and offices. 

Added benefits you can enjoy

Using wall panels for uplifting the residential and commercial indoors you can enjoy added advantages besides aesthetics.

  • Enjoy faux arts: With seamless matching of the designs and patterns you can create very good faux art improving the aesthetics.
  • Hide wall flaws:  The interior walls of all urban homes and offices are likely to have cracks, holes, and blemishes for electricity and other utilities. By paneling walls, all these can be concealed.
  • Allow easy installation: Coming in the form of tiles, these can be installed easily within a reasonable time.
  • Easy maintenance: The wall panels are very easy to clean. Given their long-lasting nature, they do not have any maintenance demand.

Why use wall panels

Adding a lease life to the interior walls, 3D wall panels are great for all types of interior decorations. The most interesting feature of these decorative elements is that those can be designed into any pattern and can also be painted.  Other than revamping the entire interior those can also be used for creating focal points. Regardless of the nature of the indoor, these add a new dimension taking the decoration aplomb to the next level.

Wood Plank Wall Panels

A beautiful interior is something that everyone falls for. Whether it is your home or office, a shabby interior can never make people happy.  Spaces coffined by walls full of blemishes make those dull and repulsive. However, people often hesitate to renovate walls because of the cost involved. In such cases decorating the walls is the only alternative. Among the many ways of improving the interior; paneling walls is the most effective method as it delivers an impressive interior. 

The customers and clients frequently visit professional spaces. Only a well-decorated interior can impress them to do business with you and can also make a home look brilliant. 3D wall panels can deliver a pleasant interior and tempt the creative spirit of everyone and build up happy memories for renewing business.

3D wall panels are the most modern decorative element. There are many variants of panels made from different core materials. While all of these panels can add a touch of splendor to the commercial and residential spaces, wooden 3D wall panels can deliver a traditional ambiance adding a wow factor to your setting.

World of wall panels

Wall paneling has been around for many years, and since the earlier days wood has been used for this purpose. Earlier people used to decorate walls with mirrors and art pieces; the modern theme is to panel walls. Although there have been many changes in style and pattern, the idea of wall paneling remained the same. Many improvements have also been affected by design and installation making wall paneling an affordable option.  

Why use wooden 3D wall panels

Although not in the present form, wooden panels date long back in the history of interior decoration. This traditional decorative element is environment-friendly and does not cause any health hazard. In spite of many other options available, the wooden panels have been the most prominent due to its durability and innovative and classy designs. When wooden 3D panels are used in any interior, those deliver a rustic look and infuse a warm vibe in the ambiance.

You can choose from different types

Due to its compatibility with both modern and traditional themes, wooden 3D wall panels have been considered as one of the most popular paneling options for commercial and residential places. These are available in many colors and finishes such as Oak, Rosewood, Teak, Maple, reclaimed, etc for boosting up the interior.

  • Shiplap panels: These informal panels are usually laid horizontally and deliver a cottage inspired interior.
  • Tongue and groove Panels: Delivers a clean and classic look with overlapping joints and can be used for indoors and outdoors.
  • Reclaimed wood Panels: Looking old, these panels add depth and character to space and tell its own story.
  • Board and Batten Panels: These feature real wood panels with board and batten or fake board and batten style created on the wall.
  • Bead-board panels: Another form of Tongue and Groove panel with beaded board planks.
  • Flat panels: These feature lines and baseboard and deliver a luxurious look to the interior.
  • Raised Panels: These belong to the traditional wainscoting style and features beveled edges. Usually applied up to the midway of the wall.

The other paneling options available

Paneling options are usually named based on the core materials used, and there are a plethora of panels other than the wooden 3D wall panels.

  • Acrylic wall panels
  • Bamboo Wall Panels
  • Brick Wall Panels
  • Fabric Wall Panels
  • Glass Wall Panels
  • Gypsum Wall Panels
  • Leather Wall Panels
  • Metal Wall Panels
  • MDF Wall Panels
  • Plastic Wall Panels
  • Stone Wall Panels

Advantages of using wooden panels

Since long, wood and has been synonymous with luxury and elegance. This is also the craziest and warm decorating element for both home and offices.  Each plank includes visible knots and grains for adding definition to space. Available in wide varieties of finishes and styles, these can jazz up the interiors in a jiffy. The major advantage of using wooden 3D wall panels is that these provide a cosmetic solution to residential and commercial interiors in cost-effective ways. No matter if you are opting for a modern or traditional setting, the wooden panels can provide the best paneling option. These are available with the bespoke modular arrangement and are great for creating a focal point or covering the long walls.

Wooden Panels deliver acoustic insulation

When decorating commercial places like auditoriums, meeting rooms, classrooms, libraries, etc, it is essential to make the place soundproof. Wood is a natural reflector and absorber of sound. Covering walls and the ceiling of a room with wooden 3D wall panels help to build a very effective acoustic wall. The wooden panels prevent leakage of sound and due to reflection, it stays in the room.

Conceal wall flaws

Whether you are out for revamping an existing home space or a busy commercial setting, old walls always have ugly features like cracks, holes, exposed wirings, etc which cannot be covered up by painting. The wooden 3D wall panels are great for hiding such wall flaws while making space bright, glamorous and impressive.

Acts a natural insulator

Wood being good thermal and electrical insulator, it provides automatic insulation to the walls while you clad those with wooden 3D wall panels.

Delivers a sturdy cladding 

Wood plank wall tiles are very strong, sturdy and durable. As such, 3D wall panels made of wooden planks do not suffer from damages and dents very easily. Thus, you get long-lasting wall protection. 

Easy installation

Another positive feature of the 3D wall panels made of wooden planks is that these can be installed very easily. You need not pay huge sums; the local carpenters can fix it easily.

Can be maintained easily

Maintenance of wooden 3D wall panels is also effortless. You can dust it with a cloth and can clean using soap.

Does not make holes in the pocket

These are reasonably priced and, therefore wallet friendly.

custom 3d wall panelsNo one is required to be an architect or engineer to feel that space is lacking something. Whether it is your home or office just a look around is enough to sense that something is not right with the interior. No one likes vacant walls, as those make the space dull and evokes a repulsive feeling. Adorning the walls is the best way to making a place cozy and comfy. This was earlier done by painting or hanging art pieces. However, the latest trend is to use 3D wall panels for embellishing residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. These add and aura of elegance and sophistication and make people happy.

With their impressive designs, the 3D wall panels can transform any place into a bright and glamorous setting. No matter if you cover the entire wall or simply add accents for creating a focal point, these panels can add depth and color to any residential and commercial space. While there are many brands of wall panels, there are reasons to opt for CSI products. 

1. CSI offers high tech panel options

CSI happens to be a leading manufacturer of 3D wall panels. Although talking about wall panels one first think of wood, CSI panels are made from different types of core materials with various designs and finish meeting every wall paneling needs. These panels are made with bespoke precision so that the users do not face any installation hassles. CSI provide customized paneling solution to complement a wide range of decorating themes. Their creative professionals also provide turnkey solution when approached by the buyers.

2. Varieties of wall panel options available

Major varieties of CSI 3D wall panels include:

  • Acrylic Wall Panels: Available in many shades and designs these let you explore your creativity for building a contemporary ambiance. These are very light, yet strong. This cost effective option is suitable for large walls and wet areas as well.
  • Brick Wall Panels: Bricks are around for long, as construction material. Brick wall panels offer a nice protective and decorative option. These are great for exterior paneling and also for creating a focal point in the interior.
  • Glass Wall panels: Such panels are manufactured from toughened glass, making these ideal for home with kids. These are also used for commercial paneling and for defining spaces as well.
  • Gypsum Wall Panels: You can shape these into any form and texture and can also paint for more beautification. These are heavier and strong but can be easily fixed. When completed, these deliver magical ambiance with lighting.
  • Leather Wall Panels: This is a delicate paneling option for adorning residential and commercial interiors. Available in wide range of shades, textures and patterns, these add an aura of elegance and luxury to the interior.
  • MDF Wall panels: Such decorative panels are made using Medium Density Fiber Boards and have gained great popularity in wall paneling. These are available in wide range of colors, designs and are extremely flexible.
  • Metal Wall panels: Manufactured from a wide range of metals like aluminum, copper, steel and zinc, these wall panels ensure long life and total protection of the walls. Being a costly option, these are mostly used in commercial spaces.
  • Stone wall panels: These are ideal when you want to change the decoration by adding small accessories. These are great for paneling of exterior and wet areas and deliver a nice rustic look besides protecting the walls.
  • Wood Wall panels: Wood being one of the coziest decorating elements since long, these panels stand for luxury and elegance in a traditional way. Available in wide range of tones, these uplift the character of the interior.

3. Plethora of collections to adorn walls

CSI offers a wide range of bespoke custom 3D wall panels collections to meet the varying paneling needs:

  • Five Senses Collection: Ideal for continuous paneling of large commercial walls.
  • Virtual Plane Screen Collection: Great for using as room divider panels, and wall coverings.
  • Tactio Collection: These have high sound absorbing capacity and are class ‘A’ fire rated.
  • High Impression collection: Great for paneling ceilings for noise reduction and control light reflectance.
  • Planner Collection: Coming with definite geometric patterns, these deliver a unique paneling experience.
  • Green Idea Collection: Being a combination of MDF and replicated greens, these are great to introduce a piece of nature into a setting.
  • Glacier collection: These luminous paneling options can deliver a spectacular display of lighting.
  • Adventure panel collections: These are ideal when you have a story to tell and are available with different painted adventures.

4. Offer customization to match character of the space

Decoration means playing with your creativity and imagination. If you like to go beyond the limit of the standard 3D wall panels, CSI has options to supply personalized panels to make the space one-of-a-kind.  Such panels will complement your decoration theme and take the place to the next level.

5. Shopping is also easy

CSI offers various shopping options for 3D wall panels. You can shop those based on collection, theme, market, material, room, and type.

Here are some facts about wall panels that you should know. 

Offers long-lasting solution

3D wall panels are quite durable. Once installed, these can remain undamaged and continue to deliver their charm for years together.

Mask wall flaws

Walls of all old residential and commercial spaces are likely to be full of blemishes like holes, cracks etc, repairing of which involve high cost. 3D wall panels hide all such flaws while adorning the walls.

You can bid farewell to maintenance

Maintaining 3D wall panels is also very easy. You can dust these with a soft cloth and clean with soapy water.

No installation hassles

Being light in weight and coming in bespoke modular designs, CSI Wall Panels are very easy to install. Many variants are also available with installation offer.

Wallet-friendly solution

These are reasonably priced. As these do not involve any maintenance cost, these do not make a hole in the pocket.

3D Wall Panels That Transform Your Personal and Commercial SpacesAny commercial space is meant for frequent visits by customers, clients, and visitors. A professional space confined by blank walls delivers a boring look, and it is sure to give cold feet to your business. For jazzing up the business, the space should be impressive so that a nice buzz is created. Same is the case with residential apartments. Living in the society, people invite friends and acquaintances to their homes, and that is why everyone looks for a pleasant home so that the guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Paneling walls provide a unique decor solution. No matter if you want to design the entire wall or add accent to it, the 3D wall panels can add an aura of elegance making your personal and commercial spaces look bright and attractive. 

Why panel walls

Decorating walls of any personal or commercial space with 3D wall panels can bring a new life to space with reasonable cost and little effort. These unique panels are paintable and can be formed into any textured design for making the space appealing. Moreover, these are also available in a wide range of variants to match your decor theme. Using the decorative 3d wall panels, you can make your place full of magnificent illusions with stunning walls and create a new perception of interior decoration. No matter if you use the 3D wall panels for revamping your personal or commercial space, these let you enjoy a special vibe in the space. Available in a plethora of varieties, these are great for adding depth and color to your home or office.

Things to consider while looking for 3D wall panels

3D wall panels are the most modern and trendy options for decorating walls and do not require any additional processing after installation. Other than uplifting the aesthetics of the space, these also perform some practical tasks. While opting to use these, you must consider the followings:

  • Manufacturer: Established brands are always better than the counterfeit products.
  • Eco-friendliness: Panels made from the eco-friendly material are safe for health.
  • Inflammability: This determines the fire safety factor.
  • Weight: Although, weight depends on the size; light but sturdy panels offer a best decorating solution.
  • Surface quality: Should be smooth, shiny and spotless.

Where the 3D wall panels can be used

3D wall panels are great for amplifying the beauty of the residential and commercial spaces. You can use these panels for revamping your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and shower for home uses. No matter if you want to decorate an office, restaurant, hotel, or any other commercial spaces, these can be included in the settings for making the space sophisticated and elegant.

There are many options to choose from

The 3D wall panels are classified based on the core materials used.

  • Bamboo Panels: An environment-friendly cheap option that lets you have a piece of nature in the interior.
  • MDF Panels: This is also a cheap option made by using medium density fiber boards. These can be painted for an enhancing the overall appearance.
  • Gypsum Wall Panels: These enjoy great popularity for both home and commercial uses and deliver a beautiful ambiance with illumination.
  • Wood Panels: These are great for imparting a traditional and elegant look to your personal and commercial spaces.
  • PVC Panels: Made from plastic, these trendy panels are light, but quite strong and can be fixed to the walls easily. These can be veneered or painted for making those more charming.
  • Glass Panels: Manufactured from toughened glass, these costly wall panels are great for a home with kids, and can also be used in commercial settings for paneling and defining spaces.
  • Metal Panels: Made of steel, aluminum, copper, etc., this costly paneling option is used mostly in commercial spaces and can also be used in homes for decorating living rooms.
  • Stone Panel: Mostly made from marbles, these are waterproof and a fire retardant; great for use in the wet areas.

Installation is very easy

The simple installation process is one of the major reasons of great popularity of the 3D wall panels. These come in definite geometric shapes with points of attachment marked or grooved by the manufacturer. You do not need skilled professionals for paneling walls. If you are not comfortable with DIY installation, the local technician can do the job for you.

Cleaning and maintenance is also very easy

Taking care of the 3D wall panels is very easy. Unlike the brick walls, the wall panels do not require repairing and constant care. You can clean these easily with a soft cloth for making those shining.

Cover up all wall flaws

Revamping an old home or office space is more difficult than decorating a new setup. Old walls are always found to have cracks, holes and other blemishes due electrical wearing and pipelines.  Paneling walls hide all such wall flaws besides adding to the decoration of the space.

3D wall panels provide affordable decorating option

The 3D wall panels are great for decorating both personal and commercial spaces. These are reasonably priced and do not require any other maintenance cost and thus offer cost-effective decoration. 

Ensures fire safety

3D wall panels are made fire resistant. These have self-extinguishing properties and prevent the spreading of flame. Thus, the user gets enough time to react. 

Can be made soundproof 

Most of the 3D wall panels are soundproof. Sound proofing property can be further enhanced by adding fiber and plasterboards.

Customization is possible

Different residential and commercial spaces have different decor requirements. As successful paneling depends on complementing the decor theme, you can customize the wall panels to suit your specific needs.

Other uses of 3D wall panels

Aside from covering walls, the decorative 3d wall panels can also be used for creating a focal point in the home or offices and can also be used for decorating the ceilings as well.

Contemporary Modular Wall Panel Designs from CSI Wall Panels Are the Real DealNeed some contemporary creative work done on your interior walls? Well, innovative modular design with specialized framing systems is the main feature of all kinds of turnkey wall panel systems offered by CSI. Along with residential owners, these modular panels are widely used by medical, retail, commercial and educational markets. They not only enhance your interior space amazingly but also offer a cost-effective and easy alternative to artful products or constructive decorations. Below are a few of the major features offered by CSI Wall Panels.

  • Bespoke framing attachment system, molding, trims and precision fit walls.
  • Their durable designs are resistant to stains, water as well as chemicals
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Modular design with extreme flexibility with an unlimited range of panel sizes, material, patterns and more.
  • Highly functional designs
  • Made from recycled raw material and thus bring you a renewable design
  • All designs are certified from Greenguard, LEED®, FSC® and more.
  • Ideal solution for renovations as well as new constructions.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Any demolition is not required to install these wall panels.
  • Cost-effective

Exotic Themes in CSI Wall Panels

All the CSI wall panels are based on certain theme ideas. Each of these themes consists of multiple wall panel designs. You can choose the design, size, color, and pattern of your choice as per your suitability.

Farmhouse Wall Panel Theme

CSI farmhouse theme consists of 6 different designs that showcase authentic country sensibility consisting of wooden finished, metal accents and symmetrical motifs. The complete range consists of MDF wall panel collection featuring modern contemporary modular designs suitable for homes, hospitals, retails, education and more commercial spaces. The extensive array of carving treatments and expressions helps to give a resounding appearance to your interior.

Bauhaus with 5 Unique Designs

Bauhaus wall panel theme features simplicity in style. All its five designs reflect clean lines combined with functional practicability. The designs mainly consist of steel and glass work. This range carries wood and MDF panel collection that is considered to be perfect for offering continuous cover to the walls. You can choose from 140 stock designs along with the option to custom design your wall panel system the way that suits your place perfectly. If you are planning renovations or in the process of constructing a new building, you can consider installing these wall panels for enhanced functionality and appeal.

Mediterranean Inspired Theme

It is a wonderful and classic Mediterranean inspired wall panel theme that features stone, arched architectural elements and a combination of warm stucco. This theme has 5 different design all are inspired from romantic Spanish and Italian architecture reflecting the seaside lifestyle. These kinds of wall panels keep your mind fresh and energized by offering a soothing interior all around. Their application range from but not limited to residential spaces, retail, hospitals, commercial offices, educational buildings and many more. Choose from required designs and patterns and make your space look exotic.

High Tech Wall Panel Theme

High Tech wall paneling offers modern architectural style that emerged in 1970s. These panels feature sleek design that reflect the beauty of modern trends. It show an amazing connection between modernization and post modernization trends. This theme brings high tech features and technology to the interior through its multiple design options. This range consists of extensive metal expression array. All the wall panels design under this theme are suitable for different residential and commercial applications. Their exciting renewable designs can help you to create a fascinating interior space that can keep your guests mesmerized.

Urban Wall Paneling Theme with 6 Designs

CSI offers 6 exciting and stunning designs in urban wall panel theme that through monochromatic hues, reflect the city dwelling lifestyle. These wall panels consist of imperfect wooden beams, high ceilings and concrete bases that make these outstanding wall decor products. These products are considered to be ideal for visual transitional and mixed-use spaces. These panels can be installed over any kind of surfaces including finished drywall, CMU cinder block, wall coverings, tiles, plaster, and more surfaces. Their market includes mainly retail and commercial. You can save your big bucks as no demolition is requires with these paneling systems.

Nautilus Wall Panel Theme

Nautilus is another theme utilizing which a large number of designs are introduced by CSI. This theme has been inherited from Gothic era and showcases the excellent industrial style. CSI offers 6 different decorative wall panel designs based on this theme. All the designs are eco-friendly and sustainable and don't contribute to the environmental pollution. These designs and styles are based on the time of 1800s. The most key features of this theme are rustic appeal, organic embellishments, exposed rivets, textured steel walls and ornate bronze details. All the 3D wall panels inspired from this theme make an outstanding style statement and can enhance the grace of any indoor settings.

Why Use CSI Wall Panels?

CSI wall panels come with the assurance of high-end manufacturing and design procedure utilization. The team of CSI does not end up with supplying you the required type of wall panel for your space, but also makes sure that these are installed properly in your space. The design experts at CSI can guide you in choosing the most suited solution for your walls thus helping you enhance your space the best way. The key benefits of CSI Wall Panels are listed below:

  • The key advantage of these is that they not at all require any demolition or construction work.
  • They consist of easy and quick installation work. The installation work with most of the wall panels ends up with screwdrivers, certain light chemical, etc.
  • CSI Wall Panels are highly cost-effective than any other kind of brick and mortar work required to make the place upgraded.
  • You can choose from numerous stock designs as per your interest or can also get a custom panel design created for your special needs.

wall panelsWondering how to upgrade the looks of your walls? Well, this is not a difficult question anymore as there is an innovative solution available on the market that helps you dress up your walls perfectly. These innovative and eco-friendly solutions are 3D wall panels. These panels can make your walls pop out and enhance the grace of your interior amazingly. No matter what settings your interior has, you can have the most suitable and desired solution for your home or office. You can dress up your walls in a wide variety of patterns. You can choose the patterns of your choice to decorate your place the unique way.

3D Wall Panels from CSI Wall Panels

CSI Wall Panels is a renowned name in this industry offering innovative and excellent quality turnkey wall panels using modular design. Their range features engineered framing system that is being widely used by commercial, medical, retail and similar markets. The modular, flexible and durable design of wall panels from CSI results in a solid, beautiful and functional makeover of your walls. There is a wide variety of wall panels to choose from depending upon the design patterns, textures as well as the material. All these are capable to transform your interior space effectively.

Types of Panels from CSI Wall Panels

There are various kinds of decorative wall panels offered by CSI each differs from the type of material utilized. Below are some of the most popular kinds of panels that can be utilized for any indoor settings.

Leather Wall Panels

Leather material utilization is not just limited up to certain fashion accessories or similar, but its rich appearance and bold texture have made it suitable for wall paneling as well. Leather wall panels from CSI has the caliber to add extra warmth and dimensions to your space thus making it more exciting and stylish. Leather wall panels are available in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and fashionable designs. These can add exciting energy to any commercial or residential spaces. These are ideal for bed background, living room walls, cinema, hotel decoration, nightclub walls, restaurant, theater, retail stores, office space or beauty salons.

Gypsum Wall Panels

CSI has a highly functional, versatile and unique selection of Gypsum wall panels for your interior walls. If you want your space to make a big visual statement, Gypsum 3D wall paneling is a perfect solution for you. Gypsum is a highly durable and high-quality material and thus brings rich texture and quality looks to your interior space. The wall panels made up of gypsum are well known to bring appeal and interest to your residential or commercial space. These are also known as drywall, plasterboards or wallboards. These are manufactured using gypsum cores to bring clean looks along with effectiveness.

Wood Wall Paneling

Wood is the most preferred material for wall panels that is being utilized for years. Wood wall panels offer a smooth, textured and appealing look to complete indoor settings enhancing the space amazingly. The wood wall panels designed by CSI are manufactured using high-quality wood giving you a solid solution for your walls. With these wood panels, you need not to spend money on any decorative material or artful products, as you can choose from distinctive design and patterns among all wood panels. You can even enhance these panels with high-quality textured prints of your choice. So, for exotic interior looks, get these wood panels installed on your walls.

Stone Wall Panels

Stone wall panels are designed for high-quality material and replicate the looks of real stone thus making your interior walls stunning and sturdy for all kinds of weather conditions. CSI stone wall panels are available in 15 unique designs and are suitable for different commercial as well as residential applications. You can find stone panels in varying textures and finishing styles all designed to make your space a unique and exciting setting. These are extremely easy to install and are lightweight. Some of the panels only require screwdriver based installation work. These wall panels are designed to increase the value of your property with their chic and appealing look and style.

Steel Decorative Wall Panels

Backed up with easy installation and stunning looks, CSI steel wall panels are designed to reflect a lively and approachable side of your indoor space. These are manufactured using stainless steel and can upgrade your space in a budget-friendly manner. Whether you want to lift the existing looks of your walls or want to hide unwanted things like wiring, cracks, etc. On your wall, these are perfect for all your needs. The amazing contemporary design of these wall panels helps to add life to your walls and rejuvenate the looks of your walls interestingly. You can choose from distinct colors, styles, textures, and patterns and make your walls look fascinating.

Plastic 3D Wall Panels

Plastic wall panels are among the most versatile, functional and durable paneling solutions offered by CSI. These are amongst most popular contemporary style panels that give you the real feel of 21 century. If you are finding a way to decorate your commercial or residential settings in sleek and trendy manner, plastic paneling is the perfect choice for you. These offer you an affordable and great option with which you can bring chic style to your settings enhancing your place the best way. These are perfectly ideal for hospitals, commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels as well as residential spaces.

In addition to all the above listed 3d wall paneling, there are many more wonderful, cost-effective and efficient wall panel options available such as MDF wall panels, metal wall panels, brick wall paneling and acrylic wall panels. All these panel options come in a wide variety of styles that you can choose as per your preferences.

Stone Wall PanelsA well-maintained office in terms of cleanliness and décor says a lot about its efficiency. That being said, décor can be confusing sometimes, which is why most people hire interior designers to deck their office the right way. Whether that’s the case for you or not, you can definitely revamp your office décor just by changing one thing instead of ordering new furniture, carpets and what not. That’s where CSIWallPanels come in. The 3D wall panels offered here helps create a completely new look, to which you can choose to add or not new accessories to get a complete revamped office space.   

Why your concrete office walls need 3D wall panels

  • Expense - With minimal cost and effort, 3D wall panels offer a great display to admire for a really long time. This means that they will last long and won’t seem boring either. Since they can be shaped and colored to suit your already existing décor in case you decide not to change it, all you need to pay for are the three-dimensional wall panels. 2D is no more fun, 3D wall panels give you a completely different perspective by bringing in a fresh change to your office space.
  • Flawless walls - Those cracks and paints wearing off are in no way appealing to your clients, customers, and staff. So, why stick to the same old ways when you can make a onetime investment and have a gorgeous setting at work? The 3D wall panels have mastered the art of hiding flaws on the walls like no other paint or wallpaper has.
  • Interesting view - What could be worse than bad walls? A dull work environment! When you decide to bring in an elegant vibrancy at work with the wall panels here, you not only upgrade the décor but create a better working environment by giving your employees a fresh set of interior that looks great. Nobody wants sulking employees staring at boring walls at work or customers either; decorative wall panels can rectify walls and moods for that matter.
  • Different panels for different areas - Why just stick to the lobby or cabin space of your office when you can have all of the walls decked up with beautiful 3D wall panels. Having a chic clean washroom with the perfect 3D wall panels using water resistant PVC might just be the revamp your office needs. Customizations of 3D wall panels help add a great personalized touch which may include anything starting from images, quotes to various accessories.

Types of 3D wall panels to adorn your office walls with

A whole new array of wall panels exists when it comes to the 3D version, bamboo, PVC, leather, metal etc. You can choose from any of the basic design, shape, and color and have it installed in no time. But wait, your options don’t just end here, it’s only the beginning. You can now have these wall panels completely customized to suit the material, shape, color, and size of your need. 

How to pick the right kind of 3D wall panels for your office

Visualize- Is your office more of a formal ground for meeting clients and having a strict professional business or an artsy studio for creative minds to feel relaxed and pour out their best creative juices? In case it’s the former, you’d expect something chic with a regular patterned design like metal or PVC or wooden 3D wall panels but in case it’s the latter you might wish to have an acrylic vibrant 3D wall panel installed. This totally depends on the kind of business you are in or the services that you provide or the kind of clients and staff you meet on a daily basis, so choose wisely. 

Count your coins - Unless you want to go all in for your renovation or fresh installation of 3D wall panels on the newly built walls, it might be a good idea to have a budget. Check out all the options you have within your vision of the ultimate office décor and go for the ones that suit your idea of the décor while making sure it’s within your budget. Although unlike all other wall decors 3D wall panels is almost a one-time investment because of their durability unless you wish to change it every one year or so. 

Accessory checklist - Make sure to tick off all your accessories needs before you have the wall panels installed. At CSI you can speak to an architect to talk about what kinds of accessories you’re planning to have installed either through the wall panels or hung on it. This is extremely important, especially for cabins with shelves on the wall and washrooms with toiletry cabinets. This ensures that your 3D wall panels have been acutely structured and installed to have these accessories in place without having any difficulties with the measurements.  

Types of Popular office 3D wall panels

You can change your OOTDs at any point in time but that’s not the case with 3D wall panels which is why you need to ask yourself if you’d like to keep up with the recent trends or set a trend with your statement, customized office 3D wall panels. Take a look at what’s trending now:

Bamboo wall panels: With the precisely cut shapes, these wall panels sure do make a great 3D effect. They don’t easily fade and are eco-friendly while the pale green brings in a natural vibe into the office. This is why a lot of offices love these wall panels to have a soothing effect every time you catch a glimpse. 

Stone Wall Panels: Rough to touch, these are a great way no doubt to ring in a medieval vibe while keeping t chic. This has been a popular choice from the start for their easy maintenance.

Metal 3D wall panels: Shiny, sometimes bright or maybe not depending on your choice of color, these are extremely durable and known to last long and generally have smooth edges to avoid mishaps from sharp edges.

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to 3D wall panels, textured gypsum wall panels which makes them a preferred choice for interior designers and architects. So go ahead and choose what works best for your office revamp.

office 3d wall panelsPublic landscapes tend to be classy and attractive and they look to impress every visitor with its charm. While designing a public landscape, you need to put the absolute best to use and build the landscape that goes with the purpose of the place. For example, while designing the landscape at a hotel or restaurant, it should revolve around the idea of food and look classy as well.

Walls and landscapes

Any landscape is incomplete without the walls and you have to keep the walls in mind while panning any design as furniture may give the desired effect in any landscape but without the walls, it will not have the desired finish. But you need not worry as there are smarter ways to convert your normal looking walls into stunning designer ones which can go with classy landscapes.

Wall panels- designer walls

Wall panels are repetitive coverings which can transform any normal boring wall into the desired colorful one. It has a number of other functions and unlike paints; it gives more advantages and also more durable. You can use them on any wall to convert into a stunning classy landscape effortlessly. A modern version of the wall panels, the 3D wall panels, serves better than the normal ones.

What are 3D wall panels exactly?

You must be wondering what the revolutionary modern wall designing technique is. Well, it is a wall panel with a repetitive 3D pattern on it which makes it more appealing to the viewers and also gives a classy look with lights due to the mesmerizing pattern of shadows. Due to the 3D patterns, it gives a bigger appearance to the room.

Advantages of 3D wall panels

  • Protective- who said walls don’t need protection? 3D wall panels cover the walls like a shield and protect them from moisture, splashes, and other harmful agents increasing its durability.
  • Unmatched elegance- talk about a classy landscape at any plush building or restaurant, the 3D wall panels cover almost all designs and give unmatched beauty to leave the visitors stunned.
  • Hide faults- if there are any faults in your wall surface, the 3D wall panels will convert it to stunning beauty.
  • Bigger appearance- the 3D pattern makes space look bigger than the original. Very useful in hotels, restaurants, and bars.
  • A wide range of designs- you may pick your 3D wall panels for any theme as the list of w3D wall panel designs are never-ending. You can go for colorful designs to give your visitors a warm welcome or keep a low key and go for lighter shades. 

So these advantages make the 3D wall panels ideal for almost every wall. No matter what design or what landscape you are trying to create, they will come handy in every situation. They are useful for outdoor as well as indoor walls. The outdoor variety solves purposes like waterproofing, dust resistant, etc. while the indoor variety spreads beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

Where can you use it?

The amazing 3D wall panels are perfect for use in any public buildings. They are widely used in the following places:

  • Restaurants and bars.
  • Hotels.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Hospitals.
  • Offices and government buildings.
  • Corporate sector.

Apart from these, you may use it anywhere else to greet your visitors and give them a perfect ambiance.

Picking the right 3D wall panels

As there are a lot of options, you may find it confusing to pick the right one for your landscape. Let’s keep it simple and sort the vast choice of wavy wall panels on basis of your place of application. 


For outdoor application, you need to find panels which can protect your walls against moisture, winds, water splashes, sunlight, etc. and also maintain the glow and brighten your walls as well. For such applications, 3D stone wall panels or cultured stone wall panels will serve perfectly as they have an ancient touch along with the vivid appearance which makes them look attractive. 

The MDF or gypsum wall panels may also give the perfect touch, but their use depends on the wall which they are used in. You may want to invest in shell mosaic wall panels or fiber wall panels depending on their requirement.


Almost all wall panels are suitable for indoor applications depending on the room where they are used in. Usually, indoor wall panels can be more colorful and reflective of the subject of the landscape as the beauty will increase a lot more under the application of light. Here are some of the 3D wall panel choices based on the landscapes.

Bars and restaurants

The LED wall panels will go well with the theme of bars and restaurants as they set up the ambiance for visitors. You can go for some unique touch by using translucent stone panels or coconut panels or wall leather panels. But in case you need a colorful environment, go for the acrylic panels.


The hotel’s rooms can get an amazing transition by using the PVC, stone, leather, gypsum, wainscoting, or wooden 3D wall panels. They will not only give unmatched beauty but also make the room space look bigger. The kitchens can get metal or brick 3D wall panels for protecting the walls from oil splashes. 

Special advice

  • The 3D wall panels are amazingly versatile and you can go on experimenting and trying new designs before making the final choice. 
  • All the wall panels have certain characteristics based on their parent material. Note them carefully before picking the suitable one.
  • Using different panels on different walls of the same room can be a cool idea. Pick the correct combination first.
  • Use furniture that goes with the 3D wall panels for the best outcome.

A Blessing for Corporate offices

Corporate offices can get a complete classy and attractive makeover by using the 3D wall panels to keep the landscape tidy and charming. Wooden, gypsum, bamboo or MDF 3D wall panels will be suitable while you can go for further options also based on the place where you are applying or the landscape you want to set up.

What Makes 3D Wall Panels Such Buzzmakers in the World of DecorLife in 3D is more fun than 2D right? Same goes for your wall décor. Among many other valid reasons what makes 3D wall panels popular for revamping modern homes is their ability to break the monotonicity of the same patterns day in and day out. This happens as their 3D texture can have a play of light and shadows as the day passes and night comes along in case of natural light. Let’s take a quick look as to why these wall panels have achieved new heights of popularity in recent times.

The diverse, eccentric nature

Wall panels have been the epitome of home décor for a long time varying in colors and patterns, but the 3D wall panels are way ahead of the ordinary ones. The varying range of 3D art on wall panels is because of the basic difference in material. Some great options among these variations for home and office décor are:

  • Metal 3D Wall Panels - Shiny by nature, these metal wall panels apart from being durable are great for reflecting light. This makes them look extremely bright and with the right type of light in the room can do wonders for your wall décor.
  • Stone 3D Wall Panels - With their greatest down to earth look, this natural setup can create a great ambiance for office and home alike. A lot of commercial setups like hotels and malls have adapted to this kind of décor in recent years to revamp their look.
  • Gypsum 3D Wall Panels - The ability to be cast into shapes and sizes of one’s desire is what makes gypsum a very popular wall art panel option. They are extremely versatile by nature and when rightly structured look great and lasts long.
  • Brick 3D Wall Panels - For a chic yet rustic look brick has been in use for 3D wall panel art among interior designers. The rough surface gives an incomplete wall look which is a great trendsetter at present.
  • Acrylic 3D Wall Panels - Apart from the elegant, rustic and natural look, 3D wall art also offer vibrant and fun party look through acrylic wall décors. 

Unaffordability is a hoax

You might be under the false impression that 3D wall arts cost way more than the generalized versions. That is not the case. Along with the wide range of option regarding material, shape and type comes cost as well. If you take a look at the right marketplace you will find something or the other in 3D wall panels that would suffice your desires for renovation and be budget friendly as well. People fond of decorative wall panels know this for a fact and cut down on hiring interior designers and either go for a DIY or contact the supplier directly for suggestions, so if this is your first time take a look around and you will find great options that suits your needs perfectly as well.

Durability and Longevity

In general most if not all 3D wall panels are water resistant and do not fade with time. Durable because of the strong material they are built from, this is one of the major reasons why interior designers insist on getting 3D wall art for a revamped look. 

Makeup for your flawed walls

Cracks in the walls don’t look very appealing to your clients or guests when they come over, do they? 3D Wall Panels are basically what makeup does to your face. They are extremely efficient in hiding all the wrinkles on the walls and lasts way longer than makeup or wallpaper in this case. 

Limitless creativity

  • For Washrooms and Kitchen- Hands down PVC has by far been the best option for 3D wall panels in Washrooms and Kitchen. Where water spillage is a common occurrence, PVC panels work great. They are extremely elegant and diverse in nature in terms of colors, patterns and their water-resistant features make them the perfect fit for kitchens and washrooms.
  • For Living rooms and Lobbies- Something unique but bold and elegant is what makes 3D wall panels are great option for wall décor in hotel and office lobbies and living rooms as well. As this is the place with most people at any given working hours, this has to be most eye-catching. Gastro pubs and restaurants have a recent trend of setting up brick 3D wall panels while hotel lobbies go for Metal 3D Wall panels for a shiny look. If you’re hoping to revamp your living room space you can checkout bamboo 3D wall panel options as well, they are eco-friendly and don’t fade with exposure to natural light.
  • For Bedrooms and Suites- 3D stone wall panels have been a classic choice for revamping bedroom and suites in hotels. It blends well with the modern décor. With the perfect cove lights the simple rustic patterns of stone wall panels look extremely bold while not being too heavy to steal attention from the rest of the décor in the room. 

And these are just some of the options when it comes to 3D wall panels there’s plenty more for you to experiment with. 

What’s the hype?

You might have noticed the recent trend of 3D wall panels being used everywhere you set your eyes upon, in offices, malls, theme parks or may be a friend’s house. This has been made possible by architects and interior designers who tend to go for these types of wall panels for their durability, longevity, versatility but most of all the saving of big bucks in the long runs for their clients. Generally when you stick to 2D wall panels they are just stuck with changing from pastel décor to vibrant or from traditional to modern with a single type of wall panel. This option of revamping your space increases tenfold with 3D wall art which is because of the texture that offers a great play of light and shadows that can change time to time with different light settings.  This is what makes these babies the best option is the market at present for getting rid of the same old remodeling.

3D Wall Panels – Bringing in Unmatched Style to Home DecorHome decor style is constantly changing with time. In earlier days people used to decorate rooms by painting the walls, adding furniture, hanging mirrors and pieces of arts on the wall. Although these had limitations, people of the old days were happy with that because they could not think of the walls as something beyond confining the space. There is a radical change in concept now, and the walls are considered as a large canvas that have the power of making a home live and attractive to the guests and visitors. Among different ways of revamping the walls, paneling walls became the most prominent and with the advent of textured 3D wall panels, home decor has reached the pinnacle of interior decoration.

But what are 3D wall panels?

3D wall panels are a revolutionary decorative element. It is the best source to make your home walls live and attractive. These are geometrically shaped boards and tiles, made from different semi-rigid and rigid substances. There are many types, each having a unique color, pattern, and texture for imparting an exotic appearance to your home. 3D wall panels are the greatest source of interior decoration and also fulfill many functional requirements, other than simply covering the walls.

Why style with 3D wall panels?

Decorating the home is all about transforming dreams into reality. Large numbers of 3D wall panels are available. With the attractive designs of the 3D wall panels, embellishing a wall becomes absolutely easy. Paneling walls shows your taste and also depicts your lifestyle. Adorning walls with 3d Wall panel brings in unmatched style and guarantees protection.

3D Wall panel spectrum

World of 3D wall panels is vast. With improvement in home decor themes, and growing demands, many types of 3D wall panels are now used for home decoration. These are named based on the material from which they are manufactured.

  • Acrylic 3D wall panel: Available in many colors, designs and patterns, this delivers a contemporary look. It is a real cost-effective option.
  • Bamboo 3D wall panel: This is a cheap, but green wall paneling option. These are very light and their installation is also easy.
  • Brick 3D wall panel: This gives a raw and rugged look to the exterior. Can also be used for interiors.
  • Glass 3D wall panel: This is manufactured from highly strong tempered glass. It is the best solution for homes with kids running around and high wet areas.
  • Gypsum 3D wall panel: This is quite strong. Major advantage of these panels is that they can be transformed into different shapes and textures.
  • Leather 3D wall Panels: This modern panel can deliver a rich and luxurious vibe to your home. It is very strong and sturdy.
  • MDF 3D wall panel: This cost effective wall panel is manufactured by binding medium density fiber board with acrylic resin. This can also be painted or veneered for improving aesthetics.
  • Metal 3D wall Panel: Manufactured from metals like aluminum, copper, zinc, steel etc., this is a very strong but costly option.
  • PVC 3D wall panel: This is a trendy paneling option that works great on walls with possibility of high moisture ingress. Although light in weight, it can withstand high stress.
  • Stone 3D wall panel: Manufactured from natural stone, this offers very good protection and can be used for both indoor and outdoor wall paneling.
  • Wooden 3D wall panel: This is a traditional affordable option and can impart a nice log cabin look to your home.

Revamping different places

Different rooms have different decor needs and, therefore, to be paneled with different types. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Bedroom: It is the place of relaxation and better to use bamboo, MDF, gypsum or wood panels.
  • Living room: This is where your guests will come first. You can use acrylic panel here. If you want to add some luxurious vibe, then use leather panels.
  • Kitchen: You can use anything, provided it is water resistant and lifts up the mood because good cooking needs good mood. Stone panels can be a great option.
  • Shower: As it is a high wet area, glass and stone panel serve the best.
  • Outdoor walls: Use stone or brick panel for ensuring protection while revamping. Metal panels can also be used if budget permits.

Where else you can use these

Aside from revamping walls of different places, 3D wall tiles can be used for making the ceiling beautiful. These can also be used for creating a focal point in the room.

3D wall panels can remove awful wall flaws

Old walls are great handicaps for rejuvenating the home. There could be many blemishes like cracks, holes etc. Constructing a new wall is not feasible for most of the home makeover situations. In such cases, paneling walls is the best option to remove the ugly looks by concealing the damages with panels.

These are fire safe

The 3D wall panels have unique property to withstand fire for a substantial period, and also help prevent spread of fire. Some of the wall panels also have self-extinguishing properties. Thus, the residents have ample time for extinguishing fire.

These are easy to install

As 3D wall panels are available as boards or tiles in definite geometric shapes and are relatively light in weight, these are very easy to install. Removal of these is also absolutely simple. These do not require large tools & tackles, or team of experts for installation.  If you cannot do it yourself, any local contractor can do this.

Maintenance is also easy

No special solution is required to clean the 3D wall panels. Cleaning with a soft wet cloth is sufficient. Once installed, these do not require any special maintenance.

Choosing the right panel

For choosing the most suitable panel, one should consider size of the room, aesthetics and of course, the cost involvement.

Final words

CSI offers professional help in all stages from selection to installation. Better take their help for making your home gorgeous.

3d wooden wall panelsHave you been hunting for a huge office space for starting your premier line of designer clothing? After finalizing the place on a posh location, have you been wondering how to start with the decorations? If this is your case, then only coloring the walls of the property and decorating the landscapes, will not serve your purpose of surprising everyone with the decor of the office. Instead, you will have to add something unique, which will be instantly eye-catching and will bring more clients and business.

Initially investing a lot of money on landscape designing, in not an intelligent option, but using specific decor items, which can build an instant liking in the eyes of your clients and also make the workplace more desirable for your employees, should be your goal. Wall panels in various textures and designs like wooden ones are a perfect alternative to simple boring walls. The entire landscape designing can be lit, if these beautiful panels get placed.

If you are thinking of renovating your corporate office with wall panels. Where to look for them?

People interested in adding a different dimension to their houses or sprawling offices can find lucrative collections of 3D wall panels at CSI. The company has been working hard each and every day to innovate and create beautiful panels in 3-dimensional designs. Various textures, quality or types of panels can be sourced from here.

The company remains at the top position in the industry because of its prized manufacturing team. All the experts in architecture, designing, and engineering are picked for making the team, which comes together in creating the best available variety of 3D wall panels. Any material, texture, and variety of panels can be found in their collection. 

For creating the aristocracy and rich look in your corporate office interiors, why it is best to install wooden wall panels from CSI?

A landscape designing plan with maximum appeal and less expenditure is always preferred. It is always desirable that, if a client visiting your office property, comes and instantly falls in love with the interiors, always has a positive impact on the business deal you are about to crack with them. The entrance lobby, the reception counter, the employee cubicles or even the personal cabins of the staff can come alive and look ultra sophisticated with wooden wall panels available from the collection of CSI. According to your choice, the patterns, size, and shapes of the panels can be decided for using.

What are special looks you can create with these wooden wall panels from CSI? 

The walls of the entrance desk of a posh multi-cuisine restaurant, the highly important cabin of the CEO of a multinational company or even the study of your luxurious home can be decked up to have an immense rich look with the use of the wooden panels in various textures and patterns available at CSI. The specialties it can create are listed below :-

● Get these wooden beauties installed at the four walls of the room you want to deck up, or use it just on a particular single wall. The looks you desire can be brought into reality with these extremely realistic wooden panels.

● If you think your office property looks dull, the colors have faded and the walls are showing a lot of flaws, then these wooden panels can be ideal for installation. It will not only upgrade the entire look, but also cover up the flaws which you had.

● Complete customization of the wall panels can be done as per the request of the clients. So, if you want to emboss some logo or company name on the panels that is also possible.

What unique characteristics of CSI 3D wooden wall panels make them popular with landscape designers?

Highly renowned landscaping architects are engaged by companies for designing the landscapes of their luxurious office properties. The most striking part of a landscape is the walls, the various wooden wall panels available at CSI makes it to the most popular choice in these designer’s list for office decor, not only because of the high quality of the product they create. They prefer this brand because of these following characteristics:-

● The show stealer look and feel of these premium wooden 3D wall panels are crafted by the rare manufacturing team of the company using various color tones.

● There are 12 different types of design varieties available in the collection. 

● The best available qualities of raw materials are used in manufacturing these beauties for providing100% assurance of high commercial grading.

● The weight of these wooden wall panels are extremely light and hence, can be installed very easily. 

● The technical details of the product have written specifications, installation instructions, safety data sheets, CAD drawings, LEED contribution and even additional material for test data.

● For customers who are not sure what would look best for their interior walls, the in-house architects of the company can help them and send samples.

How are these 3D wooden wall panels from CSI designed?

For enhancing the look of office space, these striking beautiful wooden wall panels in 3D are designed using the software AutoCAD. The designing skills of the architects of the manufacturing team are used in creating them, but on customers request customized designs are done too.

What type of finished looks can be created with these 3D wooden wall panels from CSI?

If you want to create the rustic charm inside the office boardroom, these extremely sturdy and classy 3D wooden wall panels are a perfect choice. According to the landscape designs and the look you want to create, these wooden panels can be finished using either with a matte or with a glossy look.

Choose the perfect upholstery and flooring and combine them with the extremely rich, durable and cost-effective 3D wooden wall panels from CSI for the inimitable office decor you want to create for impressing everyone. Order them now and be rest assured with their performance.

custom wall panelsDo you own a sprawling office space, but got bored with the decor it has? Do you plan to give an entire makeover for attracting new clients? If this explains your requirement, then how beautifully you can play with the decoration can always hit the right chord with the visitors in your luxurious property.

Investing much money in changing the look will not always be a feasible idea. If you change the walls of your huge corporate office by installing wall panels with 3D effect for interiors as well as exterior walls, it can help you change the whole environment of your landscapes in a jiffy. The entire decor of the office property will get an edge and other decor items when placed along with that will make everything look beautifully different.

If you plan to install the decorative wall panels, where to source them from?

If you have been looking for a huge variety of 3D wall panels in excellent quality, then your search would end with the company named CSI. The company is trendy and maintained to stay in the top slot in the industry for manufacturing these experimental and rare customized 3D wall panels.

The manufacturing team of the company is the reason for its success. Top architects, production engineers, designers and managers form that rare team. All the employees working in CSI are very much cooperative and highly professional. They help the customers with their queries, designing ideas and also with the installation of the products.

Why is it a wise decision to install the CSI Wall Panels in your luxurious office property?

The landscape designing of a property is considered to be successful when an instant magical appeal can be brought in the eyes of the visitors. Moreover, at the same time which will incur less cost for doing it. If you are interested in adding some life to the reception desk of your office or you want to cut out the boredom in the boardroom over there, decorative 3D wall panels from CSI in any form will do the trick. As per your choice and taste, you can customize the wall panels regarding materials, size, and shapes. 

The 3D wall panels from CSI have certain special properties. What are they?

If you want to use waterproof acrylic wall panels for the bathrooms and kitchen in your office property or you want to add that extra sophistication to the chamber of the manager with wall panels having a faux leather effect, these products are capable of creating just the look you want. The special properties are listed below:-

1. Whether you like to install them to all the four walls in a single room or you want to make a single wall of any particular room special, by adding textured 3D wall panels to that. The products available from CSI can create the exact look you desire.

2. If you think the colors of the walls in your office property or house has gone through a lot of wear and tear, has many flaws, the 3D textured wall panel of your choice can help cover that up and create an all-new look which will surprise the onlookers.

3. Corporate offices belonging to different backgrounds can choose the wall panels of their choice customized and printed, which might highlight their job profile.

CSI Wall Panels are a hot favorite amongst the leading landscape designers and architects, why?

Big corporate houses always prefer to hire the best landscape designers for doing up the interior and exterior landscape designing of their luxurious office property. They are always on the lookout for making these offices look, a lot different and classy. The architects and designers hence, prefer to change the walls of these properties by installing the 3D wall panels from CSI. Their immense trust on the products of this brand comes because of the following reasons:-

1. The wall panels manufactured by the company are crafted to perfection, and the excellent manufacturing team makes it possible.

2. There are six different types of materials found in the wall panel’s collection.

3. The wall panel designs of the company are more than even 160.

4. The best available quality of raw materials is used during the entire manufacturing process. No compromise is done, for ensuring high commercial grading.

5. The company has hired graphic designers too; for ensuring that, if needed they can even help with landscape designs.

6. The corporate sector, hotel industry, retails sector and even hospitality sectors have good relations with the company.

For giving a proper shape to the designing ideas of creating a wall panel, how does the CSI designer work towards that goal?

The beautifully textured 3D wall panels are created by the designers with the help of AutoCAD, by completely using their creative skills.  As per the customer’s demand, if they want any particular design, that can also be done by using this software.

What goes into the manufacturing process of these beautiful wall panels?

Stone textured and leather textured panels or any types of custom wall panels are treated by modern technology during the manufacturing process. The replica of any particular designs is done with the help of this technology only.

What are the varieties of materials found in the collection?

The collection has wall panel materials in Gypsum, Wood, Plastic, MDF, Steel, Bricks, Acrylic, Stones and Leather. As per your designing requirements, these durable panels are chosen and used.

How are the finishing touches given to these 3D wall panels?

There are three options of finishing touches available; they are matte, glossy and metallic. According to your landscape designs and the texture and material of panels you have chosen, you can opt for the finishing.

Custom Wall PanelsNo matter if it is a home or office space, there is always a regular flow of guests in every setting. When you confine a space by bare walls only, it delivers a dull and drab look and suffers from monotony. In fact, the walls of your home space or office are canvases that can be embellished to make the place impressive so that people have a memorable stay.

Among all the interior makeover options, paneling of walls enjoys a prime place. The present trend is to cover the walls with 3D wall panels for giving a nice facelift. 3D wall panels have many variants, designs, and color and are the most effective option for enhancing the charm of your residential or commercial interior at minimal cost and effort. With the right type of light setting, the repetitive textures of the wall panels can create a magical ambiance.

Why to panel walls?

Many reasons are there for paneling walls. It makes the walls enchanting. Panels provide protection to walls, hide wall flaws, durable and take the interior ambiance aplomb to the next level for making an everlasting impression on everyone present. 

World of 3D wall panels

3D wall panels have many variants. These are manufactured from rigid or semi-rigid material and usually named after that. You can pick any form the following based on your requirements.

Acrylic Wall Panel: With its vibrant color these are ideal for creating a contemporary look. This is cost effective and great for large areas.

Bamboo Wall Panel: This is eco-friendly and cheap. Delivers nature-oriented interior designs. Can be glued to the walls and painted to complement color of the other areas.

Brick Wall Panels: A classic option for commercial and residential interiors. Fake brick paneling delivers a rugged look to the space. 

Fabric Wall Panels: Very soft and need special maintenance. This is a costly panel used mainly in commercial interiors.

Glass Wall panels: Made from tempered glass, this is also expensive. Coming with patterns these are mostly used in commercial interiors and can also be used as bathroom waterproof panels. 

Gypsum Wall Panels: An affordable and popular option; can deliver magical ambiance with right lighting. This is ideal for offices, living rooms, bedrooms but not to be installed on most walls. 

3d leather wall panels: Coming under an expensive category, these are ideal for home and commercial spaces. Deliver a royal elegance to the place installed.

MDF wall panels: This is a cheap but very useful wall panel for both home and offices. While these deliver the contemporary look, you may improve the look by coloring.

Metal Wall Panels: This is a very expensive option used in commercial applications. Made of Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Zinc etc, these are extremely durable and offer a rugged look.

Plastic wall panels: This is an affordable option and is ideal for commercial applications like luxury hotels, healthcare facilities, institutions and corporate offices.

Stone Wall Panels: This is a hot pick for the rustic and ancient Roman look it delivers. These can be used for home, office and other commercial settings.

Wood Wall Panels: When you want to have a formal but striking ambiance, these traditional options can deliver you a decoration second to none.

Wall paneling has multiple benefits

The 3d wall panels can let you enjoy multiple benefits like

1. Making the wall chick and classy. 

2. Improving the ambiance of the room bringing in a live and trendy look.

3. Can choose from many varieties

4. Masking various defects.

5. Provides thermal insulation. 

6. Can damp noise. The 3D wall panels can be customized to make those totally soundproof.

7. Onetime investment.

Plan your decoration theme

It is always better to have a straightforward beginning. Being extravagant does not pay aesthetic dividends always and for that you must put your dream on a plain sheet of paper sketching your thought. Remember a simple design can also be very charming.

Consider illumination

As the 3D wall panels come with repetitive patterns, these deliver amazing ambiance with right illumination. So, you must consider lighting before purchasing 3D wall panels.

Consider maintenance required

While most of the 3D wall panels require only dusting and cleaning by soap water, there are some delicate types that need special maintenance. Be sure of the maintenance required before you purchase 3D wall panels.

Paneling wet areas

The shower and kitchen are extremely wet areas in your home or commercial settings. You should consider translucent marble panels for these areas. However, 3D glass wall panels can also be used in showers.

Think about cost

3D wall panels have many varieties with different quality and cost. One should try to strike a balance between these two. You should have a budget and think about the cost involvement before using any 3D wall panel.

Look for free installation

All wall panels including faux leather wall coverings are available in a modular form and geometric shapes making their installation relatively simple. Some of the wall panels 3d require accessories for installation and, therefore, you should be sure of accessories requirement.  Many 3D wall panels are also available with free installation facility. Better, opt for that for saving your labor.

Take exact measurement before you purchase

The 3D wall panels come in geometric shapes of different sizes. You should take an accurate measurement of your space and match that with the dimension of wall panels for minimizing wastage.

How to shop

Shopping of 3D wall panels should be done based on







Final Thoughts

3D panels are liked by the owners, architects, interior decorators and designers for reinventing any existing interior space or for decorating new commercial and residential interiors. Maybe you happen to be one of them, and this blog aims to brief you on some basic points for purchasing.

leather wall panelsLeather by itself makes a strong, upscale and classy statement. This material is directly associated with sophisticated, luxurious and lavish interiors. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have your very own home or office space installed with breathtaking leather wall panels? Now it is possible for you to do so with the help of these fabulous and globally popular 3D leather wall panels. Ideal for both commercial as well as residential spaces, these panels can change the face of your interiors and give the surroundings a vibrant feel. Here’s everything you need to know about the leather wall panels:

They Give The Surroundings A Rich And Classy Vibe 

Made from excellent quality raw materials, the leather panels for walls are ideal for those looking to give their home or office space an upscale and luxurious makeover. Not only do these panels give the surroundings a classy feel, but they also tend to look very modern and new age. Any space that feels lackluster and dull can be revamped with the installation of these gorgeous leather panels. 

May Look Expensive But Are Extremely Affordable 

Don’t be fooled by the classy and divine vibe that the 3D leather panels give out once installed, they make look exorbitantly priced but in reality are extremely affordable and reasonably priced. These gorgeous and slick panels can be bought in large quantities without burning a hole in your pocket. You can cover large wall areas in any commercial or residential space within your budget with these leather panels. 

Give Almost Any Space An Upscale And Sophisticated Vibe

Another excellent feature of the decorative wall panels designs in leather is that these panels can be installed in pretty much all types of settings. From commercial to residential spaces and even corporate premises, the leather wall panels can uplift the surroundings of all spaces. Here’s a list of places where these panels are popularly installed:

1. High-end boutiques, luxury malls, upscale restaurants, bars, lounges, pubs, coffee shops and cafes. 

2. Offices, conference rooms, apartments, villas, luxury projects, mansions, art galleries, museums, trade shows, exhibitions, salons, and spas. 

Easy To Clean And Maintain The Panels 

These leather wall panels are ideal for any space because not only do they give the surroundings and upscale vibe but they are also very easy to maintain and take care of. Unlike some textured panels, the leather wall panels do not require special cleaning agents and chemicals to keep them looking clean and new. A simple wet dusting cloth or a spray of water is enough to give these leather panels the sheen that one would like. 

Hide Ugly Wall Flaws With The Help Of These Leather Wall Panels 

Over the years, all walls tend to develop cracks, crevices and other ugly flaws on them. Getting the walls painted and repainted every few years can turn out to be an extremely tiresome, inconvenient and expensive. Now you can hide all those awful wall flaws with the help of these gorgeous wall panels and keep your home or office space looking as fabulous and classy as ever. 

Available In Several Patterns And Styles For You To Choose From

The leather wall panels are available in several patterns and styles for you to choose from. From shiny leather patterns to matt leather finishes, there is something here for everyone. Besides the styles, there are several patterns available such as geometric patterns, abstract patterns, artistic patterns and much more. The leather wall panels are also available in a wide range of fun colors including silver, purple, black, blue, pink, Auburn and various others. 

Lightweight And Easy To Install 

Another excellent feature of these classy wall panels is that they are extremely lightweight and very easy to install. You will not need to hire a team of laborers to move the panels around, and one or two people are more than enough to get the work done. 

Sturdy And Long Lasting 

The leather wall panels are the ideal wall decorative items because these faux leather wall panels are very long lasting and extremely sturdy. They can last for years on end without spoiling, deteriorating, or even peeling off. These leather panels can withstand all kinds of climate conditions and can also be installed in facilities that are constantly air-conditioned without getting ruined due to the moisture. 

Various Places Of The House Where The Panels Can Be Installed 

The leather wall panels can be installed in several different places of your home. Some spaces where the panels are commonly installed include the following:

1. Master bedroom

2. Dining area

3. Reading room or study room

4. Library room in large sized houses or mansions

5. Kitchens 

6. Living room

7. Dressing table area 

Speak To An Architect To Clarify Your Doubts 

A major benefit of installing the wavy wall panels, leather wall panels, plastic wall panels for kitchen and other products offered by CSI Wall Panels is that you can speak to a team of professional architects and skilled experts from the company who will guide you on selecting the right wall paneling for your home or office space. Not only will this team help you make a proper selection but they will also guide you on what walls you can cover in the area and the kind of material that is best suited for the walls and so on. You will not need to spend additional money on hiring your architect or expert on getting the job completed. These highly experienced professionals from CSI Wall Panels will get the job done. 

So, if you are looking to jazz up your home or office space and give the surroundings a classy, upscale and sophisticated vibe, then the leather wall panels are just what you need. Their affordable price range, easy installation benefit, and long-lasting features make them the perfect interior decorative product. Don’t waste another minute contemplating and contact the professionals from CSI Wall Panels immediately. We guarantee you that these panels will transform your home or commercial space into a sought-after high-end space.

Superlative 3D Wall Panels - All You Need to KnowDo you have a beautiful home and you have to host parties quite frequently? If this is your case, then you have to be cautious about the home decor your home has been sporting. While the guests enjoy a cocktail party and rave about the food spread, the first thing which can instantly connect with them is the decor of the house. If you are bored with the old look and want to make your beautiful home even more beautiful, then you should go for a home makeover. 

Creating an all-new look by investing much money and your time will not be worth instead going for some innovative decor idea would be best. Changing the walls of your home by installing decorative outdoor panels with 3D effect and panels which are suitable for your interiors can instantly change the entire setting of your landscapes. Creating these beautifully textured wall paneling will provide an edge in your home decoration.

From where can you find and order these wall panels?

If you are interested in finding the most experimental and superior quality of 3D wall panels in end number of varieties, then your search would end with the company CSI. The company has maintained its top position in the market for manufacturing this one of a kind customized wall panels.

The company’s manufacturing team is excellent, and they have hired architects, managers, production engineers and designers who are regarded as the best in the industry. The employees of CSI are thorough professionals, they are very cooperative and as desired by the customers, can help them with the installation of their products.

Why should you source the CSI 3D Wall Panels and install them at your home at the earliest?

Any interior and exterior landscape decorating project is considered successful when the decoration can create an instant appeal in the eyes of the visitors and which will involve less investment of time and money. Whether it is the waterproof bathroom wallboards or decorative metal wall panels for your living room, revamping the walls by adding these 3D wall panels from CSI is like adding life to your home. Customization of these wall panels, regarding shapes, materials, and size can be made possible depending upon the requirement of the clients in making their homes beautiful.

What are the basic characteristics of these customized 3D wall panels from CSI?

Faux leather wall tiles or bathroom acrylic wall panels, no matter which one you need, these products are capable of revamping the existing look of your house and increase its beauty further. The characteristics of these wall panels are listed below :-

1. It is not necessary to change all the four walls in a single room, instead of installing beautiful textured 3D wall panels in a single wall can add to the drama you want to create in your decoration and surprise your guests.

2. If your walls have worn off, coloring got faded, there is nothing to worry about. As these CSI 3D Wall Panels in your choice able texture can cover up those flaws and make your walls look as good as new.

3. While doing up the room belonging to your kids, you can add the picture of their favorite cartoon character or something they love on the walls by customizing the wall panels, getting those pics printed by asking the CSI professionals and then installing them.

As far as leading landscape designers are concerned, why do they swear by the CSI Wall Panels for their projects?

Big business houses and owners of luxurious homes, shopping arcades, corporate offices and five-star hotels, always hire landscape architects and designers who are renowned and best in their business for decorating the properties which belong to them. While working on these projects, for getting some uniqueness in their designs, the designers prefer to use and install any non-acrylic or acrylic panels for walls from CSI. The below-mentioned reasons explain their choice:-

1. The company’s manufacturing team is rare, and they create the wall panels in several textures with utmost perfection.

2. Their collection of wall panels used six different types of materials.

3. The company boasts of having more than 160 variety of wall panel designs.

4. High commercial grading is earned by all the products of the company for using the best quality of raw materials.

5. For interested customers, the company even helps them with the landscape designing ideas.

6. The company is extremely influential has link with all sectors, namely hotels industry, retail, hospitality and corporate sector.

How do the designers of the company CSI work in converting their dreams into reality?

Autocad computer software handles the entire creative designing procedure from the designer’s brain while creating these beautiful textured 3D wall panels. Any designs which are currently trending on the market or other customized designing details provided by the clients are also done with the help of this software.

What is the manufacturing process of these beautifully textured wall panels from CSI?

Whether it is resin decorative panels or leather textured panels for your bedroom wall, these panels are manufactured by treating them with modern technology. The exact designs are formed from these technologies only.

The wall panel collection from CSI comprises of which material choices?

MDF, Wood, Plastic, Stones, Leather, Steel, Bricks, Acrylic and Gypsum wall tiles are available in their collection. As desired by the landscape designing needs, these unique and extremely durable materials are chosen and used.

The 3D wall panels from CSI are finished how?

Based on the materials used in creating the ideal 3D wall panel you want for your creating the ideal textured walls as per the designs, the finishing touches given to the products are decided. Metallic, matte and glossy looks are the options.

PanelThe makeover of any place is more than shifting furniture or getting the texture paint done. The real makeover demands to experiment with the appearance and enhancing the functionality of the space. The latest in the world of interior decoration is implementing 3D wall panels. These wall panels are the perfect blend of technology and creativity. Depending on these 3D wall panels you can run your imagination wild and get that crafted on the walls of your house or office. The 3D wall panels are popular as they are affordable, customizable and highly durable.

Explore and Experiment to get a unique decor!

To transform the outlook of your current space, begin with exploring the world of 3D panels. 3D panels are available in wide variety of shapes, sizes, texture, colors, and themes. These panels will add uniqueness to the current decor of any home or office. Apart from home makeovers, 3D wall panels can be used for revamping the outlook of Medical centers, community centers, commercial spaces, retail outlets and education centers. Experiment with themes, colors, and textures to make the decor attractive. You can also choose from numerous variety of finishes, materials, designs, and mode of installation depending on the kind of makeover you need.

Choosing the right 3D decorative wall panel material for a perfect makeover:

As 3D wall panels are available in various materials, one needs to be cautious when choosing them. The material must infuse with the decor, theme, and space.

  • Stone: If you are implementing wall panel for the bathroom, choosing stone bathroom wall panel will help in creating an eye-pleasing outlook for the same. The 'stone' material is ideal for spaces that are exposed to weather, harsh lights or water, etc. As this material is sturdy, it will retain its texture, design, and appearance for many years.
  • Brick: Brick material is highly suitable as cover for background walls, to create a focal point, etc. The brick wall panel fulfills your need of having a rustic decor that is durable too.
  • Metal: Textured metal wall panels give your home or office space a classy outlook. Available in various designs these metal wall panels can brighten up your space through eye-catching patterns, bright colors, and elegant artwork.
  • Gypsum: Gypsum wall panels are another option that can enliven your home or office with ease. The elegant designs and colors make them suitable for both home and office decor. Easy to install and easy on the pocket, the 3D gypsum wall panels will not disappoint to bring uniqueness to your decor.

Other popular textures include leather, wood, steel, plastic, MDF, Acrylic and translucent wall panels. The texture plays a vital role in uplifting the overall effectiveness of the design and color of the wall panel. Therefore, one should choose the texture of the wall panel keeping in mind the space it is being used for, the color coordination and other decor elements like a light.

Wainscot: The trending 3D wall Panel for a trendy makeover!

Be it home or office, if the intention is to provide an elegant yet stylish charm to the walls, then choosing Wainscot wall panels will do the justice. For making any big or small space visually pleasing, needs thoughtful decision over what properties must be used. If it's a small space then choosing Wainscot will help you avoid clutter that other decor items might add. The beautiful wainscot 3D wall panels add beauty and brighten up the small space to make it look larger. Similarly, using Wainscot wall panels for big space like corporate buildings helps in covering empty spaces, creating focal points and beautifying otherwise dull background walls. Installing modern Wainscoting panels is an easy, affordable and latest decorative that can be used for renovation, makeovers or fresh buildings.

Adorn the living room with classy designs and themes!

Most preferred wall panels for living rooms are the ones with themes, classic artwork, and stunning colors. The living room is the only area that sets your first impression in front of the guests. It is the only room that is majorly exposed to guests and speaks volumes about your style statement. Therefore, creating a living room that reflects your style can be done only by installing stunning 3D wall panels. Available in spectacular designs, themes, colors, shapes and sizes, these 3D wall panels will leave no stone unturned to set your remarkable first impression. They provide character to your space and enhance the visual attractiveness of it effortlessly.

The 3D wall panels are not merely props to beautify any home or office but also have functional benefits attached to them. The major benefits of introducing 3D wall panels to your space include:

  • Durable: First and foremost benefit of these wall panels is their durability. Made from quality material these 3D wall panels once installed will become lifetime partners of any space. They are sturdy, chemical, water, abrasion, fire and stain resistant.
  • Eco-friendly: If you care for nature and wish to make your home eco-friendly then there is no better alternative then choosing 3Dwall panels. The 3D walls are non-toxic, and even the designs components are made from raw materials that have been recycled. This saves polluting the environment at large.
  • Customizable: The best part about using the 3d wall panels is that no matter what is size is your home or office is, there can be customized to your space requirements. Available in wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, textures, designs, materials, etc., they can be modified to best fit your residential or commercial setting.
  • Highly functional: 3D wall panels serve two purposes in one. First, they provide charm to your space. Secondly, they add functionality to it as well. They are popularly used for hiding wall flaws, creating the focal point, as background walls and much more. The functional designs also include chalkboards, magnetic solutions, tackable surfaces, and whiteboards.
  • Fast installation: Be it a new building or renovation, 3D wall panels are easy and quick to install saving both time and money.

architectural wall panelsBesides confining the space, the walls also act as a great canvas. When these are kept bare, they make your home or office interiors dull and drab as that offer a vacant look. The problem becomes worse when the walls are old and full of blemishes. Using the 3D wall panels, you can get permanent relief from such situations. These can turn a boring interior to a live and happy place. So, why not bid farewell to ordinary walls and get those reinvented with wall panels? 

Modern wall panel concept

Fancy wall paneling does not mean simply covering the walls. On the contrary, this allows you to explore the limitless possibilities to make amazing decor statements. There are many varieties available, and wall panels of each variety also include many designs. So, you can pick the best that meet your design requirement and liven up space for conveying the quality and class you maintain.

Varieties of 3D wall panels

Gypsum 3d wall panels: The major plus point of this type of 3D wall panels is that these can be given any shape and structure and, therefore, has versatile uses. These are quite strong, durable and happen to be the most popular wall paneling option. You can use this for your office, living room and master bedroom where it is unlikely to have moisture ingress. These can also be painted for adding a dash of beauty to the interior.

Acrylic bathroom wall panels: Your shower is a highly wet area and, therefore, needs 3D wall panels that can tolerate water, soaps, shampoos, etc. The Acrylic wall panels are great for introducing style and class to your bathroom. Using this innovative option, you will have waterproof panels for bathroom walls minus the pain of maintaining grouts. These glossy wall panels provide a brilliant backdrop to your bathroom and protect the walls from water damage.

LED light wall panels: This is a new introduction in the 3D wall panel regimen. These deliver amazing result when you want to make your home and office look vibrant and energetic. This also lets you play with different lighting schemes for creating an ambiance that complements your mood and decor theme thus creating a dramatic effect in your residential and commercial indoors. These architectural wall panels are great for creating chick walls adding a spark to space.

MDF wall panels: Manufactured from compacted medium density fiberboard with acrylic resin, these cost-effective 3D wall panels offer an exquisite look. With its smooth and grain free pattern this deliver the most contemporary wall decor. You can further improve their look by veneer coating or painting. Coming in a variety of designs and shapes, these can be used for your home space and office as well. Moreover, you can also use laser cut MDF screen panels for interior decoration.

PVC wall panels: These trendy 3D wall panels are manufactured using cast plastics and offer an easy and affordable option for interior decoration. Installation is very easy. You can glue these to the walls or fix them on frames. Although light in weight, these can withstand enough stress making it a favored paneling option.

Glass wall panels: Manufactured from tempered glass, this is available in plain and tinted varieties. These are great for defining space in a commercial lobby making it sleek and sophisticated. This is a costly type and can also be used in wet areas.

Metal wall panels: Made form metals like steel, aluminum etc these are extremely strong and deliver a contemporary look. Being very costly, these are mostly considered for corporate indoors only.

Stone wall panels: When walls are clad with stones they add an elegant and timeless texture to you house or office. Paneling the exterior walls with stone makes it well protected. For your interiors, you may opt for 3D stone wall panels made of wall veneer. These are light but strong and can be used as kitchen wall panel. 

Choosing is easy

Consider the application, size, design, style and decor themes when choosing the 3D wall panels for revamping your home or offices.

Wall panels make unique interiors

Maybe you are fed up with decor elements like paintings, mirrors, etc. If you want to make your home or office interior outstanding, you should opt for the 3D wall panels. Available in wide varieties, these are sure to deliver you a chick and classy space.

Essential reasons for using 

The 3D wall panels provide outstanding faux art solutions with their attractive designs and are used for the following reasons:

  • Easy handling: These are light in weight and can be handled easily.
  • Easy installation: Can be installed without fuss within a reasonable time.
  • Hide wall flaws: Besides giving a facelift, these cover all blemishes present in the walls.
  • Easy maintenance: These are easy to clean. Dusting and cleaning with soapy water is enough.

Can jazz up your home and office with minimum cost

While repairing of walls could involve high investment, and be much time-consuming, using the 3D wall panels can give a nice look at affordable cost.

You can do without decorating professionals

Hiring interior decorators for remodeling your home and office space is a costly affair these days. Using 3D wall panels, you can easily uplift the walls without the professional involvement and can save time and money.

Customization is possible

Should you require, the 3D wall panels can be customized to make soundproof and fire retardant.

Other uses

Being available in modular forms these can also be used for decorating the ceilings.

3D wall panels brought revolutionary changes

Like the fashion segment, the decorating landscape has undergone many changes, out of which the 3D wall panels are the latest trend. Made from various rigid and semi-rigid materials and having unique designs and patterns and also being durable and cost effective, these have outdated all other decorative options. You can get these in geometric shapes and this lets you install those easily.

3D Wall PanelsWhether it is a commercial or residential complex, we always dream to have a stylish and elegant interior. Walls are not for confining a space only, these are, in fact, large canvas. When decorated properly, they can add a dash of splendor and sophistication to the place. Traditionally coloring and adding furniture, paintings and showpieces have been used for decorating interiors. But, this philosophy has changed with the introduction of the 3D wall panels.

Modern interior decor theme

Modern interior decoration theme has gone far beyond coloring or covering the walls using wall sheets for a living room. Paneling walls is now a long-lasting way of having a glam interior. The innovative 3D wall panels are apt to transform any commercial or residential indoor into a live and aesthetically pleasant space that will delight and charm everyone present.

You can choose from many variants

There are a plethora of variants in CSI collections of 3D wall panels. Made from different materials and named after that, these are the hottest decorative trend now. Depending on your design requirements you can pick anything from

  • Wood wall panels: These are the traditional way for adding depth and character to your interiors.
  • Gypsum wall panels: The most popular form of 3D wall panels. These are ideal for a better surrounding with grace and function.
  • Metal wall panels: Largely used in commercial indoors, this costly option can provide simple but elegant interiors.
  • Brick wall panels: These are ideal for creating warm and sophisticated interiors. Using real brick wall panels makes your walls more strong and protected.
  • Acrylic wall panels: These have a modern fun design. These can create a contemporary look in your home or office interiors lighting up space.
  • Stonewall panels: Interior faux stone wall covering delivers a rustic look to the corporate and residential interiors.
  • Plastic wall panels: These are very sleek and shiny and can be used on walls and furniture. Available in myriad colors and textures can deliver a vibrant interior.
  • MDF wall panels: Made from medium density fiberboard, this is a cheap wall paneling option. Can offer a beautiful look when veneer coated or painted.
  • Glass wall panels: Strong due to use of tempered glass. These costly 3D wall panels are ideal for the commercial interiors.
  • Bamboo wall panels: This is a cost-effective option. With bamboo wainscoting, you can have nature-inspired interiors in your home or office.

Places to use wall panels

When decorating commercial indoors, the 3D wall panels can be used in the president's chamber, conference room, luxury hotels, bars, casinos, etc., and for home decoration, anywhere from living room to the kitchen and bath.

Shopping wall panels

While shopping wall panels, you have to consider many things because different wall panels are required for different applications. You can shop CSI 3D wall panels by

  • Material – Acrylic, Glass, Wood, MDF
  • Rooms - Lobby, Waiting Area, Dining
  • Types - Plastic wall panels, wainscoting wall panels, LED wall panels
  • Collection Glacier Collection, Adventure Panel Collection, Green Idea Collection
  • Theme – Urban, Mediterranean, High Tech
  • Application - Community, Commercial, Medical, Educational

3D wall panels are durable

The greatest advantage of 3D wall panels is that these are very strong and sturdy. They can withstand exposure to water and hence can be used in any place inside residential or commercial Complexes. These never fade in color, and once installed, they stay there for long delighting you and protecting walls.

Masks wall flaws

With aging, all walls have cracks, holes and other blemishes like chipping of paints delivering a dull and shabby appearance. While repairing of the walls may be very costly, paneling the walls with 3D wall panels is the smartest solution to cover such blemishes. Other than hiding wall flaws, you will have a gorgeous interior.

You can install these easily

Although the 3D panels appear to be heavy, those are actual light in weight. These are also available in modular forms. Being light and having a geometric shape, these can be installed easily on the walls without any problem.

Maintenance is also easy

Maintenance is the major point of concern for any interior decoration item. The 3D wall panels do not require any major maintenance protocol. They do not fade, and retain their look and freshness when cleaned with soap and dusted periodically.

Can also be used in wet areas

Wall paneling of the shower and the kitchen can be a daunting task. As these places are high wet areas, you have to do waterproof wall paneling. Using stone, glass and other waterproof 3D wall panels, you can decorate such extreme wet areas.

Provide acoustic insulation

The 3D wall panels offer reasonable soundproofing capacity. However, if you wish to make your conference hall soundproof, you may use customized panels made from acoustic insulation materials for that purpose.

Ensures fire safety

Among the plethora of benefits of the 3D wall panels, fire safety is of most importance. The 3D wall panels are designed to be fire retardant. If there is fire outbreak, these will not help spread of fire, as those have self-extinguishing properties. This will let you have ample time to react.

Can be used for other purposes as well

The design and texture of the 3D wall panels include geometric patterns, lines, and textures. This made them suitable for use in covering the ceilings and other surfaces. By paneling the fireplace with stone wall panel, you can make it a great focal point in the room.

3D Wall Panels are the Interior Design Experts Favorite - Heres whyNo matter if you are renovating your existing setting or starting one from scratches, you would like to make the place unique and attractive. Whether it is your home or office, those are visited by the guests and customers, and an interior with blank walls will appear to be dull and monotonous to them. While you can paint the walls, hang paintings, art pieces or mirrors for embellishing the interior, the best way to do this is using 3D wall panels. 

Whether it is a commercial or residential indoor, the present trend involves amplifying the place with unique decorative elements for making it aesthetically pleasing. Being made of a wide variety of materials, 3D wall panels can revamp a space with vibrant colors and beautiful designs. There are times when it becomes tough to enhance the look of home and offices and at the same time impart a spacious feeling. With their varied look and amazing textures, the 3D wall panels have relieved the interior designers from this dilemma. 

While the ever-changing decoration regimen baffles you about what to use and what to avoid, the 3D wall panels remove all confusion and let you add a nice aura to the interior. Here is why these are the hot favorite to interior designers.

3D wall panels have excellent strength & durability

Because of their long life, 3D panels are favored by the interior designers. These are also strong and can with stand stress of climatic change. Once installed on the walls, these stay there for long without any discoloration or fading even if exposed to sunlight continuously. 

3D wall panels require minimum maintenance

Once installed, the 3D wall panels do not require much maintenance effort. You can dust these with cloth and clean with soap water for keeping their shine for long.

You can choose from many varieties

3D wall panel lets you have a plethora of options for various applications.

  • Bamboo wall paneling: Nice for bringing in natural vibe in the interiors. This can also be painted for enhancing the appearance.
  • Acrylic shower walls panels: Coming in larger sizes, these allow grout free installation which is essential for wet areas. These architectural resin panels are inert to water and ideal for use in showers.
  • Decorative plastic panels: Manufactured from cast plastic, this is great for large areas in commercial installations.
  • Manufactured stone panels: Made from stone veneer these are the best for delivering the rustic look and can be used for both residential and commercial applications. These are very good kitchen wall covering options.
  • Glass Wall Panels: Toughened glass is used in manufacturing these wall panels. Available in distinct patterns and designs they can be used for corporate space and showers as well.
  • Faux Brick Wall Panels: Manufactured from brick veneer these are ideal for home and office indoors. You can also clad existing pillars with it for enhancing the look.
  • Fabric Wall Panels: These are a special type of panels that renders a soft feeling to touch. Mostly used in restaurants & night clubs.
  • Gypsum Wall Panels: These are very popular for residential indoors. These are quite strong but moist walls are to be avoided.
  • Leather Wall Panels: With their unique design and texture, these can deliver a regal ambiance to any interior.
  • MDF Wall Panels: Manufactured from medium density fiber boards, these are very good paneling option. Can be painted for a glam effect.
  • Wood Wall Panels: Delivers traditional look to home or office interiors. These are great for wainscoting applications.
  • Metal Wall Panels: This is the most expensive option. These are very strong and durable and mostly used for commercial interiors.

Brings in special vibe

Whether you use these contemporary wall panels for your home or office interiors, these introduce a special vibe in the space. Being available in many varieties you can add depth and character to the indoor.

3D wall panels impress everyone

The decoration of home or office is done with a view to creating an everlasting impression on everyone who visits your home or office. With their sophisticated look, the 3D wall panels can create a magical ambiance for charming and impress everyone.

Excellent option to hide wall flaws

Maybe your residential or commercial space is quite old, and the walls have cracks, holes and other blemishes and repairing of the walls are out of the question due to high cost. In such cases, the 3D wall panels can deliver a dual advantage. Other than decorating the walls, the wall falls are also masked. As the designers can avail this win-win situation, the 3D wall panels have become a hot favorite to them. 

These can be transported easily

Although strong and sturdy, the 3D wall panels are light in weight. In view of this lightweight feature, the panels can be transported easily.

Installation is also easy

Being a light in weight, and coming in modular forms with definite shapes, the interior wall paneling can be installed without any fuss. It is not necessary to call professionals. DIY installation is also possible. Some types are also available with free installation offer.

3D wall panels can damp noise

3D wall panels have noise damping properties. However, if you want to make the board meeting room or conference hall sound proof, that can be done by combining acoustic insulation material with the wall panels. Such customized wall panels will be sound proof.

3D wall panels are fire safe

3D wall panels have sufficient thermal insulation. Even, if there is accidental fire break out, these can withstand the heat for some time giving you ample scope to take actions for preventing the spread of fire.

3D wall panels result in no health hazard

The 3D wall panels have excellent smooth surface and can be cleaned easily and, therefore, chances of accumulation of germs is not there, and you are free from health woes.

3D wall panels save time 

These wall panels can be installed in a reasonably short time. One can do a DIY installation on the weekend saving time and money.

kitchen wall panelsThe only space in the home that has no substitute is the kitchen. The kitchen is the most important place as it unites the members of the family through delicious food.  A well-organized kitchen sets the inspiration for cooking. The kitchen space must be eye-pleasing to ensure that anyone who walks in is filled with the feeling of freshness. In recent times kitchen space designing has gone manifolds. The last heard kitchen trends were all about open kitchens, modular kitchen, inbuilt kitchen stoves and chimneys, kitchen tiles, etc. However, what's next for adding a new dimension to the kitchen space? The answer to this is kitchen wall panels.

Unique wall panels for a new look!

3D wall panels are taking the world of interior decoration by storm. They are everything you will need for making kitchen, living room, bathroom or any corner of your house look stunning. These wall panels are available in numerous designs, colors, themes, textures, finishes, etc. One can choose from the wide variety to suit your style and space. 3D wall decor panels will brighten any space with their spectacular architectural designs as well as functionality. The fact that these wall panels fulfill the three utmost requirements of style, durability, and affordability, is what makes them so popular. 

3D wall panels: Pick the best to give the rooms the charm they need!

These wall panels have been designed to meet your imagination and creative needs in the best possible way. Here is the list of few decor inspirations to experiment with:

  • Brick Panels - The most rustic and classy design is the interior brick panels. The design is suitable for lobby area, as background walls, as focal points, etc. The brick wall panels are available in various designs, colors and sizes to choose from.
  • MDF decorative wall panels - MDF wall panels are high on style and durability. They overpower other wall panels for they can be painted as smooth surfaces with stunning designs.
  • Stone wall panels - Another marvelous 3D wall panel that provides your interiors an edge over others is stone wall panel decorative. Designed to replicate real stones, these wall panels are best suited for bathrooms, garden areas, and corners that need natural yet modern look and feel.
  • Gypsum wall panels - Gypsum wall panels give your decor an elegant look effortlessly. Made from gypsum cores, these panels render your office or residential space a clean and formal look.
  • Leather wall panels - Leather itself is a material that is often associated with panache. Leather wall panels live up to your expectation of the sleek and ultra-modern appearance of a home or office decor.
  • Metal wall panels - Metal wall panels are best to infuse some energy and fun to the decor. With metal wall panels one can enliven any corner that is otherwise dull or boring. These unique wall panels add volume to your space with artistic designs and attractive colors.
  • Acrylic wall panels - If you have the creative inclination and wish to reflect this part of your personality in the interior decor of your home or office space, then acrylic wall panels must be the only choice. Acrylic wall panels come in heart-warming designs and colors that will satisfy the artist in you.

kitchen 3d wall panels

The list does not end here. The more you explore and experiment, the more options you will get to adorn your commercial or household setting with stunning designs of 3D wall panels. The wide range of designs, colors, shapes, sizes, finishing, material and themes of 3D wall panels give you enough options to choose from.

Different rooms different décor but in!

To make any space look flamboyant in style and appearance, we must seamlessly connect different interior decor elements to build up the single theme for the entire setup. If you are thinking how to use different elements without cluttering the space, then think of 3D wall panels. For instance, if you wish to have a warm vibe to the decor of your living room, then you must use 3d wall panels to create one focal point and keep other walls understated. Similarly, you can use faux stone interior wall panel and complement it with tungsten lights to make a cozy corner in the lobby area while keeping other decor elements bright and loud.

Why 3D wall decor panels for the kitchen are a must have?

We insist you on opting 3D wall panels especially for the kitchen for various reasons listed below:

  • Easy cleaning - We know making food leaves us with taxing tax of cleaning the kitchen areas for food bits and splashes on the walls. Implementing 3D wall panels will indeed lessen your work load, as they are very easy to clean.
  • Highly functional - 3D wall panels serve dual purposes of adding functionality and modern looks. One can use them to hide wall flaws, to create a focal point, use them as background walls or simply to enhance the appeal of the kitchen space.
  • Flexible - As these wall panels are available in wide variety of styles, materials, shapes, colors, texture, themes, materials and finishing, they can be customized to fit your decor requirements best. No matter how big or cozy your kitchen is, they can be modified to make your space look brighter and better.
  • Affordable - If you are thinking that investing in 3D wall panels will empty your pocket then fear no more as these unique wall panels are easily affordable. One can adorn the residential or commercial setting with stunning wall panels without disturbing the budget.

3D wall panels are a unique blend of architectural system and creativity. Designed while keeping in mind the creative and functional needs of the modern era decorative, these wall panels are perfect for both home or office decor. Be it the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom or corporate office, 3D wall panels are capable of turning ordinary rooms into rooms with extra ordinary style and charm.

modern wall panelsWe all want to make our interiors look exceptional and out of the world. However, our busy schedules make it a bit hectic to invest time and efforts in decorating the space. Getting this done by hiring a professional decorator also seems difficult due to the fees that they demand. Still, you have an elegant, cost effective and durable alternative for making you are residential, as well as commercial space, look beautiful. Decorative 3D wall panels are those fantastic options that you can use to upgrade the looks of your home without putting many efforts as well as money. You can find different types of wall panels for all kinds of your interior needs.

A Short History Of Wall Panels

The wall panels have been one of the valuable wall decoration items since classic Greek and Roman architecture. At that time, the only material utilized to create such appealing wall panels was the wood. After the Gothic period, wall panels became one of the essential interior wall accessories and got recognition across the world for the public as well as residential interiors. Nowadays, the style, pattern, and material have changed tremendously, but the idea is same. The various evolutions in wall panels have brought a substantial change in their appeal, looks, their installation methods as well as efforts required to maintain them. Moreover, it will be correct to say that, now interior wall reinvention has become quite easier and cost efficient.

Features that Make Wall Panels Popular and Must Have Accessory

There are Numerous features of 3D wall panels due to which people prefer these panels for their commercial as well as residential spaces. Let's explore a few of their major advantages.

Pocket-Friendly Solution for Interior

While we imagine about decorating or designing the interior of our space, the foremost thing we prefer to consider is cost as in this time, interior especially wall designing is an expensive deal. However, you will be amazed to know that these wall panels are tremendously profitable than getting a home interior designed by a professional interior designer. You can choose the options that best suit your architectural features, and there will not be much construction work required. In this way, you can save labor cost as well as fees of a professional designer.

Hide Unwanted Flaws and Ugly Faces of Your Space

Chipping paints, wall cracks, those ugly wires, and cables may be the things that you may want to prevent from appearing. Nothing can work best in such cases than these modern and decorative wall panels. No matter whether you are utilizing those faux leather tiles walls, faux wood wall panels, MDF wall panels, metal panels or more, these can hide your ugly flaws perfectly without even a single little sign of those. The appearance provided to your interior with all kinds of wall panels is just amazing. These are installed against the wall thus all the flaws can hide behind them effectively.

Sturdy and Durable Solution for Your Interior

Durability and sturdiness are the key feature of these wall panels that make them complement your interior for years. Without any replacement or painting needs, these can last for years on your interior walls effectively. Whatever type of wall panel you are using, whether its translucent marble panel, faux stone wall panel, leather wall panel, stainless steel wall panel or more, you will be delivered with the same durability and long lasting features without any maintenance requirements. You also need not worry about their care as these are not prone to cracks, dents or more. These can stay undamaged and blush withstanding all kinds of environments without losing their charm and quality.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Worries about maintenance of your wall panels? Then it is important for you to know that all types of modern 3D wall panels require far less maintenance and cleaning efforts than your traditional walls. As they are strong enough to stay protected from damaged, molds, cracks and more therefore don't require frequent repairs or upkeep efforts. Minor dusting or occasional water sprays are sufficient to keep them in maintained and fresh condition. So, you can stay calm and relaxed when it comes to their maintenance question.

Easy Installation and Less Time Consumption

The appearance and styles of 3D wall panels reflects their heavy feature but actually this is only an illusion created by their elegant looks. In reality wall panels are highly light weighted and therefore it is quite easier and less time consuming to get these installed on the walls. Different types of wall panels have different methods of installing but all are quite easy and don't much hassle to you. From wherever you buy these wall panels, mostly these are pre-drilled by the provider to create installation points. This is applicable in cases in which drilling is utilized as the method of installation. Whereas some of the wall panels are also installed through hand paintings or spraying.

Kinds of Wall Panel Options You Can Have

Gone is the time when wall panels were just limited to those classic wooden materials. Now you can find numerous kinds of panels each having different properties regarding material used, texture, color, shapes, patterns and much more. You can find wall panels suitable for you any interior requirements.

Leather Wall Panels

Leather wall panels are one of the most commonly used 3D wall panels that have the capability to add additional dimensions to your ordinary residential or commercial walls. You can find different textures, colors, shapes and patterns in leather wall panels.

Gypsum Wall Panels

Do you have a tight budget but still want to make your interior transformed? Gypsum wall panels are the best option to choose in such case. These offer you a low investment interior design option that highlights your personal style elegantly. Gypsum is utilized to create these wall panels delivering a precision fit and modular panel system.

Stone Wall Panels

The different kinds of natural stones are loved by most of the people in their interior. However, adding real stones to the interior takes lots and lots of efforts as well as funds. Nevertheless, if you cannot incorporate stones to your interior, still you can add their charm and looks to your walls. The stones wall panels available in the market are the only solution for this. These are made basically of leather but replicate the looks of natural stones making your space look astonishing and exceptional. Different types of stone wall panels include translucent marble, natural stone, limestone and more.

Plastic Wall Panels

The utilization of plastic in decorative materials has grown tremendously. This is due to the durability, fewer maintenance needs, and flexibility of plastic. Wall panels have also been introduced in plastic material and have gained great popularity. The plastic wall panels are highly versatile and adaptive and can complement any of your interior settings. These are greatly light weighted and can be installed quite conveniently to any of your indoor walls.

MDF Wall Panels

MDF is another kind of material that is utilized to create wall panels that have also gained great popularity among users. MDF wall panels are the panels that are created using wood fibers rather than wood, which makes them much dense and rich than the actual wood. MDF wall panels are highly adaptive and flexible. They can be used as it is with standard patterns or designs or can also be painted to give additional effects as per preferences.

These are most popular types of decorative wall panels available in the market. In addition to these wall panels, you can have brick wall panels, metal wall panels, stainless steel wall panels, wood wall panels, veneer panels, acrylic wall panels and much more. All of these wall panels are exceptional in quality and suit all kinds of interior wall decoration needs.

wood wall panelingThe interior of the corporate spaces needs to be freshened up frequently so that your employees, customers, and visitors do not get bored. A boring and dull space can reduce the performance of your employees while also affecting the inward flow of customers. The corporate environment has a great contribution towards keeping employees and customers feel satisfied and energized. The evolution of 3d wall panels has made it possible for corporate spaces to reinvent their interior quite conveniently and cost effectively whenever they want without even interfering their day to day work schedule. There are a large number of options available in decorative wall paneling that one can choose from as per their architectural features as well as required color scheme.

Leather Wall Panels with Modular Design

No matter how ordinary are the walls of your corporate space, the leather wall panels carry such a soothing and modular design that these can add additional and elegant dimensions to your office walls giving you and your employees a sense of comfort and warmth. These decorative wall panels are just to transform your outdated space to a fulfilled interior where people will enjoy doing their work and spend the whole day. The leather wall panels mimic the classy and chic looks of contemporary leather helping you decorate your commercial space in a unique way. These wall panels come in multiple textures and patterns that you can choose as per your specific requirements.

Defining Gypsum Wall Panels

Do you want your space to define your visual statement and class? Then it is crucial for you to try these Gypsum wall panels or your commercial interior. It is a modern wall paneling that is a kind of wall tiles that you can add to your interior walls with comparatively smaller expenses. These offer you a modular design with options to add carving expressions effectively. These wall panels offer you a combination of quality, cost and value thus making your space appealing, inviting and classy. You can also provide a protective coating to these wall panels, and these will reflect your style amazingly.

Faux Wood Wall Panels Reflecting Charm of Traditional Wood

Wood is being used for years and years to create beautiful decor items for commercial as well as residential spaces. The classic and natural charm wood can provide exceptionally. In wall panels, a new concept of faux wood wall panels has been introduced. In these types of wall panels leather is used to create textured wall panels giving wooden looks. The wall panels crafted in such a way replicate the looks of natural wood and thus add depth and character to your corporate interior space. No matter what is the current condition of your walls, whether they are white, black or visually ugly, these wall panels will perfectly define them.

Faux Stone Wall Panels Creating A Unique Interior

Sometimes even best architects and designers cannot make any difference to the look and feel of the corporate interior that paying attention to details can make. Sometimes your interior demands unique and exceptional ideas to look outstanding and inviting. Stone wall panels available in the market is one of such kinds of decorative panels that can make the looks of your corporate space. The actual material utilized to create such panels is leather that is crafted in such a way to mimic the looks of natural stone. You can find stone wall panels in a verity of styles, textures, and colors that add a stunning statement to your settings.

Steel Wall Panels Crafted From Leather

Steel wall panels are another fantastic option for you if you are looking to reinvent the looks of your commercial indoor walls. The exceptional visual impact and flexibility offered to you by steel wall panels are just amazing combined with easy installation and modern looks. Again the material utilized to create these panels is leather mimicking the looks of steel metal. Not only for corporate environments, but these panels are also popular as stainless steel wall covering kitchen. Steel wall panels are in trend nowadays due to their capability to make your industrial or commercial space lively and approachable. These can help you upgrade your interior at pocket-friendly costs.

Versatile Plastic Wall Panels for Exceptional Looks

Not sure which wall panel will suit unique architectural features of your corporate space? Then the best options to choose in such conditions is plastic wall panels. These are highly versatile contemporary and eye-catchy panels that are limited only by your imagination capabilities. No matter what kind of architectural features your space has, these can complement any of your aesthetics without making many efforts. Made with highest grade plastic, these panels are less expensive as well as maintenance free. In spite of these factors, the look that these will deliver to your space is exceptional.

Durable Metal Wall Panels

Are you looking for a blend of durability and beauty for your contemporary office walls? These metal wall panels have the same to offer you. The visually interesting office is quite possible with these wall panels. The hardness, durability, and elasticity of metal help to offer such exciting beauty to your office walls that also incorporate a feeling of simplicity and elegance. You can have any color, shape, size, texture, and pattern in these wall panels as per your interior design requirements.

Quality MDF Wall Panels

If you are looking for an alternative to wooden panels then nothing can go better than decorative MDF wall panels. These are ideal to give your classic office space a modern and stylish look. MDF is a reconstituted wood product that is created using wood fibers, and this construction makes these panels much more dense and rich textured. MDF wall panels are considered one of the top wall panels, especially for industrial and commercial environments.

3D Modern Wall PanelsAre you looking to redecorate your home? Do you need to give your home a new age, contemporary, classy and stylish vibe? Then you have come to the right place. CSI Wall Panels has a wide range of unique, sophisticated and elegant 3D wall panels. Installing these panels in your home can give the space a very artsy, attractive and creative vibe. Available in different patterns, colors, and materials, these gorgeous wall panels will change the face of your residential space. Here's everything you require to know about the modern wall paneling.

Available In A Wide Range Of Materials

The 3D modern wall panels are available in a wide variety of materials for you to choose from. Depending on the sort of vibe you want to give your home, you can choose the 3D wall panels in accordance. Here's the list of available wall panels for you to choose from:

  • Leather – The leather wall panels are ideal for those looking to give their homes an upscale and modern vibe.
  • Gypsum – The gypsum wall panels are ideal for classy, sophisticated and stylish interiors.
  • Wood – For those of you looking to give your home a rustic log cabin kind of effect, the wood panels are just what you need.
  • Stones And Bricks – The stone wall panels can provide the residential or commercial space a very raw and rustic feel.
  • Steel And Metal – The steel wall panels are best suited for commercial spaces.
  • Plastic And Acrylic – The plastic wall panels are bright, colorful and vibrant and ideal for the bathroom or even a child's room.
  • MDF – For colorful and vibrant interiors.

Classy And Stylish Interiors At Affordable Prices

Redecorating your home or commercial space can prove to be a very expensive ordeal particularly if you need to repaint the walls frequently. However, in the case of the 3D wall panels, you can give your space a whole new look at a limited expense. The 3D wall decor panels are very affordably priced and can be ordered in large numbers to fill up a large residential or commercial space. Ordering these textured wall panels will not burn a hole in your pocket and will give your residential or commercial space a new age and creative vibe at a reasonable price.

Creatively Hiding Those Ugly Wall Flaws

An old home or commercial space may have tons of cracks on the walls, and the paint may also be chipped. Repainting the wall and having those cracks fixed can turn out to be extremely expensive. On the other hand, with the help of the 3D wall panels, you can simply hide away those ugly wall flaws instead of spending time and money on getting the original walls redone.

Long Lasting 3D Wall Panels

Another excellent benefit of the 3D decorative wall panels is that these decorative products are very sturdy and durable. These panels can withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions and are also wear and tear resistant. The modern wall paneling can last for years on end without spoiling or deteriorating. The sturdiness and durability of the wall panels allow the user to place them in both indoors and outdoors spaces without any hassles.

Easy Installation Process

One reason why the 3D textured wall panels are extremely convenient and useful is that of their easy installation feature. In 3D panels of stronger materials such as wood or stone, the company will pre-drill the attachment points at the back of the wall panel. In lightweight materials like gypsum or concrete panels, a simple hand spray or paint will be used at the back of the panel for installation. Thus, you don't need to spend additional money on hiring a professional to get the installation done. The installation can be single handled done by you or even your local handyman.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Another excellent benefit of installing the 3D wall panels is that you barely need to provide any maintenance of care to these decorative products. A simple spray of water across the panel or even a wet dusting cloth is enough to keep the modern wall panels looking clean, fresh and new. You don't need to call professional cleaners on a quarterly basis to get the panels cleaned, as you may need to in the case of actual walls.

Can Be Installed In Creative Ways Across Several Platforms

The 3D wall panels can be used across several platforms to make the interiors look creative, colorful, stylish and unique. Some places that these wall panels are used in for a modern, contemporary vibe include the following:

  • Restaurants, bars, lounges, pubs and coffee shops.
  • Hotel lobbies, residential buildings, apartments, villas, office buildings, government buildings and commercial spaces.
  • Movie theatres, art galleries, malls, boutiques, jewelry stores and libraries.
  • Exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and expos

Thus, the 3D wall panels can give a creative, young and stylish look to any place. All you must to do is select the kind of wall panel that matches with your interiors, install it and leave guests and visitors amazed.

Get Advice From Professional Architects

CSI Wall Panels has a team of professional architects who will help you step by step from the selection of the wall panels to the installation process. These architects will create digitally rendered images of your residential or commercial space along with conceptual drawings of where all the panels can be installed. Once you are satisfied with the conceptual drawings and digitally rendered images, you can place the order for the panels and install them to make your home or office look just like the digital images provided by the architects.

So, what are you waiting for? Here's your chance to give your home a whole new creative, unique and outstanding look. Installing the 3D wall panels in your residential or commercial space will make your space the most talked about in the neighborhood. The affordable prices of these gorgeous wall panels make them an even more tempting decorative product. So place your order today and leave your friends, guests and family members amazed!

Patterns with 3D EffectsEvery commercial place needs a grand landscaping décor with stunning beauty. Setting up the splendid landscape with landscaping items is not enough for a cozy and elegant landscape as you need to invest in the right items and bridge the gaps for a complete landscape. As walls cover the most amount of visual area in any room, they play a very important role in any décor as they have the most influence and can have a bigger impact towards a ravishing landscape.

Stunning walls- essential for any landscape

While enhancing the walls, investing on the right material is important. Every other day, like fashion, the trends change, and newer ideas keep coming in. The textured wall panels are a modern idea for transforming walls and the whole scenario on the whole. 3D wall panels are the most amazing variations among the textured wall panels which give creative repetitive patterns and create magnificent illusions on the application of light. Here are some of the guidelines while investing on the 3D wall panels.

Factors you must consider before buying the 3D wall panels

  • Budget.
  • Purpose.
  • Location.
  • A vision of the project.
  • The ideal type of 3D wall panels.


Any investment or any project requires a budget, and before investing in the textured wall panels, you must prepare a budget on which the choice of the suitable decorative 3D wall panels depend. The decorative 3D wall panels are economical than other ideas considering the impact they have in the place.


Every wall has a purpose and so will be the décor ideas. For example, commercial kitchen wall finishes comprise of stainless steel wall covering kitchen while living room walls will have different 3D wall panels like the leather or gypsum. You have to pick the best one from a wide range of exciting wall panel ideas according to the wall.


Outdoor 3D wall panels are different from indoor, and it's a decisive factor in picking the best 3D wall panels for your walls. Outdoor panels need to be trendy and catchy while the indoors tend to be more creative and help the watchers get carried away to the illusion.

Vision of the project

How will it feel if you don't get the desired look on your walls even after spending a lot of money? So you must foresee the scenario in the place after converting the walls with the decorative 3D wall panels to get amazing décor almost effortlessly on your walls.

The Ideal type of decorative 3D wall panels

There are wide varieties of decorative 3D wall panels, and each one is unique according to the uses and looks. Every wall has an ideal type depending on the applications. You need to test every type according to other decisive factors and pick the perfect one.

Here are some of the leading categories of 3D wall panels by their material.

  • Leather wall panels- intricate curved surface with an excellent padded velvet feel. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms and extensively in commercial spaces. Gives a polished look with excellent 3D effects on the application of suitable light.
  • Gypsum wall panels- simple covering on existing wall. Lightweight and comes in different shapes for any rooms like a conference, reception. Gives a royal appearance with 3D effects on your walls.
  • Wood wall panels- the 3D wall panels have an amazing aesthetic value of class blended with 70's décor. Perfect for setting up a cozy atmosphere in commercial and domestic places.
  • Stone wall panels- perfect for making sturdy walls. Ideal for outdoor use as they are hard and gives a perfect display of uniqueness with rustic appeal. Available in various patterns with amazing color combinations.
  • Steel wall panels- have the characteristic glaze of steel and ideal for almost all walls. The brilliance of steel paired with 3D patterns and ingenious colors sets up the dream landscape in any room.
  • Plastic 3D wall panels- these have an amazing shiny appearance with beautiful colors. Lightweight and perfect for protecting walls from water. Highly versatile and perfect for use on for almost all walls.
  • Metal wall panels- these decorative 3D wall panels are unique, and some have polished surface while others have the dull rustic appearance. Available in the variety of 3D patterns and designs with the show of colors.
  • MDF wall panels- made from medium density fiberboard and available in wide array of patterns with alternating colors. Suitable for use in any wall indoor as the vibrant display of colors will set up your dream landscape.
  • Brick wall panels- ideal for low budget projects. The brick wall panels are lightweight, hard and important in setting up creative, cohesive designs. Ideal for giving the rough appearance and also can protect your walls from wear and tear.
  • Acrylic wall panels- these decorative 3D wall panels are great for giving an unexpected presentation of colors with beautiful patterns with 3D effects. If you want a specialized display of colors and mesmerizing beauty to the landscape, the acrylic 3D wall panels are ideal.

Where to use the amazing 3D wall panels?

  • Reception in any commercial place.
  • Hotel rooms.
  • Hospitals.
  • Corporate sectors.
  • Offices.
  • Casinos or pubs.
  • Government buildings.

Apart from the above-mentioned places, the 3D wall panels are ideal for use on any walls at commercial buildings. They are also suitable for domestic use in different places in the house. Here are some of the special types of 3D wall panels for an extraordinary landscape.

  • Wooden wall plank panels.
  • Wainscot wall panels.
  • Translucent stone panels.
  • Shell mosaic panels.
  • Metal art panels.
  • LED lighted wall panels.
  • PVC panels.
  • Veneer panels.
  • Coconut panels.
  • Cultured stone panels.
  • Bamboo panels.
  • Resin panels.
  • Ancient wood themed panels.
  • Plant fiber panels.

You can pick any one of the amazing wall panels for a fully furnished, mesmerizing landscape. They are excellent for use in the commercial setting. Every commercial setting has a story to tell, and the 3D wall panels help in depicting that on the walls. They are effortless, creative and essential for impeccable display on walls. Being easy to install, they are suitable for renovation projects as well as setting up new walls.

Office DecorThe dull and drab office walls are perhaps giving your cold business feet. Maybe, you are longing to jazz up your office space, but you are baffled about what to choose and what to avoid for making your office space unique and standalone type. Whether it is a corporate house or administrative office of some health care facilities or art galleries or any other commercial indoor you may think of; in the modern era of interior decoration, the best way to style up and amplify your office space is to use 3d wall panels. No matter if you are the owner or person responsible for designing the office space; these textured wall panels rescue you from the designing labyrinth and make your journey in modern wall paneling smooth and pleasant.

Let's have a glance at some facts about the 3d wall panels so that you can opt for these with a clear understanding.

Textured wall panels are the trendsetter

In earlier days office walls used to be decorated by coloring and adding paintings and other pieces of arts. With the advent of three-dimensional wall panels, a new trend has been set. These come in blocks that contain some patterns. When installed on the walls, these form an elegant pattern on the wall and elevate the office space and deliver an affordable solution creating a stunning modern look in the office space. Being easily installable and maintainable, these became the most popular office revamping solution among the owners, architects, and designers.

The magic of 3d wall panels

Using decorative wall panels is an integral part of the modern wall paneling themes. These let you blow up the beauty of your office space making it attractive to the employees and the customers as well. Made from the variety of material, these trendy wall panels add character and warmth to the office space. You can get these made from minerals, plastic materials, stones, metals, etc. These are also available in leather, fabric and many other finishes for giving your office spaces a fantastic look. Wall panels made from green materials are also there. Depending on whether you will be paneling the office interior or exterior, you can choose the best fit for that purpose.

Give the best exposure

While you are revamping your office, you would like to match the decoration with the theme of the works performed there. Depending on your decorating needs, these textured wall panels can be used to give a perfect coverage to all areas from floor to the ceiling. If you need to create some focal point, you can do so by choosing different panels for different walls.

There are different types

With advancement in modern wall paneling, many types of 3d wall panels have come up. These are made from the variety of materials and are named after that. Followings will give you an idea of the types of wall panels available.

  • MDF Panels: Made from medium density fiber board these can transform your office space altogether. This is a cheap decorating option and can also be veneered or painted.
  • Bamboo Panels: This is another cost friendly option that delivers excellent decorating accent, and this is environment-friendly as well.
  • Wooden Panels: These are the traditional wall paneling options. They look elegant and have acoustic insulation properties.
  • Gypsum Panels: Versatility is the main aspect of these panels. These can be formed into any shape and texture. This is a stronger and durable type.
  • Metal Panels: These are usually made of steel and aluminum, but can be made of any metal. This is a high priced option but offers excellent aesthetic beauty and durability.
  • Stone Panels: Manufactured from natural stones and marbles these are waterproof and are ideal for office exterior wall paneling.
  • PVC Panels: Made from plastic material these light but strong panels are very good for office indoors.
  • Glass Panels: Manufactured from tempered glass, these are extremely strong. Available in vibrant colors and lacquered form, these make an office elegantly formal.

You Can Bid Farewell to Maintenance

All office walls may develop cracks with time, and there could be other blemishes as well. When you do wall paneling, it hides all flaws. Moreover, being strong and durable these are not likely to develop scratches making you free from wall maintenance hassles. Cleaning is also easy. Just wipe with a cloth to regain the luster.

No Installation Hassles

Custom wall panels can elevate any office space. Available in geometric shapes these can be installed very easily and can be done by anyone who has patience. Wall panels are also available with free installation options. You may try to get one.

Has Unique Fire Proof Properties

Fire safety is another great aspect of the wall panels. This is one of the coveted benefits you can enjoy with wall panels. Most of the decorative panels are made to deliver fire resistant properties. These prevent spreading of flames for quite a long time allowing you to react. Some of these also have self-extinguishing properties.

These Are Sound Proof

While remodeling the office space, you would certainly want to upgrade the conference hall. This is the place where an important meeting is held and so such places need to have acoustic insulation. Wall panels made from wood, gypsum, and board have very good sound proofing property. You can combine acoustic insulation materials with wall panels to make the office space free from all disturbances.

Basic Reasons for Wall Paneling

A plethora of reasons can be cited in favor of using three-dimensional wall panels for office makeovers. Among all those, the following are the most basic points.

  • These are cost effective.
  • These can be customized to suit specific decor needs.
  • These impart an aura of freshness in office space.

Can Be Used For Other Purposes

The three-dimensional wall panels come in regular geometric shapes and, therefore, these can be used on any surface other than the floor, walls, and ceiling of the office interior.

3D Decorative Wall PanelsNothing stays permanent, and style of all things keeps evolving. To give the house a new definition, just adding on modern furniture will not be enough. The major make-over is indicated by the various types of designer walls present in the modern period. The contemporary era fails to stick to one thing throughout. People love to have changing tastes in home decoration and to add the richness there is a vast number of modern wall paneling to choose from.

Endless Varieties to Style Your Interiors

When it comes to creating the interiors of your house, there are so many choices that one may get into some indecision while selecting from this vast expanse of choices. There are different types of wall panels available in the market made up of various types including glass, bamboo, PVC, gypsum and so on. Made up of various materials, these wall panels go through several manufacturing processes. Designers ensure that these wall panels are uniquely crafted with modern technology. These textured wall panels come in various colors like pastels, transparent and even in three-dimensional view.

What Makes Them So Cool?

Walls are the best element to re-establish any interior setting. A stylish wall panel has many advantages and here is why you must go for it wholeheartedly:

  • Accentuate the decorative pieces adorning your living room and uplift the essence of it.
  • Highlighted interior brick panels help to make the interior look better and classy.
  • A well-defined wall also helps to subside some of the flaws associated with the interior structure.
  • Not only does it helps in rectifying the flaws, but also makes the room look compact and bigger.
  • These technologically advanced wall panels are made with environment-friendly materials and are absolutely moisture resistant.

Style It Your Way

Interior decoration is all about unraveling yourself and putting all your ideas together to construct a beautiful setting. With some lucrative wall designing options available, wall decoration with such creative embellishes becomes a joyous work. A multitude of choices gives rise to several ideas to represent yourself through styling your room.

  • If you seek to identify your room as an epitome of art, then you should go for the 3D decorative wall designing panels. Replacing the ordinary walls of your bathroom and drawing room with 3D wall decoration greatly enlivens the ambiance.
  • If your taste buds for style and décor strives for more and classy is your way, then you can opt for the glass mosaic wall decoration. These are very well suited for your kitchen and bathroom, allowing these spaces to look cleaner and healthier.
  • Whether for your living place or your bathroom, bamboo designer walls are ideal as it helps in carving a piece of nature and inscribing it in the room itself. It is eye soothing and thereby creates a refreshed environment altogether.

Cognitive Designing to Get the Best Results

A definite amalgamation of both idea and requirement is very well necessary. A place can not just look edgy just by incorporating a well-designed wall embellishment. A good creation does need to be implemented beautifully to acquire the best of results. There are several wall panels to work with, but all of them does not fit everywhere. Every design has a different purpose and therefore should be incorporated likewise.

  • The textured wooden panels are best to illuminate either a bedroom or a kitchen to produce that cozy existence.
  • Pastel colored walls have a soothing effect and therefore suits the bedroom walls very much.
  • Brick textured walls have a three-dimensional effect and give any living room the right feel. Their very presence culminates a very aristocrat setting, giving the entire space a very compact outlook.

Definitely Advantageous

The wall panels are a way to re-create a setting, whether on the commercial front or for residential purposes. Rectifying or minimizing the effect of a flaw becomes far less complicated with designer wall panels. With wall panels, there is no need to paint your interiors frequently, and also the chances of the clumsy wiring and cables take a back seat. Silhouetting the interiors with the decorative walls helps to keep the dirt away. This kind of an investment lasts a long time and in a case of any damage, can be replaced in no time without much of a problem.

Lasts Long, Serves Long

The decorative wall designer panels serve for a long time with not much of maintenance or investment associated. Once they are installed, they can serve for almost a lifetime with not much of a problem. These wall panels do not require much care and can be easily maintained by just removing the dirt using a washcloth, once in a while.

Not Just Walls!

Although wall panels are specifically designed for decorating the walls of the interior, at times, they can have multiple uses. They can be used to design the ceilings, floors and also some other aspects of the interiors. Defining any surface with decorative wall panels is very much easy and stylish. Some parts of glue are just enough to fix them and channelize a new dimension to the interiors.

Wall PanelThe walls at offices and other commercial places have an important role to play in the landscape. Stylish and uniquely designed walls are vital for any splendid décor. Almost all offices and commercial spaces with a good landscape require specially designed walls to make it a wonderful place. You can use different types of textured wall panels as they are trendy and ideal for amazing transformations.

What are 3D wall panels?

3D wall panels are special textured wall panels which are designed to give a 3 Dimensional animated view of the wall. They are available in many unique designs. Each one has a unique curved texture with unique pattern and color to give an exotic appearance, and you can choose according to material or purpose.

What are 3D wall panels made of?

The amazing 3D textured wall panels are made of the following materials:

  • Leather.
  • Wood.
  • Stone.
  • Gypsum.
  • Plastic.
  • Steel.
  • MDF- Medium Density Fiberboard.
  • Metal.
  • Bricks.
  • Acrylic.

They are unique in appearance, texture, and use. You can pick the best one according to your requirement. Here are the 3D wall panel's materials in details.

Leather wall panels

The chic and delicate appearance of leather makes leather 3D wall panels ideal for office walls. The rich padded cushion with the velvet feel and the modular design with sophisticated carving expression are unmatched. The precision fit panels are ideal for renovations and are best suited to the focal point of the visitors, background wall surface or any location with a visual transition. Leather 3D wall panels are suitable for all offices, corporate sectors, government buildings, hotels, etc.

Wood wall panels

The premium quality feel and warmth of the wood panels are priceless and their use in landscape décor date back to the 70's. The tradition wooden 3D wall panels with a unique matte texture give an ultimate cozy feel, and they are perfect items for hiding any wall imperfections effortlessly. They are used in background walls, ceilings, etc.

Stone wall panels

The picturesque approach of the stone textured wall panels with the primitive appeal is essential for any corporate walls. The artistic stone wall panels are available in various colors, patterns, textures, and designs will give an authentic natural feel on the walls. They are suitable for walls in primary focus.

Gypsum wall panels

The royal white color of the gypsum 3D wall panels is perfect for maintaining the ideal balance at offices and other commercial landscapes. Though setting up perfect gypsum 3D wall panels is somewhat tricky, it is ideal for background walls as it gives a simple approach to amazing views.

Plastic wall panels

The sleek and versatile plastic decorative wall panels are great for a corporate setting. The thin nature made it usable on almost all kinds of furniture and given the shiny nature, its looks perfect on the application of the ideal shade of color. Ideal for all walls and ceilings and gives a perfect finish with the stunning color display.

Steel wall panels

If you want a unique and glamorous wall, the steel 3D wall panels are just for you. The flexible and durable wall panels are perfect for a gleaming appeal. The wide range of steel panels of various colors, finish, texture comes with a glossy polished surface which is necessary for a perfect wall.

MDF wall panels

If you are looking for the easiest way to bring in the modern vibes into your office and give it a stylish look, the MDF 3D wall panels are just for you. The elegant, lightweight wall panels are designed using computerized curving technique and are more effective if you paint them to produce elegant, smooth surfaces at the interiors.

Metal wall panels

The metal decorative wall panels offer a wide variety of patterns and textures ideal for corporate walls. They have the inborn toughness which can give rigidity to any wall. Some of the textured wall panels have a polished finish while some are dull. They are ideal for a rustic appeal as you can pick your favorite style, texture, color and pattern from the wide range of choices.

Brick wall panels

If you are looking for cost effective decorative wall panels which can light up any scenario, the brick wall panels are just designed for you. You can unleash your creativity and apply suitable color to give the perfect setting in the office. They are suitable for walls which experience wear and tear on a regular basis. They will help protect the walls and give a long lasting glaze.

Acrylic wall panels

The fluid, colorful design of acrylic 3D wall panels is ideal for a fresh atmosphere. These are ideal for walls that are mostly at the focus or places like the reception at an office which greets new people.

Where to use the 3D wall panels?

The decorative 3D wall panels are used almost everywhere. There are specific wall panels for different places also.

  • Wall panels for outdoors.
  • Wall panels for living rooms.
  • Wall panels for kitchens.
  • Wall panels for the bathroom.

Outdoor wall panels

The outdoor textured wall panels are an excellent way to give up the boring old wall. The luxurious and comforting outdoor 3D wall panels comprise mainly the elegant yet durable types like the stone, metal, wooden, or the brick wall panels.

Wall panels for living room

Wall panels made of leather, wood, gypsum, plastic, metal or MDF make excellent walls in living rooms with a touch of creativity and elegance and also cover up the wall imperfections.

Wall panels for kitchens

Kitchen 3D wall panels protect walls from food bits and splashes, and there are wide ranges of wall panels suitable for commercial kitchen wall finishes.

Wall panels for bathroom

Every bathroom needs a classy and elegant finish, and while upgrading the look, it's important to improve the wall panels for bathroom beside spending money on necessary bathroom equipment like shower, bathtub, etc. You can use any wall panel from gypsum, MDF, wooden, brick, stone, etc. to create a splendid setting. You may also choose to mix them for a creative and innovative approach.

3D Wall PanelingIf one is looking to enhance the beauty of one's interior, then the most important thing one needs to concentrate on is interior walls. The walls contribute greatly in making your commercial or residential interior outstanding. To make your walls amazingly attractive and eye-catchy 3D wall panels are amongst best trending interior decoration items. These offer a wide range of benefits ranging from advanced materials, easy installations, low maintenance needs and more. No matter how many flaws your interior architecture, by adding these modern wall paneling you can transform the beauty of your space quite easily. Here we are giving you some major reasons that make these panels must have property for your interior.

1. High Tech Material Options to Choose From

While imagining the 3D wall panels, the most common and classic material idea that comes to our mind is wood. However, this is utterly not the only option available in the market. MDF is the most commonly used material utilized to manufacture these panels. MDF walls not only look elegant but any shape can be given to the panels easily. MDF comes in numerous designs, patterns, and textures and is considered one of the most flexible materials available. If you are watching for highly innovative and high-impact prints, then melamine is another suitable material. You can also look for Polyurethane panels if you are interested in advanced designs. In addition to these, you can get panels for your walls in materials like plastic, stone, aluminum, brick, acrylic, metal, leather and more.

2. Multiple Designs to Choose From

You will be surprised to see that wall panels are available in numerous marvelous designs that you can find your darker wood wall panel options of 70's stand nowhere in front of those. You can have best-suited wall panel design chosen from a wider variety many of which showcase the natural wood grain like the design. The Faux material is also utilized in many of the designs to mimic the elegance of stone, granite, marble, bark, limestone and even more.

3. Option to Custom Design Your Panel

If you don't want to limit your walls up to certain standard options, you can even get custom designed textured wall panels according to your imagination, creativity, and suitability of your interior. You can get personalized paneling custom printed with snakeskin, leather, 3D textures or even more. With such custom design option, you can introduce a unique and diverse wall panel to your space and enhance the aesthetical properties of your interior without utilizing high-cost material or specialized labor. A custom designed wall panel will be unique of all kinds and will be a clear reflection of your creativity.

4. Negligible Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance of wall panels and similar properties always been one of the major concerns. But unlike traditionally painted walls, the various modern wall panels offer you a highly simple and maintenance free solution for your space. You neither need to get your walls painted, nor you need any construction work to maintain the beauty of these. All kinds of modern and decorative wall panels resist impact hence are not prone to marks, scratches, indentations or more. It means you need not to worry about regular wall repairs or touch ups.

5. Capable to Last Long

Even with minimum upkeep requirements, these enjoy long life and keep your walls look beautiful for years. These not only stay elegant for longer but also add years to the walls of your life and keep them in perfect condition. These protect walls from several kinds of damages by getting them covered completely. This means that the structural component of your residence or commercial space will stay in good condition for years.

6. Highly Convenient and Quicker Installation

If you think that installation is so modern, designed and 3D wall paneling would be difficult or time-consuming, you are wrong. Installation is much easier and quicker than what it seems. In fact, after installing these panels, you will find other wall décor items much difficult to install and manage. A large number of wall panels require clip and rail or tongue or groove system to get installed. While other just need some work done with screwdrivers. Not only installation but if you want to remove or replace these, the removal is also quite easier. Without any construction or cement work, you can get these installed or removed anytime and anywhere. Also, their installation or de-installation don't hurt your home or wall in any way.

7. Hide the Flaws of Your Homes

Wall panels are also one of the best solutions to hide different kinds on flaws of your house or commercial building. These can perfectly conceal your wires, cables, damaged walls, ugly architectural properties and more built-in components of walls. You can leave all such flaws unseen by you as well as your guests and make sure that your interior looks outstanding and mesmerizing. These are ideal for any of your rooms, ranging from kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, lobby, guest room or more. You can choose the appropriate and most suitable style as per your requirements and make your space look like never before.

8. Reduced Construction Cost with Limitless Possibilities

If you are planning home improvement and want to avoid unnecessary expenses while also minimizing the hassle caused by construction work, then wall panels are the right solution for you. These will not only give you the best alternative for improving the looks of your walls but will also let you get your remodeling work completed hassle freely at pocket-friendly costs. Despite lesser costs and inconvenience, you can choose from a vast range of design, material and pattern options and get your space decorated the best possible way.

3D wall panels work amazingly for any your interior settings. Realizing all the above-listed benefits of wall panels, you can make your home an enjoyable place to live without much expenses or efforts. Just contact a professional wall panel provider and add life to your walls.

Textured Wall PanelsInstalling 3D wall panels in residential spaces has become the latest trend. Whether it's an apartment, villa, bungalow or even a mansion, homeowners find 3D wall panels to be very convenient, stylish and affordable interior decorative products. Popularly purchased across the globe for home renovations and home décor, these 3D wall panels are known to be the safe option for your home makeover. Today we will discuss why the textured wall panels are beneficial to users.

Climate Tolerant Wall Panels For Both Indoors And Outdoors

The 3D wall panels can be installed in both outdoor and indoor areas of residential spaces making them an excellent option for your home makeover. These panels can tolerate all kinds of weather conditions including excessive sunlight, rainfall, snowfall, humidity and dry air, thus making them ideal for both outdoor and indoor installations. Here's a list of indoor and outdoor residential areas where the wall panels are commonly installed:

  • Kitchen and bathrooms 
  • Living rooms and master bedrooms 
  • Patios and porches 
  • Swimming pool area or in the outhouse 
  • Study rooms or reading rooms

Easy To Maintain And Clean

Another benefit of installing the 3D wall panels is that these panels are very easy to take care of and to keep clean. Unlike actual walls, the 3D wall panels do not require frequent repainting. These panels will remain clean if a simple wet duster or cloth is used to wipe them. Even a simple splash or spray of water on the modern wall paneling is enough to keep it seeming fresh and brand new for years on end.

Sturdy, Durable And Long Lasting

The 3D wall panels are extremely durable and sturdy and therefore have a very long life. These panels will not get dented or damaged if exposed to harsh weather conditions or if handled roughly. The wall panels can withstand all types of wear and tear without deteriorating in quality or even getting spoilt. This long lasting feature of the modern wall panels makes them an excellent investment for home makeovers.

Easy Installation Process

One reason why the 3D wall panels are the best option for home makeovers is that the installation process of the panels is very easy and simple. While panels of different materials have different installation processes, the installation itself can be done effortlessly and quickly. In the case of the wooden, stone, bricks and other such panels, the points of attachment are pre-drilled by the company. In the case of the lightweight concrete panels or even the gypsum panels, a spraying method or hand painting method is used to attach the panels. You don't need to hire professionals for large sums of money to get the installation done; your local handyman is good enough to complete the job.

Several Materials For You To Choose From

The 3D wall panels prove to be an extremely amazing option for home makeovers because these modern wall panels are available in a variety of materials for you to choose from. Every home has its individuality and uniqueness, depending on the kind of vibe you want your home to emit; you will want to choose a wall panel that fits the surroundings. Here's a list of available wall panels for you to choose from:

  • Leather wall panels
  • Gypsum wall panels
  • Wood wall panels
  • Stones wall panels
  • Steel wall panels
  • Plastic wall panels
  • Metal wall panels
  • MDF wall panels
  • Brick wall panels
  • Acrylic wall panels

The plethora of available wall panels makes it much easier for you to make the perfect selection for your home makeover.

Hide Those Awful Wall Flaws

The 3D wall panels make an excellent choice for home makeovers because these textured wall panels play an important role in hiding those grotesque wall flaws that make your home appear unattractive. Often an old home will have cracked walls and the paint chipping off the walls. With the help of the 3D wall panels, these wall flaws can be hidden away, and your home can be given a gorgeous, stylish, classy and brand new look, making them extremely useful home décor items.

Create Unique And Exceptional Décors

Another reason that the 3D wall panels make an excellent option for home makeovers is that these textured wall panels allow you to create all types of unique and themed interiors. For those of you who wish to give your home a log cabin, rustic, wood side home look, the stone panels, brick panels and wooden wall panels are just what you need. Individuals, who wish to give their home a very classy, upscale and modern vibe, the leather panels, acrylic panels and metal panels are ideal. Thus, depending on your taste and preference, you can create all kinds of themed decors that may not have been possible with plain white walls.

Architects At Your Service

CSI Wall Panels has a team of experienced architects who will help you create the perfect home makeover. These architects will assist you to step by and step from the selection of the installation process. These professionals will create digitally rendered images of the space that you wish to install the wall panels in and even provide you conceptual drawings of how space will look after installation. With the help of these architects, your home will be the most talked about in the neighborhood, and you will not need to spend additional money to hire an architect to get your home redone.

Affordable And Cost Effective Wall Panels

Last but not least, these wall panels are one of the best options for home makeovers because of their affordable prices. The textured wall panels can be purchased in large quantities without burning a hole in your pocket. You can install the wall panels all over your home within a limited budget. Thus, these fantastic textured wall panels are an excellent home makeover option and are just what you need to give your residential space a classy, stylish, upscale and individualistic https://genericdrugcenter.com/buy-viagra-online vibe.

3D Textured Wall PanelsAll of us dream of having a beautiful, classy, stylish and elegant home, but investing the time in decorating or redecorating your residential space can become tough due to a tight and hectic schedule. Hiring a professional to get the job done for you can be extremely heavy in the pocket and that only results in further delays. However, with these beautiful 3D wall panels, you no longer need to procrastinate on styling up your home. These breathtaking and exquisite 3D wall panels are just what you need to give your home a classy and upscale vibe. Here is all you need to understand about the 3D wall panels:

Affordable And Cost Effective Decorative Option For Your Home

One amazing benefit of these unique and visually pleasing 3D wall panels is that they are very easy in the pocket. These wall panels can be ordered in large quantities for wall spaces of all sizes and will still not create a dent in the purchaser's savings. Even at these incredibly affordable prices, the 3D wall panels are of such excellent quality and finishing that they can give your home a very classy, sophisticated and upscale vibe.

Cover Those Ugly Wall Flaws With The 3D Panels

Wall cracks; chipping paint from the walls and other wall flaws can look very ugly and unappealing. Getting the walls repainted each time can prove to be a very costly and time-consuming affair. Individuals who have hectic schedules and fast paced lives may not have the time or energy to get their walls repainted every few years and at the same time don't want their homes to look grotesque and unattractive. In such cases, the 3D wall panels can prove to be very handy. These textured wall panels can be placed and installed against walls with flaws to hide those flaws and give your home a whole new look. With this modern wall paneling, you will never again have to worry about repainting your home every few years.

Durable, Sturdy And Durable 3D Wall Panels

Another excellent feature of the 3D wall panels is that this modern wall paneling is very sturdy and durable and has a very long life. The 3D wall panels once installed can last for years on end without needing painting or replacement. Available in a wide range of different types of materials for you to choose from, you need not worry about the wall panels getting dents in them, cracking, or even getting disfigured in any way. These wall panels can withstand rough use and all kinds of climatic conditions without spoiling or deteriorating in quality.

Various Places Of The House You Can Install The 3D Wall Panels

The beauty of the 3D wall panels is that they can be placed or installed in several different parts of your home. These panels can be used in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom and even on the outdoor wall spaces. Some outdoor home wall spaces that the textured wall panels are popularly used in include the terrace area, the porch area, the home entrance and the patio. As far as the kitchen area of your home is concerned, these wall panels can be placed on the wall behind the kitchen counter, on the shelf walls and various other places. In the living room, the 3D wall panels can be installed on the wall behind the fireplace or the wall on which the television has been mounted and so on. Lastly, the 3D wall panels can be placed on the wall behind the bathtub, or even against the wall where the sink is mounted and so on.

Different Varieties Of 3D Wall Panels For You To Choose From

The 3D wall panels are available in a plethora of materials. You can select the type of 3D wall panel depending on the kind of vibe you wish to give your home. For those of you who need to give your residential space a rustic, outdoorsy, log cabin and rugged vibe, the wooden, stone and brick wall panels are ideal. For those individuals who wish to give an artsy, vibrant and colorful vibe to their home, the plastic, gypsum, acrylic and MDF wall panels can be very handy. Lastly, individuals who wish to give their home a unique and upscale vibe can use the leather, steel or metal decorative 3D wall panels. Thus, with these wide ranges of options to select from and can give your home a unique and sophisticated appearance.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Another excellent benefit of the 3D wall panels is that these decorative products are very easy to take care of and clean. Unlike your actual wall, the 3D wall panels do not require frequent repainting and constant care. The 3D wall panels do not end up getting mold in them and thus do not spoil. For the purpose of cleaning a simple spray of water or a wet duster is enough to get the job done.

Light Weight And Easy To Install

The 3D wall panels may look solid and heavy, but in reality, these products are extremely lightweight and easy to transport. Different types of panels have different installation methods but are still very easy to install. In some materials, the company itself will pre-drill the attachment points onto the wall panels, while in other cases the installation will be done through the process of spraying or hand painting.

Get Advice From An Architect

CSI Wall Panels has a team of very experienced architects who will help you decorate your home with the 3D wall panels. From the selection process to the fitting process, these architects will guide you step by step and ensure that your home is the most talked about and gorgeous residential space in the neighborhood. From creating digitally rendered images of your residential space to providing conceptual drawings, these architects will give you all the services you could require for simple and efficient installation.

3D Wooden Wall PanelsLooking to revamp your commercial or residential indoors with modern wall paneling designs? You can lay your hands on many types of 3d wall panels manufactured from different materials.  Well, decorated walls can change the ambiance of any commercial place by adding a wow factor. If you need to combine a dash of splendor to your retail space, nothing can be more efficient than paneling with the wooden panels. These beautiful decorative panels will not let you regret.

What modern decoration is about?

The age old method of decorating a space with furniture, paintings, and mirrors is obsolete now. At present, there are many innovative ideas that are sufficient to change any commercial or residential place within no time, and wall paneling is the most modern theme among those. This is an unorthodox method and uses artificially made panels to bring life to the walls to make the space aesthetically pleasant. There are plenty of decorative elements to choose from, and one can also create the customized design. Moreover, it allows the creative people to play with their imagination for bringing in a positive vibe into space.

What are wooden panels?

These are flat wooden boards of geometric shapes. Other than embellishing the walls, these can also serve many other functional requirements like paneling floors and ceilings of the modern commercial and residential interiors.

Wall paneling of modern interiors

A room having mounted with wooden panels has a better feel. These have been gracing many commercial and residential indoors for quite a long time. Of course, the objective of paneling is to impart a look that is congenial to the theme of the business. For a residential space, these are done matching with the lifestyle. Whether it is a corporate house, hospital, lobby or suite of a luxury hotel or a doctor's chamber, the wooden panels help to build a unique aesthetic value within the space. Due to its serene and simple look, wooden panels are the most preferred option of the modern designers.

There are plethora of decorative elements

Available in many variants, the 3d wall panels are the hottest decorative elements of the recent times. These are made from wide range of materials and are named after that. Based on the requirement one can get anything from:

  • Glass Wall Panels
  • Metal Wall Panels
  • Stone Wall Panels
  • Brick Wall Panels
  • Gypsum Wall Panels
  • MDF Wall Panels
  • PVC Wall Panels
  • Wooden Wall Panels 
  • Bamboo Wall Panels

Wooden wall panels are traditionally elegant

Wood is synonymous with elegance. For decades many decorative elements were made from wood, and the wooden wall panels are no exception. These can cover up a great part of your endeavor for interior decoration. You can find plain brick walls in every commercial and residential space. Wooden 3d wall panels can provide excellent finishing touches to such dull and unimpressive commercial walls. Available in many finishes including clear shines to dark stains, these can deliver a bold, impressive look with the most contemporary flair. These impart an ambiance full of dignity and warmth beside adding character to the place.

Why go for wooden panels?

There are many reasons for using wooden panels. Being in use for a long time these have established utility and importance in paneling walls. These are naturally warm, have a good texture and are versatile for use in many ways. No matter where you use these panels, they always deliver chic and classy ambiance. Having a natural look, these can bring a glamorous change in the setting. 

Choosing the wooden wall panels

Using wooden panels for commercial and residential interiors conveys aristocracy and sophistication of the people behind. Although the wooden panels have been in use for decades, these became an integral part of the modern wall paneling system. Choosing can be challenging as one has to pick from many finishes and styles.  One should consider the following factors:

  • Area of the space available. In case it is a large space you should go for bigger sizes of panels to make it gracious.
  • Color has a tremendous effect. While a bright color will make the place more spacious, using dark shades will shrink the place.
  • These are available in the form of slabs of standard size. So, the calculation must be done to ascertain the number of slabs required for paneling.
  • The shade of the wooden panels should complement the furniture for delivering the best effect.

Types of wooden panels

Wood paneling has a great comeback in modern wall paneling. These are available in many finishes such as Oak, Rosewood, Teak, Maple, etc. and are very popular among the architects and designers. Usually, the wooden panels belong to the following types:

  • Shiplap panel
  • Tongue and groove 
  • Reclaimed wood 
  • Board and Batten 
  • Beadboard panel
  • Flat panel
  • Raised panel 

Wooden panels are sometimes made of engineered wood made by using derivative wood products. The rustic type of wood panels is made from recycled woods.

Features available

Other than their elegant and mesmerizing accents the wooden panels also add unique style to wherever these are installed and have the following features.

  • Can be customized easily.
  • Offer very good acoustic, electrical and thermal insulation.
  • Sanding can repair minor damages.
  • Make the space fresh and cozy

Advantages of wooden panels

Aside from making an interior enthralling, the wooden panels have many advantages:

  • Affordability: These are easily available and do not tax on the wallet. Thus, you can revamp the room at reasonable cost.
  • Mask blemishes: When you install wooden panels that cover all wall flaws, blemishes and offer a gorgeous dream look.
  • Easy installation: These do not require any professional installation. You can get it done by local carpenters.
  • Easy maintenance: The wooden panels are easy to clean. You can clean it with the most cloth and pat dry. Further, these do not require any additional painting.

3D Wall PanelsIf you own a corporate space, it has to be made beautiful for impressing the visitors. The walls are not considered as means of confining a corporate space only; rather these are accepted as focal points to add to the decor. A corporate wall can also be turned into a beautiful canvas with decorative elements. Among the many decorative elements, the 3D wall panels deliver the best result making space elegant. With their amazing style, these textured wall panels transform the corporate space filled with cozy but professional ambiance. Available in wide variants of shapes, styles, and sizes the decorative 3D wall panels can impart a heavenly look.

World of 3D panels 

The 3D panels happen to be the most effective decorative item for revamping the commercial indoors and outdoors. These help to wipe out the dullness and monotony of a commercial space making the space attractive to the customers, clients, and guests.

Integral part of modern decorating theme

Any commercial space has to be beautiful and warm for the people to have positive vibes. Modern decor theme is all about improving a commercial space. With their variety of designs, the textured wall panels can make your place look spacious and full of warmth. Thus, the three-dimensional wall panels are inseparable from the journey to revamp decoration.

Why use these wall panels?

Using wall panels is an inexpensive but long lasting way for making a commercial space enthralling. That is why owners and designers of the commercial spaces prefer this for interiors and exteriors as well.

There are many variants to choose from

The purpose of paneling walls is to make space live. The following lines give you an idea of the different variants of decorative 3D wall panels that you may use for revamping your corporate space.

  • Acrylic Wall Panels: This helps to create a contemporary look. Available in many colors, these are suitable for large areas for their cost effectiveness.
  • Bamboo Wall Panels: Being manufactured from bamboo; these are low-cost green paneling options and deliver a green ambiance.
  • Brick Wall Panels: These are the best for imparting a rustic look to the commercial indoors. Available in many shades, these affordable wall panels can be maintained easily.
  • Glass Wall Panels: This is a high-cost wall paneling option. Made from tempered glass, these can provide strong designs for corporate walls. Using in wet areas is ideal for these panels.
  • Gypsum Wall Panels: Available in wide range of patterns, these offer a modern vibe to the commercial space. These are strong and sturdy and easy maintenance is possible.
  • Leather Wall Panels: These offer a captivating look to the commercial spaces. These are Ideal to use in conference halls and other corporate spaces for creating a luxurious ambiance.
  • MDF Wall Panels: This comparatively cheaper option is available in many colors. Their look can be enhanced by acrylic coating.
  • Metal Wall Panels: This is a costly option but provides better wall protection. Made of aluminum, steel or other metals, these are very strong and sturdy.
  • Plastic Wall Panels: These panels can be installed easily. These are available in many color options and are ideal for covering large commercial spaces.
  • Stone Wall Panels: These are suitable for any corporate space. These are extremely durable and offer very good protection. 
  • Wooden Wall Panels: Traditional, but the unique type of panels for making the environment striking. These affordable panels can be easily installed and maintained. 

These have unique features

When you want to enhance the feel and look of any commercial space, the wall panels are the best for the purpose. Using these decorative 3D wall panels, you can enjoy many inherent features.

  • Make walls chick and classy: The decorative wall panels are the best to provide an elegant appearance. These add a new dimension to the corporate space by improving the aesthetics.
  • Ensure protection of the walls: Although the wall panels are light in weight, these have enough strength. When installed, these protect the walls from moisture seepage. 
  • Cover wall flaws: These decorative elements help to cover up the unevenness, blemishes, and other wall flaws to deliver a pleasant look.
  • These are inert: Most the wall panels are made from substances that do not support the spread of fire. Using these transform your space fire resistant. 
  • Have noise damping properties: The wall panels can moist any noise substantially. When these are installed with acoustic insulation, the area becomes totally soundproof.
  • Easy installation & maintenance: These can be installed easily within a reasonable time frame. You can clean these easily with soap for preserving the beauty for long.

Where can these wall panels be used?

You can use these 3D wall panels anywhere in the commercial setting. Whether it is the office of the CEO, luxury spa, healthcare facility, the office of any kind, exotic bars & casinos, luxury hotel chains & restaurants, entertainment areas, etc., these can be used for bringing an eclectic ambiance.

Mind your theme and space

Before you start revamping your corporate space with wall panels, you must understand the orientation of the space and the walls to be covered. In case you prefer traditional ambiance, you should opt for wooden panels. For making it a dynamic setting, better use textured wall panels of any finish. Whatever you do, that must make the place beaming with elegance.

Other uses of wall panels

As these are available in geometrical shapes, these can also be used for decoration of the ceiling.  The 3D wall panels can use to make the fireplace of a luxury resort a focal point.

How to choose

You must consider their size, style, pattern, accessory requirements and the cost involvement before you procure the wall panels

What to consider while procuring these wall panels?

DIY installation of the wall panels is easy for those who have the skill and patience. Many varieties are available with free installation offer. Better to avail those.

3D Decorative Wall PanelsWhile renovating your office space, you will probably want to do everything to make the surroundings look unique and beautiful. However, often people hold back on going all out with office renovations because they are afraid of what it will cost them. With the help of our breathtaking and exquisite 3D wall panels, you no longer need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket while redecorating your office. These affordable wall panels are visually pleasing and at the same time extremely affordable. Here's why you should consider installing 3D wall panels for your modern office renovation.

Minimum Maintenance And Affordable Pricing 

Unlike other interior products that are highly priced and unaffordable, the 3D wall panels may look expensive but in reality are very affordable. You can cover large wall areas with this cost effective, exquisite and captivating wall panels within your budget. Another reason why you should consider installing the wall panels is that of their easy maintenance feature. The decorative 3D wall panels do not require expensive and special cleaning chemicals for them to look immaculate. A simple wet cloth or a duster will keep these amazing wall panels spick and span. 

Durable And Sturdy Wall Panels 

Another reason why one should consider the installation of the 3D wall panels in their modern office renovation is because of their long life and sturdiness. The 3D wall panels are manufactured in such a way that they can last for years on end without chipping or deteriorate in quality. Further, the wall panels can also withstand extreme and harsh climates. For instance, if your office space tends to receive a lot of inflow of strong sunlight, you need not worry about the 3D wall panels fading or losing their color due to exposure to excessive sunlight. The 3D wall panels can also be used as wall panels for the bathroom as they are waterproof and will also dry up easily and quickly. 

Enables You To Hide Wall Flaws In A Quick And Effortless Manner

The beauty of the 3D wall panels is that they can be used to hide wall flaws effortlessly. Often an old office or commercial space may have several cracks and blemishes in the walls. Such blemishes and cracks not only are visually displeasing but also look shabby and may put off the customer or client. With the help of the 3D wall panels, you can hide such wall blemishes and flaws without getting into the hassle of repainting or retiling the walls. All you need to do is select the wall panel that best fits your requirement and installs it against the wall that is cracked or chipped. You will have a brand new wall with minimum hassles. 

Bringing About A Special Vibe To The Office Surroundings 

Due to the large varieties of available wall panels, you can pretty much bring about a specific vibe to your office surroundings. Here are some samples of what kinds of decors can be created with the wall panels:

  • The interior brick panels give a very rustic yet intellectual vibe to the surroundings that they are installed in. These wall panels are ideal for people who are involved in different types of arts. For instance, the brick wall panels can be installed in a publishing office or a newspaper office. 
  • For those individuals who prefer a classy and professional vibe in their office, the wooden wall panels are just idealistic. These eye-catching panels can be used in numerous modern ways and will truly bring about character and depth to the surroundings. 

Thus, as you can see, 3D wall panels of different materials can help in giving out a special vibe in your modern office surroundings. 

Easy To Transport And Install 

Don't be fooled by the long lasting and heavily durable features of the modern wall paneling, they may be sturdy but are extremely light in weight. The lightweight feature of these decorative wall panels makes them very easy to transport as well as to install. One need not hire a large team of overly priced professionals to get the installation of the wall panels completed. You can notably much do the installation yourself, or for those of you who are more comfortable with getting an expert to do the installation, you can even ask your local contractor to get the work done. 

Can Be Installed Pretty Much Anyplace In The Office 

Another reason to consider installing the 3D wall panels in the office is that these panels can be installed on any and every wall in the commercial space. Whether you want to install the acrylic or plastic wall panels in the bathroom, or you wish to install the wooden wall panels in the CEO's cabin, or even install the brick or stone panels in the office pantry or kitchen, every inch of the office can be styled with these exquisite panels. Further, you can also customize your wall panels by getting them painted in the color of your choice. If your office logo is white and blue, you can probably have the wall panels painted to match the logo colors. 

Leaves A Long Lasting Impression On Clients And Customers 

A beautifully designed office space is bound to leave a long lasting and positive impression on clients and customers. Installing the wall panels in your office will give the surroundings a rich, classy and sophisticated feel to the place. The surroundings of the workplace speak volumes on the staff and the management. A client that walks out with a good first impression is bound to come back and give more business to your organization. Thus, installing the decorative wall panels will be a long-term and profitable investment for you. 

So, if you're looking to revamp your office décor and give it a modern taste, the 3D wall panels are just what you need. Enhance your office space in the most beautiful yet easy to maintain way with our gorgeous and affordable 3D wall panels.

Wall PanelsNo one wants a wall with a vacant look. In case you are suffering from boredom, being surrounded by the plain rustic walls of your home and office, wall panels can give you great relief. With their beautiful designs, the 3d wall panels can enhance the look of your dull walls and make your interior a lively space. Wall panels are made of a wide variety of materials and are available in a large number of modern designs to suit every decor option.

Wall panels, the revolutionary decor element

Like fashion segment, the decoration landscape also passes through continuous changes. Among all wall finishing options, using wall panels has become the most popular trend for giving walls a facelift.  It has bypassed all other options due to attractive textures, durability, and cost. These are available in tiles of specific geometric shapes and hence quite easy to install. Aside from decorative purposes, the wall panels also have many functional properties.

Wall paneling concepts 

The modern wall paneling concept goes beyond simply covering the walls of home or office. When you cover the walls with panels, this makes a beautiful statement of your choice and personality. You can choose from many paneling materials and patterns for livening up your interior to match your philosophy of life and business. There are different themes. You may use same textured wall panels on the four walls or can also opt for different designs on different walls or can do wall paneling of a wall or part thereof to turn it into a focal point. 

Wall panels are essential for many reasons

Be it a home, office or any commercial space wall paneling is the most exciting options in interior decoration. Besides adding elegance to the interior, there are other reasons too.

  • It is the hottest trend: This is the most appealing wall finishing option of recent times for changing your interior environment.
  • Durability: These are quite strong & sturdy and hence offer great durability
  • A wide range of applications: Made from a variety of materials these can be used at many places including ceilings and furniture.

Awesome variety of wall panels

Wall panels add dimension and character to the interior, and you can choose from the wide varieties based on the material those are made of.  The following are the major options to consider.

  • Glass wall panels: Made from toughened glass, these are very strong and durable and specially meant for wet areas where chances moisture ingress is very high. Defining the reception area and other office space is also possible. 
  • Stone panels: Manufactured from natural stone these are also waterproof and fire resistant and can be used for interior wet areas, kitchen, and exterior.
  • Acrylic wall panels: Coming in beautiful design and made from acrylic materials these wall panels can be used all over the interior of home and office.
  • Metal wall panels: These panels are extremely strong and deliver excellent aesthetics and performance. This is a costly option mainly chosen for commercial spaces.
  • Gypsum wall panels: These are strong, durable and can be turned into many shapes and textures. It offers good protection to the walls.
  • Wood wall panels: Aside from adding to the interior decoration, these also help in sound proofing.  Replacement of these panels is also easy. 
  • MDF wall panels: These are manufactured using MDF boards and resin. This is a cheap option, and its beauty can be enhanced by coating and painting.
  • Bamboo wall panels: Made from bamboo, this is a relatively cheaper option and delivers a green interior.

Wall panels can be used at many places

Wall panels can be used for interior decoration of 

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Clubhouses & resorts
  • Bars & Casinos
  • Shopping Malls
  • Exhibition and Trade shows

Wall panel advantages

Wall panels provide an affordable way for revamping the interior, and you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Wall panels enhance interior ambiance with a fresh and trendy appearance.
  • There is the wide range of colors and textures.
  • These need one-time investment 
  • Have easy installation process
  • Can be maintained without much effort

Wall panels have many functional benefits

Besides acting as an element of decoration, the wall panels have many functional advantages. These help to cover all wall flaws. Most of the wall panels offer sound insulation thus, ideal for commercial installations. Wall panels also have fire-resistant properties and therefore render a safe wall finishing option. These also protect the walls from moisture attacks.

Who can use wall panels?

The wall panels are the best available option for amplifying the interior decoration and, therefore, have a prime place in the construction industry.  Besides the home and office owners, these are useful to architects and engineers, builders and interior decorators. 

How to choose the right panel

Choosing the right wall panel needs to consider many factors. Because of many materials, design and color options available, the following tips are helpful for selecting the right one.

1. Visualize what you need: Wall paneling has a vast landscape, and therefore, you should visualize the outcome and be firm on it.

2. Know your Budget: Your budget is the main consideration. In case you are on a tight budget, you may choose acrylic wall panels instead of stone panels for your kitchen.

3. Have everything measured before purchasing: Wall panels come in the form of geometric tiles, and therefore the exact measure of the space is vital to reduce wastage.

4. Know the accessories needed:  Different wall panels need different accessories. You should be clear on that before shopping.

5. Look for free installation: Many wall panels come with free installation offer. Finding one would save the installation cost.

The bottom line

The three-dimensional wall panels create repetitive patterns on the walls and with the right selection of lighting deliver amazing patterns. Being safe to lean on the panels, the wall panels have turned out to be the perfect choice for the home with kids.

3D Wall PanelsRedecorating your bathroom involves a lot of patience and includes several decisions. The materials that you use for the interiors of the bathroom need to be water proof, moisture proof and the material shouldn't spoil quickly when exposed to soaps and shampoos. An excellent way to redecorate your bathroom and ensure the interiors last for a long time is by installing 3D wall panels. This beautiful, sturdy and durable wall panels are available in vibrant colors and shades and can add a relaxing and calm vibe to your bathroom. Here's everything you need to know about the 3D wall panels. 

3D Wall Panels, Last Long, Are Durable And Hide Wall Flaws

The beauty of the 3D wall panels is that they are very long lasting and extremely sturdy. These wall panels can tolerate exposure to water, chemicals that are found in your shampoos and soaps and also toilet cleaning sprays. The wall panels will not lose their color or fade away when exposed to such chemicals. Further, the bathroom is an area that is prone to leakages. Such leakages can leave cracks and ugly blemishes in the walls of the bathroom. If you're looking to cover up these unsightly wall flaws, the 3D wall panels are just what you require. They will hide the cracks and blemishes and at the same time add color, vibrancy, and life to your otherwise dull bathroom. 

The 3D Wall Panels Are Affordable And Cost Effective 

When redecorating the bathroom, most people prefer to spend minimal sums of money. The 3D wall panels are very affordably priced and cost effective. Installing these decorative panels in the bathroom is practical and easy on the pocket. You can create a bathroom that looks like the bathroom of a luxury hotel within a limited budget. All the walls in the bathroom can be covered with these exquisite panels, irrespective of the lengths and widths of the various walls because you will find the pricing to be very convenient.

Several Interesting Materials To Choose From

While decorating the bathroom, you may be confused about which modern wall paneling you should choose. The textured wall panels are available in a variety of materials. You can choose wall panels that match the overall theme and vibe of your apartment, office, commercial space or house. Here are some materials for you to choose from:

Wooden Wall Panels – For those of you looking to give your bathroom a sophisticated, elegant and upscale vibe, the wooden wall panels are just what you need. These wall panels look excellent in luxury hotel bathrooms and also high-end villa bathrooms. 

Brick Wall Panels – The brick wall panels are ideal for those individuals who prefer to give their homes and bathrooms a very rustic and rugged vibe. The brick wall panels are available in a range of neutral shades such as grays, browns, and whites. 

Plastic Wall Panels – The plastic wall panels are best suited for children's bathrooms or bathrooms that are located in medical institutions such as hospitals. These shiny and sleek wall panels are extremely lightweight and are also rust proof. Further, they are available in gorgeous colors and shades. You can choose from pretty lilacs and purples to deep reds and Burgundies, light pinks, cloud blues and various other shades. 

Besides the above-mentioned list, there are tons of other materials available for you to choose from. Metal wall panels, stone wall panels, gypsum wall panels and 3D wall panels in various other materials are available. 

Easy Transportation and Installation Process 

Due to the lightweight feature of these lovely wall panels, they become very easy to transport as well as install. People, who are on a limited budget, need not hire a team of skilled professionals to get the wall panels transferred and installed. You, yourself can quickly and effortlessly install the 3D wall panels. For those of you who prefer to have a skilled or trained person install the wall panels, your local contractor is good enough to get the job done. 

Different Types Of Bathrooms Where The 3D Wall Panels Can Be Installed 

Besides the bathroom in your home or residential unit, the decorative 3D wall panels can be installed in several other bathrooms. Some of these bathrooms include bathrooms in resorts, bathrooms in luxury hotels, bathrooms in night clubs, pubs or lounges, bathrooms in offices, bathrooms in coffee shops, bathrooms in public libraries or other corporate spaces, hospital bathrooms, bathrooms in a doctor's clinic, bathrooms in movie theatres, restaurant bathrooms and so on. Depending on whether the bathroom is situated in a commercial or residential space, you can select a bathroom theme in accordance. 

Easy To Clean And To Maintain

Another reason why considering the installation of wall panels in the bathroom is highly recommended is due to these gorgeous panels are very easy to clean and to maintain. You don't need to use special cleaning chemicals and equipment to keep the dust and dirt away from these wall panels. A simple wet cloth or a duster is good enough to do the trick. Further, if the bathroom is one that receives an excessive inflow of sunlight, you need not worry about the panels losing their color or fading. These panels can pretty much withstand the harsh rays of the sun and require zero or no maintenance. 

Shell Mosaic Wall Tiles, A Hot Favorite For Bathrooms

From all the available wall panel materials for you to choose from, a hot favorite amongst our patrons is the shell mosaic wall panels. These panels have a breathtaking and super classy mother of pearl effect. They can give the bathroom a very upscale a chic vibe. These panels are ideal for luxury bathrooms that have their very own Jacuzzi or bathtub. 

So, if you're looking to redecorate your bathroom with wall panels, you have come to the right place. Select panels that best fit the theme of your residential or commercial space, order them, install them and voila!

3D Wall PanelsAre you looking for the super stylish makeover of your offices or your home yet not convinced by the conventional ideas? The 3D wall panel is the solution for all your makeover woes. They might not be new to the market, but they are known to give your home and office walls new life. They have redefined the modern and sophisticated appearance. They are affordable yet give your home or office such a beautiful and classy transformation. The decorative 3D wall panels are available in different styles, textures, and colors. Eco-friendly material and durability of 3D wall panels give you more reasons to buy them.

Accessorize Any Room in Style

These elegant wall panels have a lot of misconceptions around them. Many believe they have a limited usage however the truth is opposite to that. You can use these decorative 3D wall panels in each and every room of your house, and yes that covers your kitchen and bathrooms too. Most of the 3D wall panels are moisture resistant and hence can be easily used in your shower area too. Now no need to worry about your dull, lifeless walls as the alluring option of 3D wall panels is within the easy reach of all. For each room, there is a broad range of options available to choose from and make your home and office look trendy.

Material Magic

Wall Panels are available in different materials like gypsum, wood, plastic, bricks, etc. There is a broad range of variety and no matter what material you choose in the end; your walls will become a treat for the eyes. Different textured wall art, each standing out differently and pleasing in its way makes the shopping fun. The wooden finish of 3D wooden panels perfectly complements the woodwork of your kitchen while the brick wall panels for your outdoor walls looks the best. One can choose MDF panels or gypsum or even metallic panels according to your taste for different rooms.

Add Your Personal Touch

If you tend to get tired easily and love to revamp your home or you are a DIY enthusiast, then you can buy 3D wall panels that can be painted on. You can paint them up using your creativity and give it your personal touch. Don't worry if you don't find a 3D wall panel matching to the image you had in your mind. You can continually communicate your requirements and get a customized 3D wall panel. 

Quick and Easy Installation

Say goodbye to the lifeless and unanimated walls and bring the 3D wall panels home. It has made home or office makeover so much simpler and fun. The whole process of installation does not require professionals. If you love DIY sessions, you can quickly transform your room and bring it to life in a few steps only. 3D wall panels guarantee minimal mess. The renovation of conventional brick and mortar walls takes a lot of time. However, one does not need to spend a lot of time in improvement if they have 3D wall panels. Need not to say the whole process is hassle free and can be done by anybody and not just artists. The wall panels appear bulky and heavy but are extremely lightweight. Hence, they can be easily transported and installed. 

Easy on the Pocket and Nature

The elegant designs are not only the reason for their popularity. The inexpensive nature makes it grab popular votes. It is very light in your pocket, however; the animated wall panels make it seem luxurious. The eco-friendly nature makes the decorative 3D wall panels favorite among the masses. Nowadays everybody is very much conscious about the environment. All the 3D wall panels are made up from reclaimed wood, and all are raw materials used is recycled and biodegradable. The base of the 3D wall panels is made of Bagasse i.e. the fibrous residue left after extracting the juice of sugarcane. If you were eyeing on stylish wooden walls for your kitchen, then it's the time to bring home wooden panels with 3D designs. 

Goodbye to Maintenance

The common walls of your house or commercial space may have developed cracks or flaws over time and make you feel the need of renovation. But you can always opt for 3D wall panels which will not only save your money and time but also will help in hiding the wall flaws. It scores full marks in the maintenance department as well. If your room has painted walls or wallpapers, you are well aware of the regular maintenance they require. However, wall panels are long-lasting and do not attract scratches, spill marks. With wall panels installed in your home, you do not have to worry about frequent touch ups or wall repairs. The 3D panels not only make a style statement but also take care of all hygiene issues. Wall panels are the lot simpler to maintain as compared to the walls made of brick or wood as these panels have a common surface which can be simply wiped. All you need to wipe with a clean cloth and all the spill marks are gone.

Fire and Soundproof

The lists of benefits of 3D wall decorative panels are long. The 3D wall panels have been designed to offer fire resistance properties. They prevent the flame from spreading and can withstand fire for an ample amount of time, providing you enough time to react. Most of regular concrete walls and wallpapers are not fire-resistant; however, 3D wall panels are made of polystyrene which has self-extinguishing properties. They are not only fireproof but can also be made sound proof. All you have to do is to combine the decorative wall panels with an acoustic insulation stuff. e.g. one can use fiber and plasterboard so that you get soundproofed walls. The 3D wall panels ensure quieter and stylish rooms for you.

So go out and bring the 3D wall panels for your home or office and bring your walls to life. Add some lights with these beautiful 3D wall panels and results are spectacular.

3D Decorative Wall PanelsWhether it is your living room or master bedroom, the walls form great canvas. When someone steps inside, the walls are the first thing noticed and well-maintained walls make your space look elegant. On the contrary, improperly maintained walls could make your room uncomfortable.  Paneling walls have been the most useful way of making an area beautiful and using 3D wall panels has become the most recent trend of interior designing for adding charms to the walls. The 3D panels can add character and dimension transforming your property to space with the coziest ambiance.

Why switch to the 3D panel?

Using 3D wall panels for revamping rooms is the hottest and the most recent trend of interior designing. When you want to make changes to your home decor and want it to look luxurious and classy, the 3D wall panels can deliver you the most mesmerizing look. These can embellish the walls with realistic patterns and textures in the simplest way for letting you have the most stylish wall designs.

You have many options to choose from

3D decorative wall panels are available in geometrical shape and come in the form of tiles. There are many options:

Acrylic Panel: This paneling option is the most suitable when you want to infuse relaxing and colorful mood into the room.

Bamboo Panels: Made from bamboo pulp, these cheap paneling options bring in a natural to the interior decoration.

Bricks panel: With its rough and rustic look, this imparts the most wonderful appearance to the walls.

Glass Panels: Made of tempered glass this is very strong and sturdy. This is a costly panel and cannot be broken unless hammered with a hard object.

Gypsum Panel: These versatile panels can be cast into any shape or texture making them unique decor element.

Fabric Panels: Manufacture from glass fiber, vinyl materials, and woven fabric these ensure maximum sound insulation property.

Leather Panel: Made of leather these wall panels deliver a classy and regal ambiance to the living rooms.

MDF Panel: Made from medium density fiberboard these are available in many patterns and can be made glowing by proper paint.

Metal Panel: These are very vigorous and sturdy and can deliver shiny appearance to the walls with the metallic luster for charming onlookers. 

Plastic Panel: Made from plastic material, these are light and one of the cheap wall decorating options to be painted for a better look.

Stone Panel: With its stony structure, this can impart the most appealing look to your room.

Wooden Panel: Made from wood this is an affordable option and can offer the most traditional look to your room.

Can be used to revamp many settings

These are beautifully crafted for meeting the design requirements of various places, and the unique factor of the 3D wall panels is that these can be used for interior decoration of many settings including:

  • Residential apartments
  • Office rooms 
  • Conference halls
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Luxury resorts and clubhouses
  • Casinos & Shopping malls 
  • Hospitals

Make interiors chick and classy 

These are in great demand for interior decoration for their ability to enhance the curb appeal of homes. An ugly wall with flaws is always sore to the eyes, and by using 3D wall panels, you can hide the wall flaws and avoid repairing or remaking. These are great to liven up any dull room to a trendy one.

You have enough flexibility to use

In spite of being called wall panels, these decorative products can also be used for adding a touch and glamor to the ceiling of residential and commercial properties. The 3D wall panels can also be used to turn the fireplace or any other part of the room to a focal point. Other than this, 3D wall panels can also be used for embellishing bed heads, cabinets, doors, and reception desks, etc. as well.

Act as protector of the walls

3D wall panels are made light but durable.  When these are used for interior decoration of homes or commercial settings, these make the wall strong and sturdy besides improvising the look. Being water resistant, these are not affected by moisture and ensure protection against moisture ingress. These panels can withstand the effect of earthquake and strongest cyclone and keep your property safe aside from styling the same.

Great fire resistant decorative pieces

Most of the 3D wall panels are manufactured from materials that have self-extinguishing properties. Moreover, the concrete layers provided on the sides make the panels inert for combustion. Thus, these score over other interior decorative elements.

Ensure substantial noise insulation

The 3D wall panels can deliver great sound proofing property. Moreover, when acoustic insulation is applied along with the panels, these offer the best noise insulation option making the room totally sound proof.

Playing with imagination is possible

You can add individual character to different walls of the room, and the panels are so beautifully patterned, that the textures deliver a cozy three-dimensional appearance when properly illuminated. Moreover, you can paint the 3D panels for ensuring attractive interior decoration.

Maintenance is very easy

Maintenance is the biggest headache for any interior decoration. In this respect, the 3D wall panels outweigh others. Simple dusting and cleaning with soap are enough to retain its beauty and freshness for long.

Save time due to easy installation process

Due to their rapid and easy installation process, 3D wall panels are in high demand in the decoration industry than the traditional wall paneling accessories. Coming indefinite geometric shapes, these take less time for assembly.  You need not take professional help. The installation friendly wall panels can also be mounted following DIY process.

Unique wallet friendly option

In spite of their heavily textured look, the 3D wall panels are realistically priced for their utilities. There are many varieties, and these are available in wide price ranges. You are sure to get an affordable panel without any compromise on quality.

3D Decorative Wall PanelsIn the era of modern art and designs, one of the ways to amplify the feel of a certain indoor place is by using different artistic products to make it visually appealing. At times, it becomes very hard to manage the designing elements in such a way, so that the entire place looks spacious and neat. To rescue the designers from this mess, 3D wall panels are presented by this site, which makes the overall journey of making a place beautiful, worthwhile.  These wall panels are easily customized and are available in different textures to make sure that a broad range of options is possible to the buyers.  Let's look at some important facts about 3D wall panels, which make it very clear for you to go for them.

What are 3D wall panels?

3D wall panels are the ultimate decorative element to break the monotony of a dull room and make it a better place to live in. The wall panels are available in different designs and textures, which makes it very easy for the buyers to decide the appropriate one which suits the theme of the certain room or office. The wall panels are easily printable, thus helps the customers to customize it, print it and use it to decorate any unattractive wall.

Some facts which make 3D wall panels the ultimate decorative element 

3D wall panels are one of the best ways to design your house or office in such way so that the overall look becomes crisp and compact. Here are some facts which make the overall idea of switching to 3D wall panels, better than ever.

  • 3D wall panels enhance the feel of your living room with different artistic designs.
  • These wall panels' works well with any theme, giving the whole idea of decoration, a realistic approach. 
  • The wall panels help to hide the faulty walls by giving them a new sophisticated look.
  • These are very easy to customize and print, which cracks the deal in a smooth manner. 
  • Being 3D, these wall panels are capable of retaining the natural charm, which is good news for people who are fond of nature related decoration.
  • These panels are very easy to maintain once installed, which keeps the customers happy forever. 

Types of 3D wall panels

3D panels are one of the best decorating elements when it comes to enhancing the feel of your room in an efficient way. The 3D wall panels are available in different types, which make it even better to select the appropriate one for your project.  The various types of 3D wall panels are wood paneling, vinyl peel, metal 3D tiles, leather tiles and other interesting textured 3D panels which abet the process of decoration. 

Ideas related to the usage of 3D wall panels

When it comes to design a particular room by following certain etiquette, it becomes very difficult to find an appropriate designing element which doesn't make the whole design look clumsy and maintains the level of sophistication.  The 3D wall panels can be used in houses, offices, restaurants, malls, hospitals, luxury hotels, banquets. The easy availability makes it effortless for any customer to install them in their respective places. The 3D wall panels are usually used for:

  • Enhancing the beautification factor of a living room: Any dull wall of a living room can be reconstructed by using 3D wall panels, which makes it very easy to decorate the entire area in a bright yet simple tone, amplifying the hidden beauty of the place. 
  • Renovating cafeterias and restaurants: Renovation becomes very easy with 3D wall panels because of the easy installation process. The 3D wall panels are easily customized, which gives the customers, the authority to redesign it according to their need. 
  • Giving a rich look to the retail malls: The 3D wall panels are innovatively designed to present the whole decoration in an aristocratic manner, making the overall look fancy yet sophisticated.

Materials used to compose 3D wall panels

3D wall panels are productively crafted with materials which are retrieved from nature to give it a realistic look. The general materials are like wood, bamboo tissue, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which makes the end products almost environment-friendly and safe.  

Saves a lot of your valuable time

The 3D wall panels are pre-designed to rescue you from the pain of designing, making it easier than ever to hide all the flaws of a wall and refurbish it in an efficient manner.  Moreover, after installation, there are no such steps regarding maintenance to follow, which is an excellent way to save your valuable time and decorate the entire area in an efficient way.

An inexpensive way to make your apartment enthralling

3D wall panels are preferred by most of the designers because these are extremely pocket-friendly which makes the idea, a perfect investment. Moreover, very less investment is needed to install it and for further maintenance. 

Gives a final exposure

From the ceiling to the floor, 3D wall panels can be used to provide a perfect coverage to all the faulty elements which make a room dull and clumsy. The wall panels give a final finishing to the entire design, which makes it the center of attraction. The different types of 3D wall panels are available in different shades which make the work easier than ever.

Maintenance free

Interior designing becomes satisfactory when maintenance becomes trouble free. And when it's about 3D wall panels, very limited and easy steps are related to the maintenance, making it the perfect designing element to investing on.

3D wall panels3D decorative wall panels are among modern interior design styles and trends. These can outstandingly replace your traditional hangings and painting with their stylish looks and carved wood piece designs and give you a perfect way to add contemporary flair to your interior home design. These decorative panels can be made available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. You can enjoy popular shapes to creative custom designs in these wall panels for your interior. In custom 3D wall panel, these panels are crafted to give a personalized style to your interior design and add unique and wonderful masterpieces as your room decors. You can have the option to choose from different thicknesses, patterns, and textures of these wall panels to suit your personalized interior design needs.

Classic Wall Panels To Cover Minimal Area of Wall

If you want to make sure that most susceptible and minimal areas of the wall can be covered, then classic 3D wall panels are one of the best options to choose. These wall panel decors are brightening and attractive and required the least amount of cleaning efforts. To give your wall panels more personalized look and feel, you can combine these with transitory or compact modern wall panels. These can help you divide cubicles for your family room decorations. Wall panel areas can be amassed with any material like wood that can enhance their glory. They are covered with fabrics or grained materials to add enrichment and appeal to the walls. These are capable of giving your wall an elegant mixture of color, style, and beauty effectively.

Decorate Home Even in Limited Budget with Fabric Wall Panels

If you are on a tight budget and can't spend too much on wall decorations and still want to make your interior, outstanding, fabric wall panels are perfect options. These have the looks that can give your home or any interior space a completed look. This is an alternative wall panel that utilizes fabric wrapped with embellishments to eliminate resonation. Even in any other kind of 3D wall panels, you can get this fabric work done upon request with some of the wall panel providers.

Try the Unique Textured Wave Wall Panels

Have you got bored with your traditional wall design? A textured 3D wall panel can amazingly transform your space to an appealing and interesting one, with its unique design. Textured wave wall panel is one of the most significant parts in enhancing your space. 

For example, if you want contemporary inner walls, these will be covered with minimal design and embellishing portrayed by 3D wave wall paneling style. These give you an extraordinary way to streamline wall of your home to decorate a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and more. These are also ideas as these can eliminate the long-term expenses and can give a rich look to your space. If you want to give an immediate makeover to your interior walls, these wave panels are the ideal choice for you. You will be satisfied with these artistic designs that can give your space a rich, slick and productive appearance.

Give A Customized Look To 3D Wall Tiles

Walk into your home with getting the fresh and unique look of your walls every time with 3D wall tiles. This might be one of the incredible options to decorate your home especially greater parts to give them ornamental feel and appearance. In addition to the ornamental look, these are also one of the affordable wall decor solutions. These panels can be used for a solid structure and can help you substitute block walls for partition of the room. By your paneling requirement, tile 3D wall panels can be done on both the sides of the wall. More beauty to the walls can be added with smart installations. You just need to select the area to which you want to give special highlight, and these tile panels can give a classic outlook to your home. Your place will look alluring fascinating with these 3d wall panels.

Make Your Home Remodeling More Exciting And Unique

You might be fed up of various home decor items, paintings, hangings and all. At the same point, you want to make your home walls look outstanding and remarkable. Although there are a wide variety of wall panels available in the market, nothing adds appeal to your interior until it is designed specifically considering your interior aesthetic properties. Remodeling can be a fantastic opportunity for you to decorate your home walls leaving your personalized style. Remodeling can let you decorate your walls in the way that you have thought and planned for your home. You can get the custom designed wall panels for your walls, and those will carry the shapes and patterns of your choice. You can look for a wide variety of 3D panel collections in the market and get these framed with custom shapes and styles to give fresh inspiration to your interior.

Get the Custom Panel Designed to Give Your Walls Signature Looks

Whether it's your home or your office space, if you want it to appeal everyone with its charm, it is crucial to reflect an expression of your person class and style from your decor. And it's the era of creativity and possibilities, so you can come up with your ideas and implement them on your interior walls in the form of creatively designed custom wall panels. Whether you want to create a vibrant and fun-filled setting for your home or a fresh and energetic interior for your workspace, your custom wall panels can beautifully characterize your space. You can choose the patterns, style, and sizes of your choice and get custom wall panels created to suit your specific interior properties. The custom designed panels can never let the rest of the theme of your space go down.

Easier Installation Process

You might be thinking of how much efforts you will have to put to make your wall look appealing with these custom 3D wall panels. But it is surprising that it takes much lesser efforts to install these panels on walls than any other construction work. According to your requirement and the special wall panel design chosen, some of these may even need to be installed only with screwdrivers. Therefore you don't have to put major efforts as well as cost in installation. Similarly, you can get these replaced easily whenever you want to give a new design to your walls.

All you require to do is to find a reputed custom 3D wall panel design provider and share your unique design opinions with him/her. You need to define the style that you want to showcase in your wall panel, regarding its thickness, size, pattern and material and a professional designer will https://canada-generic.com/generic-cialis-online let you fall in love with your space by decorating it in such an awesome way.