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Glacier CollectionID# GLC001


Glacier CollectionID# GLC001

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Glacier Collection is a Custom Luminous Surfacing Material cast in 5’ x 5’ resin panel for interior use. Great natural development to create a dramatic ice formations. Elaborated installation on site. Parallel lighting design to be implemented in order to achieve spectacular impressions . An extraordinary application as a show display. Glacier Panel Collection provides the look and feel of natural ice formations, Also applicable for bi-dimensional panels for colorful expression of contemporary architectural finishes.

  • Translucent material indoor collection
  • Molded from real rock formations
  • Ideal for continuous wall, and ceiling applications
  • Markets include commercial, Amusement, Leisure and Zoo Habitats applications
  • Tailored to suit your own experience
  • Engineering framing and lighting impact design system
  • Specification
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CSI Wall Panels

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Glacier Collection


Glacier is a collection of cast resin features that resemble real stone formations, built with lighting and translucence in mind.


Reinforced Plastic


7 Designs


Resistant to chemicals, stains, water, fire retardant, abrasion and more.

No Demolition Required

Avoid debris, dust, and other contaminants. Save time and money on demolition and disposal.

Integrated Lighting

Dynamic integrated lighting makes use of translucent material.

Fast Installation

Save on labor costs with fast, straightforward installation.


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