Looking for an Office Decor MakeoverIf your creativity in your mind you are bound to apply them in every sphere of your life. Be it in your office or in your home your artistic craving will force you to do something new each time. So, don't try to suppress your desire. Try something new in your office also to give a makeover to your working place. However, if you lack such imaginative eyes, here are some useful tips for you that will make magic in your office décor. 

Use of CDs  

It is needless to say that your office must have piles of old and unused CDs. Do not throw them in your basket. Instead, try something innovative with these CDs. Place one of them to support an uneven table or chair. They will be fitted accordingly and will look beautiful. You can also use them as your office coasters.

Order some fresh flowers

Fresh blooms always add instant ornamentation to a dull office set up. Make it a practice to change them out every week. When you or your employees notice a bunch of decorative flowers on the office tables, you will start freshly along with your team. They look fresh and pretty and smell great to act as a mood-lifter.

Modified charging station with bottles

Create a unique charging location with cups and bottles avoiding the ugly look of your phone sitting on the table or floor while it charges. Cut away the crown section of the bottle to give it a proper shape. 

Hanging art piece in frame  

When you are bound to spend more time in your workspace or your office, then it is needed to be decorated with the art piece of your loving. Try to keep those pictures attracts you more. The inspiring pictures will remove your exhausted mind within a minute. So, choose different sizes of simple, fashionable frames to fill them with artwork of your loving. This not only conceals those unpleasant connector lines of your office, but it provides you a visual flight when you need it.

Add colorful accessories

To keep the energy level high, you can add some colorful accessories to your office. The bold and vibrant color might boost your energy along with your co-workers to be more productive. You need a cobalt blue pen holder that is simple and modern and also takes up very little space but provides a creative look when paired with a red task lamp.

Hang pictures of your idols or beloved or places

Having a framed picture or a poster in your office room might go to inspire you for the whole day. It may give you the peace, relaxes the mind to bring greater happiness and satisfaction during the workday. Just like at domicile, when you prefer to hang any artwork of your loving, a cubicle certainly get its benefit. 

Choose 3D Wall Panels For The WOW Factor

For a truly memorable office makeover, you need the essential WOW factor. 3D wall panels deliver it to you, at affordable prices. These panels come in dozens of designs and textures, don’t cost much, are durable, require little to no maintenance, and look beautiful all year long!

Everyday Items as Ornamentation

You may organize those markers that are of your everyday use. You can also hang them from the office wall with your scissors and tape. This is not only to décor your workplace, but likely to encourage creativity within you. Only you have to look at this matter that you have to arrange your everyday items within simple reach. 

Place the surge protector below the desk using a kitchen basket

While you are getting tired by stretching your feet hitting a tangle of technology, help yourself by suspending the surge protector with a wire basket of your kitchen.

Corner bookshelf 

The corner of the office wall should not be neglected in any way. Rather you should give extra care to decorate it with some modern corner shelf. This will not only help you to arrange your magazines in an easy way but these magazine holders will hide the wires attached in corner of your office wall. So, place a shelf in the corner of your office or cubicle and you will get a shelf with a small storage space.

Use paperclip as a decoration

Do not throw a paperclip casually here and there. Rather you can convert a paperclip into a hook to hang a picture. So try to bend it out of form and press it into the fabric on your office wall. Now hanging of pictures is so easy.

Fix organizing bins to decorate your wall

This is a great idea if you want to use the vertical space. It makes your counter look stylish and help to stay organized. You may also attach bins openly to your cubicle walls to consider using bins in the corner of your counter.

Use an old canvas painting on your magnet board

Paintings of old age have a sensational appeal to everyone. These are the paintings that are easy to be found in your office garage or storeroom. You may have piled them there for gathering dust. Remove the original casing and use hot glue to attach it to a metal board fixed in your office. Now you can enjoy the scenic place to hang photos, notes, and important papers with the help of magnets.

Use of mirrors can create extra brightness of your working place

The office environment looks oppressive with its diffuse lighting use some mirrors that will help you combat the problems of gloominess. Only one or two mirrors will reproduce more light into your workspace to create the illusion of more space.