3D Wall PanelsWhether it is a commercial or residential complex, we always dream to have a stylish and elegant interior. Walls are not for confining a space only, these are, in fact, large canvas. When decorated properly, they can add a dash of splendor and sophistication to the place. Traditionally coloring and adding furniture, paintings and showpieces have been used for decorating interiors. But, this philosophy has changed with the introduction of the 3D wall panels.

Modern interior decor theme

Modern interior decoration theme has gone far beyond coloring or covering the walls using wall sheets for a living room. Paneling walls is now a long-lasting way of having a glam interior. The innovative 3D wall panels are apt to transform any commercial or residential indoor into a live and aesthetically pleasant space that will delight and charm everyone present.

You can choose from many variants

There are a plethora of variants in CSI collections of 3D wall panels. Made from different materials and named after that, these are the hottest decorative trend now. Depending on your design requirements you can pick anything from

  • Wood wall panels: These are the traditional way for adding depth and character to your interiors.
  • Gypsum wall panels: The most popular form of 3D wall panels. These are ideal for a better surrounding with grace and function.
  • Metal wall panels: Largely used in commercial indoors, this costly option can provide simple but elegant interiors.
  • Brick wall panels: These are ideal for creating warm and sophisticated interiors. Using real brick wall panels makes your walls more strong and protected.
  • Acrylic wall panels: These have a modern fun design. These can create a contemporary look in your home or office interiors lighting up space.
  • Stonewall panels: Interior faux stone wall covering delivers a rustic look to the corporate and residential interiors.
  • Plastic wall panels: These are very sleek and shiny and can be used on walls and furniture. Available in myriad colors and textures can deliver a vibrant interior.
  • MDF wall panels: Made from medium density fiberboard, this is a cheap wall paneling option. Can offer a beautiful look when veneer coated or painted.
  • Glass wall panels: Strong due to use of tempered glass. These costly 3D wall panels are ideal for the commercial interiors.
  • Bamboo wall panels: This is a cost-effective option. With bamboo wainscoting, you can have nature-inspired interiors in your home or office.

Places to use wall panels

When decorating commercial indoors, the 3D wall panels can be used in the president's chamber, conference room, luxury hotels, bars, casinos, etc., and for home decoration, anywhere from living room to the kitchen and bath.

Shopping wall panels

While shopping wall panels, you have to consider many things because different wall panels are required for different applications. You can shop CSI 3D wall panels by

  • Material – Acrylic, Glass, Wood, MDF
  • Rooms - Lobby, Waiting Area, Dining
  • Types - Plastic wall panels, wainscoting wall panels, LED wall panels
  • Collection Glacier Collection, Adventure Panel Collection, Green Idea Collection
  • Theme – Urban, Mediterranean, High Tech
  • Application - Community, Commercial, Medical, Educational

3D wall panels are durable

The greatest advantage of 3D wall panels is that these are very strong and sturdy. They can withstand exposure to water and hence can be used in any place inside residential or commercial Complexes. These never fade in color, and once installed, they stay there for long delighting you and protecting walls.

Masks wall flaws

With aging, all walls have cracks, holes and other blemishes like chipping of paints delivering a dull and shabby appearance. While repairing of the walls may be very costly, paneling the walls with 3D wall panels is the smartest solution to cover such blemishes. Other than hiding wall flaws, you will have a gorgeous interior.

You can install these easily

Although the 3D panels appear to be heavy, those are actual light in weight. These are also available in modular forms. Being light and having a geometric shape, these can be installed easily on the walls without any problem.

Maintenance is also easy

Maintenance is the major point of concern for any interior decoration item. The 3D wall panels do not require any major maintenance protocol. They do not fade, and retain their look and freshness when cleaned with soap and dusted periodically.

Can also be used in wet areas

Wall paneling of the shower and the kitchen can be a daunting task. As these places are high wet areas, you have to do waterproof wall paneling. Using stone, glass and other waterproof 3D wall panels, you can decorate such extreme wet areas.

Provide acoustic insulation

The 3D wall panels offer reasonable soundproofing capacity. However, if you wish to make your conference hall soundproof, you may use customized panels made from acoustic insulation materials for that purpose.

Ensures fire safety

Among the plethora of benefits of the 3D wall panels, fire safety is of most importance. The 3D wall panels are designed to be fire retardant. If there is fire outbreak, these will not help spread of fire, as those have self-extinguishing properties. This will let you have ample time to react.

Can be used for other purposes as well

The design and texture of the 3D wall panels include geometric patterns, lines, and textures. This made them suitable for use in covering the ceilings and other surfaces. By paneling the fireplace with stone wall panel, you can make it a great focal point in the room.