architectural wall panelsBesides confining the space, the walls also act as a great canvas. When these are kept bare, they make your home or office interiors dull and drab as that offer a vacant look. The problem becomes worse when the walls are old and full of blemishes. Using the 3D wall panels, you can get permanent relief from such situations. These can turn a boring interior to a live and happy place. So, why not bid farewell to ordinary walls and get those reinvented with wall panels? 

Modern wall panel concept

Fancy wall paneling does not mean simply covering the walls. On the contrary, this allows you to explore the limitless possibilities to make amazing decor statements. There are many varieties available, and wall panels of each variety also include many designs. So, you can pick the best that meet your design requirement and liven up space for conveying the quality and class you maintain.

Varieties of 3D wall panels

Gypsum 3d wall panels: The major plus point of this type of 3D wall panels is that these can be given any shape and structure and, therefore, has versatile uses. These are quite strong, durable and happen to be the most popular wall paneling option. You can use this for your office, living room and master bedroom where it is unlikely to have moisture ingress. These can also be painted for adding a dash of beauty to the interior.

Acrylic bathroom wall panels: Your shower is a highly wet area and, therefore, needs 3D wall panels that can tolerate water, soaps, shampoos, etc. The Acrylic wall panels are great for introducing style and class to your bathroom. Using this innovative option, you will have waterproof panels for bathroom walls minus the pain of maintaining grouts. These glossy wall panels provide a brilliant backdrop to your bathroom and protect the walls from water damage.

LED light wall panels: This is a new introduction in the 3D wall panel regimen. These deliver amazing result when you want to make your home and office look vibrant and energetic. This also lets you play with different lighting schemes for creating an ambiance that complements your mood and decor theme thus creating a dramatic effect in your residential and commercial indoors. These architectural wall panels are great for creating chick walls adding a spark to space.

MDF wall panels: Manufactured from compacted medium density fiberboard with acrylic resin, these cost-effective 3D wall panels offer an exquisite look. With its smooth and grain free pattern this deliver the most contemporary wall decor. You can further improve their look by veneer coating or painting. Coming in a variety of designs and shapes, these can be used for your home space and office as well. Moreover, you can also use laser cut MDF screen panels for interior decoration.

PVC wall panels: These trendy 3D wall panels are manufactured using cast plastics and offer an easy and affordable option for interior decoration. Installation is very easy. You can glue these to the walls or fix them on frames. Although light in weight, these can withstand enough stress making it a favored paneling option.

Glass wall panels: Manufactured from tempered glass, this is available in plain and tinted varieties. These are great for defining space in a commercial lobby making it sleek and sophisticated. This is a costly type and can also be used in wet areas.

Metal wall panels: Made form metals like steel, aluminum etc these are extremely strong and deliver a contemporary look. Being very costly, these are mostly considered for corporate indoors only.

Stone wall panels: When walls are clad with stones they add an elegant and timeless texture to you house or office. Paneling the exterior walls with stone makes it well protected. For your interiors, you may opt for 3D stone wall panels made of wall veneer. These are light but strong and can be used as kitchen wall panel. 

Choosing is easy

Consider the application, size, design, style and decor themes when choosing the 3D wall panels for revamping your home or offices.

Wall panels make unique interiors

Maybe you are fed up with decor elements like paintings, mirrors, etc. If you want to make your home or office interior outstanding, you should opt for the 3D wall panels. Available in wide varieties, these are sure to deliver you a chick and classy space.

Essential reasons for using 

The 3D wall panels provide outstanding faux art solutions with their attractive designs and are used for the following reasons:

  • Easy handling: These are light in weight and can be handled easily.
  • Easy installation: Can be installed without fuss within a reasonable time.
  • Hide wall flaws: Besides giving a facelift, these cover all blemishes present in the walls.
  • Easy maintenance: These are easy to clean. Dusting and cleaning with soapy water is enough.

Can jazz up your home and office with minimum cost

While repairing of walls could involve high investment, and be much time-consuming, using the 3D wall panels can give a nice look at affordable cost.

You can do without decorating professionals

Hiring interior decorators for remodeling your home and office space is a costly affair these days. Using 3D wall panels, you can easily uplift the walls without the professional involvement and can save time and money.

Customization is possible

Should you require, the 3D wall panels can be customized to make soundproof and fire retardant.

Other uses

Being available in modular forms these can also be used for decorating the ceilings.

3D wall panels brought revolutionary changes

Like the fashion segment, the decorating landscape has undergone many changes, out of which the 3D wall panels are the latest trend. Made from various rigid and semi-rigid materials and having unique designs and patterns and also being durable and cost effective, these have outdated all other decorative options. You can get these in geometric shapes and this lets you install those easily.