Stone Wall PanelsA well-maintained office in terms of cleanliness and décor says a lot about its efficiency. That being said, décor can be confusing sometimes, which is why most people hire interior designers to deck their office the right way. Whether that’s the case for you or not, you can definitely revamp your office décor just by changing one thing instead of ordering new furniture, carpets and what not. That’s where CSIWallPanels come in. The 3D wall panels offered here helps create a completely new look, to which you can choose to add or not new accessories to get a complete revamped office space.   

Why your concrete office walls need 3D wall panels

  • Expense - With minimal cost and effort, 3D wall panels offer a great display to admire for a really long time. This means that they will last long and won’t seem boring either. Since they can be shaped and colored to suit your already existing décor in case you decide not to change it, all you need to pay for are the three-dimensional wall panels. 2D is no more fun, 3D wall panels give you a completely different perspective by bringing in a fresh change to your office space.
  • Flawless walls - Those cracks and paints wearing off are in no way appealing to your clients, customers, and staff. So, why stick to the same old ways when you can make a onetime investment and have a gorgeous setting at work? The 3D wall panels have mastered the art of hiding flaws on the walls like no other paint or wallpaper has.
  • Interesting view - What could be worse than bad walls? A dull work environment! When you decide to bring in an elegant vibrancy at work with the wall panels here, you not only upgrade the décor but create a better working environment by giving your employees a fresh set of interior that looks great. Nobody wants sulking employees staring at boring walls at work or customers either; decorative wall panels can rectify walls and moods for that matter.
  • Different panels for different areas - Why just stick to the lobby or cabin space of your office when you can have all of the walls decked up with beautiful 3D wall panels. Having a chic clean washroom with the perfect 3D wall panels using water resistant PVC might just be the revamp your office needs. Customizations of 3D wall panels help add a great personalized touch which may include anything starting from images, quotes to various accessories.

Types of 3D wall panels to adorn your office walls with

A whole new array of wall panels exists when it comes to the 3D version, bamboo, PVC, leather, metal etc. You can choose from any of the basic design, shape, and color and have it installed in no time. But wait, your options don’t just end here, it’s only the beginning. You can now have these wall panels completely customized to suit the material, shape, color, and size of your need. 

How to pick the right kind of 3D wall panels for your office

Visualize- Is your office more of a formal ground for meeting clients and having a strict professional business or an artsy studio for creative minds to feel relaxed and pour out their best creative juices? In case it’s the former, you’d expect something chic with a regular patterned design like metal or PVC or wooden 3D wall panels but in case it’s the latter you might wish to have an acrylic vibrant 3D wall panel installed. This totally depends on the kind of business you are in or the services that you provide or the kind of clients and staff you meet on a daily basis, so choose wisely. 

Count your coins - Unless you want to go all in for your renovation or fresh installation of 3D wall panels on the newly built walls, it might be a good idea to have a budget. Check out all the options you have within your vision of the ultimate office décor and go for the ones that suit your idea of the décor while making sure it’s within your budget. Although unlike all other wall decors 3D wall panels is almost a one-time investment because of their durability unless you wish to change it every one year or so. 

Accessory checklist - Make sure to tick off all your accessories needs before you have the wall panels installed. At CSI you can speak to an architect to talk about what kinds of accessories you’re planning to have installed either through the wall panels or hung on it. This is extremely important, especially for cabins with shelves on the wall and washrooms with toiletry cabinets. This ensures that your 3D wall panels have been acutely structured and installed to have these accessories in place without having any difficulties with the measurements.  

Types of Popular office 3D wall panels

You can change your OOTDs at any point in time but that’s not the case with 3D wall panels which is why you need to ask yourself if you’d like to keep up with the recent trends or set a trend with your statement, customized office 3D wall panels. Take a look at what’s trending now:

Bamboo wall panels: With the precisely cut shapes, these wall panels sure do make a great 3D effect. They don’t easily fade and are eco-friendly while the pale green brings in a natural vibe into the office. This is why a lot of offices love these wall panels to have a soothing effect every time you catch a glimpse. 

Stone Wall Panels: Rough to touch, these are a great way no doubt to ring in a medieval vibe while keeping t chic. This has been a popular choice from the start for their easy maintenance.

Metal 3D wall panels: Shiny, sometimes bright or maybe not depending on your choice of color, these are extremely durable and known to last long and generally have smooth edges to avoid mishaps from sharp edges.

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to 3D wall panels, textured gypsum wall panels which makes them a preferred choice for interior designers and architects. So go ahead and choose what works best for your office revamp.