Contemporary Modular Wall Panel Designs from CSI Wall Panels Are the Real DealNeed some contemporary creative work done on your interior walls? Well, innovative modular design with specialized framing systems is the main feature of all kinds of turnkey wall panel systems offered by CSI. Along with residential owners, these modular panels are widely used by medical, retail, commercial and educational markets. They not only enhance your interior space amazingly but also offer a cost-effective and easy alternative to artful products or constructive decorations. Below are a few of the major features offered by CSI Wall Panels.

  • Bespoke framing attachment system, molding, trims and precision fit walls.
  • Their durable designs are resistant to stains, water as well as chemicals
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Modular design with extreme flexibility with an unlimited range of panel sizes, material, patterns and more.
  • Highly functional designs
  • Made from recycled raw material and thus bring you a renewable design
  • All designs are certified from Greenguard, LEEDĀ®, FSCĀ® and more.
  • Ideal solution for renovations as well as new constructions.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Any demolition is not required to install these wall panels.
  • Cost-effective

Exotic Themes in CSI Wall Panels

All the CSI wall panels are based on certain theme ideas. Each of these themes consists of multiple wall panel designs. You can choose the design, size, color, and pattern of your choice as per your suitability.

Farmhouse Wall Panel Theme

CSI farmhouse theme consists of 6 different designs that showcase authentic country sensibility consisting of wooden finished, metal accents and symmetrical motifs. The complete range consists of MDF wall panel collection featuring modern contemporary modular designs suitable for homes, hospitals, retails, education and more commercial spaces. The extensive array of carving treatments and expressions helps to give a resounding appearance to your interior.

Bauhaus with 5 Unique Designs

Bauhaus wall panel theme features simplicity in style. All its five designs reflect clean lines combined with functional practicability. The designs mainly consist of steel and glass work. This range carries wood and MDF panel collection that is considered to be perfect for offering continuous cover to the walls. You can choose from 140 stock designs along with the option to custom design your wall panel system the way that suits your place perfectly. If you are planning renovations or in the process of constructing a new building, you can consider installing these wall panels for enhanced functionality and appeal.

Mediterranean Inspired Theme

It is a wonderful and classic Mediterranean inspired wall panel theme that features stone, arched architectural elements and a combination of warm stucco. This theme has 5 different design all are inspired from romantic Spanish and Italian architecture reflecting the seaside lifestyle. These kinds of wall panels keep your mind fresh and energized by offering a soothing interior all around. Their application range from but not limited to residential spaces, retail, hospitals, commercial offices, educational buildings and many more. Choose from required designs and patterns and make your space look exotic.

High Tech Wall Panel Theme

High Tech wall paneling offers modern architectural style that emerged in 1970s. These panels feature sleek design that reflect the beauty of modern trends. It show an amazing connection between modernization and post modernization trends. This theme brings high tech features and technology to the interior through its multiple design options. This range consists of extensive metal expression array. All the wall panels design under this theme are suitable for different residential and commercial applications. Their exciting renewable designs can help you to create a fascinating interior space that can keep your guests mesmerized.

Urban Wall Paneling Theme with 6 Designs

CSI offers 6 exciting and stunning designs in urban wall panel theme that through monochromatic hues, reflect the city dwelling lifestyle. These wall panels consist of imperfect wooden beams, high ceilings and concrete bases that make these outstanding wall decor products. These products are considered to be ideal for visual transitional and mixed-use spaces. These panels can be installed over any kind of surfaces including finished drywall, CMU cinder block, wall coverings, tiles, plaster, and more surfaces. Their market includes mainly retail and commercial. You can save your big bucks as no demolition is requires with these paneling systems.

Nautilus Wall Panel Theme

Nautilus is another theme utilizing which a large number of designs are introduced by CSI. This theme has been inherited from Gothic era and showcases the excellent industrial style. CSI offers 6 different decorative wall panel designs based on this theme. All the designs are eco-friendly and sustainable and don't contribute to the environmental pollution. These designs and styles are based on the time of 1800s. The most key features of this theme are rustic appeal, organic embellishments, exposed rivets, textured steel walls and ornate bronze details. All the 3D wall panels inspired from this theme make an outstanding style statement and can enhance the grace of any indoor settings.

Why Use CSI Wall Panels?

CSI wall panels come with the assurance of high-end manufacturing and design procedure utilization. The team of CSI does not end up with supplying you the required type of wall panel for your space, but also makes sure that these are installed properly in your space. The design experts at CSI can guide you in choosing the most suited solution for your walls thus helping you enhance your space the best way. The key benefits of CSI Wall Panels are listed below:

  • The key advantage of these is that they not at all require any demolition or construction work.
  • They consist of easy and quick installation work. The installation work with most of the wall panels ends up with screwdrivers, certain light chemical, etc.
  • CSI Wall Panels are highly cost-effective than any other kind of brick and mortar work required to make the place upgraded.
  • You can choose from numerous stock designs as per your interest or can also get a custom panel design created for your special needs.