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We are the designers and manufacturers of the industry’s foremost wall and ceiling panel products. We’re creating a more beautiful, cohesive world, one space at a time.

We innovate and uncomplicate turnkey architectural solutions.


Our manufacturing process is not limited by application, hardware, or material, allowing us to customize for any budget. Nearly every aspect of our panels can be tailored to suit your vision.

Design Driven

Our library of mindful panel designs is merely the beginning. We bring life to mundane places with artistry that celebrates the unique natural beauty of your space.


We align ourselves to your program, and respect your scope, schedule, and budget. We’re excited to work with you to create an inspiring atmosphere.

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We understand that no catalog of products could ever fulfill every aesthetic desire, and that’s why we take an open-ended approach to crafting perfect customized panels and products that are truly unique to your space.

Clothing Store Focal Point PRX - 145

Go bold. With our breadth of materials and processes, we're able to build fresh-faced components you won't see anywhere else. When you're ready to move bravely into the next great project, we're there to make it effortless.

Upscale Bar & Lounge PRX - 146

You know your space best, so shape our products to your vision. With modular installations like our Slats and Bookcase designs, you’re able to configure the features exactly the way you want them.

Themed Restaurant Facade Treatment PRX - 307

Design on a monumental scale. Our versatile cast stone features unlock your ability to create experiences on a grand level, with results that feel solid, textured, and real.

Design Studio Reception Area PRX - 102

Redefine "Corporate" with panels that demonstrate real depth and character, interacting with natural light to create a dynamic feature with undeniable presence.

Landscape Architects Office Reception PRX - 403

Make your priorities known. A little green goes a long way in bringing freshness and natural beauty into your interiors, coupled with the rustic appeal of wood veneer to make a compelling and cohesive scene.

Themed Restaurant PRX - 401

Our pre-cast panels make quick work of intricate stone designs like the glyphs in this themed setting. If you need something a little more off-the-wall, we can also accommodate 100% custom sculpture installments you’ll never see anywhere else.

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